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Thomas Riggins | Vatican's views on bioethics lack scientific outlook. more...  1 Comments

We're too many people

press update | We're too many people more...  3 Comments


morpho | Like the World Social Forum and last year's US Social Forum, the CUNY SF is place to become a political actor and not just be a political spectator. At Harlem University (also known as City College) we will have 2 plenaries, 65 workshops, a music event, two free meals, and will conclude on Sunday with a "people's assembly" that will focus on building coalitions and developing strategies to bring about a more democratic CUNY, NYC and US. Over 60 participating student and grassroots community organizations will be discussing everything from housing and education to the financial crisis and the election. AND ITS FREE! more...  0 Comments

Thurs, Oct 16: Films: Vandana Shiva on WTO & Showdown in Seattle 5

TradeJustice NY Metro | Tomorrow, Thurs, Oct 16: 7PM Films @ 123 Community Space: Interview w/author & activist Vandana Shiva on WTO. Showdown in Seattle 5: WTO ends in failure & celebration. Youth participation in protests. Longshoreman Rally. Indymedia Ctr. Ironic look @ Seattle holiday shopping. Reflections & Inspiration 4 mobilization ahead. more...  0 Comments

Bad Code

BG | 9/2008 more...  0 Comments


Kenn Spacefield | Bailouts give you healthy circulation in your rectum. more...  0 Comments


Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) | We want to remind you of the failed efforts of then President Fidel Ramos and Alex Esclamado of NaFAA, who asked, then US President, Bill Clinton for a $20,000 lump sum for the Filipino veterans in 1997. That effort failed. Please do not repeat this same mistake.

We do not see the logic of asking for a lump sum if you cannot first pass the House version of S. 1315. We cannot change the objectives in the midst of our efforts.

JFAV will continue to support ACFV efforts, along with lobby groups including NAFVE and NaFAA in Washington.

more...  1 Comments

U.S. Army / Ft. Detrick Has Open Position for Sociopathic, Homicidal Killer

Ft. Detrick | Urgent need to fill biodefense position. more...  1 Comments

Action Alert: HLS Shareholder Barclays

Smash HLS | Target: Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd, a part of Barclays Bank
Detail: HLS' largest institutional shareholder with 279,842 shares in HLS (LSR) more...  0 Comments


moo | The Memory Hole has the feasability study & plans for the proposed Plum Is. II to be built near some unsuspecting farm community. Details on the doings at Plum Is. (off the end of Long. Is.) more...  0 Comments

Boycott Del Monte Philippine products contaminated with deadly pesticide

Kalikasan-PNE | Endosulfan is very toxic chemical which is very harmful to human and the environment. Its use was restricted and banned is some countries like Singapore and Philippines. In 1993 the Philippine government decided to restrict the use of of endosulfan to products containing no more than 5% endosulfan, and to ban its use in rice cultivation. Before the decision, endosulfan is the number one cause of pesticide poisoning in agricultural areas in the country. more...  0 Comments

N.Y. Assembly Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Dan Bernath | For the second year in a row, New York Assembly members have voted to stop the heartless policy of labeling the seriously ill as criminals for relieving their suffering in accordance with their doctors' advice. To ask your state senator to follow suit, please visit: . To watch patients' testimonials, visit more...  0 Comments

Critical Art Ensemble's Dr Steven Kurtz Cleared .

C Murray (ireland) | After four years of persecution Dr Stephen Kurtz (CAE) has been cleared of all
charges of mail and wire fraud. more...  1 Comments

Huntingdon Life Sciences Targets of Protest in NYC

anonymouse | Currently there is an international campaign to urge Staples do stop supplying HLS. Also, there are new investors. These people are financially associated with the lab. more...  1 Comments

CUBA: Repugnant lies and manipulation

posted by F Espinoza | ANSA on April 22.
"La Paz, April 22.— A commission of deputies are to investigate the case of Bolivian scholarship student who died in Cuba, and whose body was repatriated without several vital organs, including the brain."
more...  0 Comments

Friday! Benefit for Daniel McGowan and Pacific Northwest Old-Growth Forests

@ friend | Among the bands performing will be:
Your 33 Black Angels (Ol' time rock 'n roll, but this ain't Bob Segar)
Darren Deicide (Roots music to keep you moving)
Oogle Orphanage (If it was easy to describe, they wouldn't be playing
The Forthrights (Think Desmond Dekker Meets Toots & The Maytals, only
Shit Lovin' Angels (Streetwise punk with a heart of gold) more...  0 Comments

Virtual Sit-In Against Nano/Bio War Profiteers! NOW!

EDT and borderlands Hacklab | To join the action and learn more, go to more...  2 Comments

Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods

Stephen Lendman | The dangers these foods pose to human health. more...  0 Comments

Dr. Mary's Monkey

Bill Gallagher Hachita NM |
Book Review.

more...  0 Comments

The State of The Union and The Davos Forum, Singing From the Same Hymnbook

Jim Goodman | The State of The Union Address and The World Economic Forum are long on promises of helping the worlds poor, but short on actual help. President Bush, like the rich and powerful that annually gather in Davos Switzerland, is far more concerned with finding better ways to give corporations more power, privatize more services and make the rich richer. more...  1 Comments

End UMass Amherst Primate Testing

Hampshire Animal Liberation Advocay (HALA!) | The tests at UMass Amherst and the researchers behind them
taken from more...  1 Comments

Cloning, Anything But Natural

JIm Goodman | Cloning is not an extension of natural animal breeding.Up to 85% of the cloned embryos do not survive. Genetic damage can occur during the cloning process and genetic faults could be passed on to the offspring of clones. more...  1 Comments


Dave Barnett | WE CAN HANDLE IT

You might currently be concerned about the flooding of homes, cities, farmlands, and forests in your area across the globe. Translation of this article in any language is encouraged along with distribution globally.

I offer a thoughtful solution and encourage discussion.
more...  0 Comments

Help Save Baby X - An IVF created black baby with no rights to a father

Father X | The website was built in order to raise money for
the legal costs for saving this Black Male child named Baby X and to
raise the issue of how child support is being used for sponsoring both
Immigration and Paternity Fraud & destroying Black Families. more...  0 Comments

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