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Animal Rights

DR-CAFTA Threatens Life in Central America: People Speak Out about Its Impact on Animals

homefries | DR-CAFTA has triggered criticism from the sugar industry, AIDS activists, labor unions, and...animal rights supporters? Hear what free trade with Central America could mean for animals. more...  0 Comments

Corruption in "Good Ol" North Carolina?

ay | Is there a “Good Ol Boy†Network in North Carolina? more...  0 Comments


LA | “You Decide†more...  0 Comments

BioDemocracy Activists Need Your Support! [repost from Philly IMC]

leijia | more...  0 Comments

EXPOSED - Center for Consumer Freedom

AL | The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) (formerly called the "Guest Choice Network") is a front group for the restaurant, alcohol and tobacco industries. more...  0 Comments

Monsanto's Bt corn Disaster: Burden not Boon to Agriculture

Greenpeace Philippines | The Greenpeace report challenges Monsanto's claim that Bt corn is the answer to poverty. more...  0 Comments

NYC Animal Rights Conference--&Progressive Social Issues

Edita Birnkrant | more...  4 Comments

Korea - Dog and Cat Meat

AY | Scandal in South Korea more...  3 Comments

International day of protest for S. Korean Dogs and Cats

Kristie Phelps | In an effort to shine a spotlight on the illegal trade in dog and cat products thriving in South Korea, IDA is joining Animal Freedom Korea and others for an international day of protest. more...  1 Comments

NYC Animal Rights Conference--Progresive Social Issues

Edita Birnkran | more...  6 Comments

NYC Animal Rights Conference & Progressive Social Issues

Edita Birnkrant | more...  1 Comments

One Struggle, One Fight: SHAC 7 and the Future of Dissent

Pete Spina | Why the government's prosecution of Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty threatens all dissent, and what we should be learning from SHAC. more...  0 Comments

Vegetarian Advocacy to be Featured at Foundations of a Movement 2005 Conference

Edita Birnkrant | more...  0 Comments

Park Financial-recidivist HLS market maker

SHAC supporter | Let this market maker know that dealing with HLS is no walk in the Park--target Park financial group. more...  0 Comments

Belgrade Zoo

Serb | I am a concerned citizen asking for guidance on how to help the animals who reside at the Belgrade city zoo. Built in 1936, on six hectares of rocky fortress, this privately operated zoo is among the oldest in Europe. It is located in the Belgrade city center, on city property. It has approximately 2.000 animals of about 200 species. Many big animals are in very small cages. Many animals look distressed. They often show signs of "stereotypic behavior," such as pacing, head-bobbing, neck-twisting, bar-biting and sucking, coprophagia, over-grooming, and self-mutilation. Many animals have been born who are not in the zoo, including tigers, bears, and a hippo. What has become of them? more...  0 Comments

Bardot appeals to Serbia to stop "massacre" of stray animals

AR | Brigitte Bardot more...  2 Comments

In Serbia they shoot dogs

Serb | If the dog is man’s best friend, why is man sometimes the dog’s worst enemy? more...  0 Comments

International Campaign "fire bulls" without cruelty

Helena Escoda | About a cruel Spanish tradition to bulls. more...  0 Comments

Dachau, Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor Speaks Out! Listen to Her Webcast Interview!

A Better World Is Within Reach-PEACE Network | Dachau was the first of the Nazi concentration camps and one of the last to be liberated, 60 years ago on April 29, 1945. This program features members of the racially segregated 522nd Field Artillery Battalion, which consisted of Japanese-American soldiers, some who came from American concentration camps themselves; and former Dachau prisoners, including Yanina Cywinska, a prisoner at Auschwitz and Dachau who tells her story after being silent for over 40 years." more...  0 Comments

Caged Students and PETA Members Team Up To Fight Animal Abuse at Columbia – 4/22

chris ford | In honor of World Week for Animals in Labs, Columbia students and members of PETA will illustrate the misery of animals mutilated and killed in experiments in Columbia University’s laboratories. more...  3 Comments

Protest Citibank on Long Island This Friday 4/22 @ 3pm

Animal Defense League | Voice Your Disgust at Animal Abuse! In Part to World Week For Animals in Labs! This Friday, April 22nd 3pm-5pm Outside Citibank of Huntington Village 315 Main Street, Huntington Village, NY more...  0 Comments

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