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Indian police detain anti-displacement activists

compiled reports | On August 12th, the police of Orissa, India detained David Pugh, a teacher who lives in San Francisco. The Orissa Police have also detained two anti-displacement activists, Protima Das and Pradeep, who accompanied Pugh. Pugh has been released from detention, but the Orissa police have ordered him to stay at his hotel to await further interogation. more...  0 Comments

IWW Rally Marks Bitter Anniversary

Wobbly City | On August 11, 2007, the Providence IWW held a march in solidarity with the NYC IWW 460 foodstuffs campaign. About 35 people marched on Jackie's Galaxie, a restaurant chain that at the time bought supplies from HWH, a sweatshop in NYC. Towards the beginning of the march, the police moved into the crowd and began knocking people down. Wobbly Alex Svoboda had her leg badly injured during this march. more...  0 Comments

The Dangerous Logic of Blocking Protests in the Name of Electing Obama

Sunsara Taylor | "The choice we face is not really between Obama and McCain. Our choice is between accepting the ruling class spectrum of Obama to McCain as the limits of what is possible—or—rejecting this whole framework and instead waging meaningful mass political resistance to the whole fascist direction they are dragging things in." more...  67 Comments

From the Caravan of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities

Solidarity Without Borders-NYC | A report from the Solidarity Without Borders delegation of the National and International Caravan of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities. more...  3 Comments

Shoes Create Reminder of Iraqi Dead

Alex Nathanson | On Thursday, July 31, Code Pink, The Granny Peace Brigade, and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) came together at Foley Square to create a memorial for Iraqi children killed as a direct result of the war, which included 150 shoes labeled with the names of Iraqi civilian casualties. more...  1 Comments

Lower East Side wins victory over private searches in Tompkins Square Park

Pete Dolack | No private security guards were seen on July 30 after community challenges to illegal searches. more...  5 Comments

Alternative Challengers to Globalization

Kristen Hackett | All across the world, people are partaking in counter-culture communes in which they seize old abandoned buildings not only for housing needs, but also to actively protest the over-arching societal pressures created by capitalism, patriarchy, exploitation and racism.

This act of reclaiming free housing from existing vacant structures, called "squatting," has become a globalized movement, creating space for networking and making the act of day-to-day living a type of activism.
more...  0 Comments

Big She-Bang, in Memory of Jodi Tilton, August 9th!

Maria | The Big She-Bang, an all-day event of workshops, panel discussions, visual art, and music by and for womyn and womyn identified artists & community members is being held on Saturday, August 9th at ABC NO RIO at 156 Rivington Street, New York, NY from 11 AM throughout the day. more...  0 Comments

Anti-War Banner Drop at Staten Island Mall

SI | Resident activists say No More War! more...  5 Comments

Obama to shaft Ross

Tinker Tom | After he is elected more...  0 Comments

Parents and Politicians Battle NYC ACS Abuse

Amadi Ajamu | Human rights advocates attribute these findings to a substantial increase in children being seized by ACS from families on false or flimsy evidence of “abuse” and then being put into a traumatic and abusive foster care system. Parents of these children have taken a proactive stance in their fight to regain custody of their children and have begun to expose the systemic failure of ACS.
more...  1 Comments

Shadowy corporate group attempting to make Tompkins Square Park private

Pete Dolack | A shadowy corporate group has attmpted to make Tompkins Square Park a private space and explicity seeks to keep squatters out. They will be back on July 30. Self-designated organizers of this corporate group, which is showing a series of outdoor films in the park, have refused to identify themselves in any way, yet have taken it upon itself to decide who is, and is not, allowed into the park's spaces. more...  9 Comments

Green Party Launches New York Ballot Drive

Jonathan Shannon | Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney spoke in New York to launch the drive to get the Green Party on the ballot, July 18. The Green Party needs 30,000 signatures by August 19. more...  7 Comments

Memorial to the Abraham Lincoln Brigades vandalized in San Francisco

workers memory project | An action against one of the Big Lies of 20th century history... more...  65 Comments

New Jersey Regional Coalition Wins 3 Year Battle Against RCA Apartheid

Chris White | The New Jersey Regional Coalition has won a 3 year battle to make it the law that even the wealthiest communities must build their share of affordable housing. more...  1 Comments

Reportback from Anti-Racist Action on David Irving NYC Event

Anti-Racist Action | Initially canceled at its original venue due to a phone jam initiated by Anti-Racist Action, Holocaust revisionist David Irving was able to dupe yet another New York City venue into hosting his hateful speaking tour. thanks to the great investigative work of members of Anti-Racist Action and our friends, we were able to properly greet David Irving and his fascist guests when they arrived at their back-up location - St. Stephen of Hungary Parish, 414 East 82nd.

more...  3 Comments

The Sale of Budweiser: Memories of Beer Lovers, Hemp Farmers & Bloody Revolution

Mike Ely | Ok, I admit it. I’m not your usual observer. When I heard that Budweiser had been bought by the Euro-capitalists InBev, I was not concerned. I don’t care who owns the factories in the U.S. I don’t worry the U.S. heartland is being infiltrated by foreign interests. And certainly, I don’t consider Budweiser a national treasure. The truth is that it’s almost undrinkable. more...  0 Comments

Naomi Klein Speaks in New York City

NYC IMC | Naomi Klein is speaking at the Barnes and Noble at Union Square.

Check below for more information! more...  0 Comments

Antiwar Movement "Freezes" Grand Central, Debates Future at Brecht Forum

Inni Chowdhury | On a day when over 200 protesters took center stage at Grand Central to draw attention to increasingly heated relations between the United States and Iran, panelists at the Brecht Forum hosted a retrospective on the antiwar movement. more...  3 Comments

Solidarity for US War Resisters In Canada, From L.A. To NYC

Alex Kane | 60 people gathered outside the Canadian consulate on Avenue of the Americas July 9 to call for the Conservative Party-led government of Canada to honor the House of Commons measure that calls for asylum and residency for United States war resisters living there. more...  0 Comments

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