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Bradley Will

Police Raid 13 Thames Art Space, arresting members of Anarchist Media Collective

I AM Collective | On April 13 in Brooklyn NY, the NYPD entered without a warrant 13 Thames Art Space, a Bushwick based art and performance space where members of the Independent Anarchist Media (I AM) Collective have been organizing the Fourth Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Brad Will. Read More || DC-IMC feature with pics

Film Fest Is on Police Radar, Anarchists Say || Streaming video via YouTube || Download mpeg4 video file, 3mb. more...  15 Comments

The New York Anarchist Film Festival

more...  0 Comments

Three Years Later, Brad Will is Still Dead

John Ross, CounterPunch | Murdering Journalists in Mexico more...  1 Comments

Friends of Brad Will Protest for Juan Manuel

Nick Cooper | “Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno, the man falsely accused of Brad’s murder, is also a part of this movement, also a man of principle. That Brad’s murder is being used to railroad a fellow political activist is the most profound insult to his memory. And it is not the first time that his death has been used in such a way.” more...  4 Comments

Cop Suspended For Chokehold On CBS 2 Cameraman

Christine Sloan (CBS) | Jim Quodomine Arrested, Handcuffed, Put In Squad Car For An Hour After Filming Peaceful Protest Outside Church more...  1 Comments

photos from NYC Brad Will action

Jerry | activists demand justice for Brad more...  6 Comments

Hemispheric Conference against Militarization Says No to Merida Initiative, U.S.

Pablo | More than 800 representatives from organizations throughout the Americas made their way to the northern city of La Esperanza, Honduras to take a strong stand against the militarization of their nations and communities. Following three days of workshops, the participants read their final declaration. They called for an immediate halt to the recently launched "Merida Initiative," the Bush administration's new Trojan horse for remilitarization of the region..
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Oaxaca Is Not Alone: From Coast to Coast, We Demand an End to Repression

Solidarity Without Borders - NYC | We call for direct actions, pickets and press conferences at the offices of Mexican consulates, defense contractors, and US government agencies across the country, teach-ins and benefits for organizations in Oaxaca, memorials and marches for beloved fighters lost in this struggle, everyday challenges to gender, racial and economic inequality, and anything else that people believe to be necessary. more...  1 Comments

WNU #964: Mexican Activists Charged in Reporter's Death

Weekly News Update | The activists' arrests came as the Mexican government was cracking down on a teachers' strike in neighboring Morelos similar to the strike that set off the Oaxaca uprising two years before. more...  0 Comments

UPDATE on Brad Will vigil: CALL Hillary Clinton's NY office: (212) 688-6262

Mitchel Cohen | The vigil and hunger strike goes into its second day, in memory of our friend Brad Will and in opposition to Plan Mexico. PLEASE CALL HILLARY CLINTON'S OFFICE AT (212) 688-6262, demand that Mexico free the remaining FALSELY CHARGED friends of Brad Will in Oaxaca, and arrest the real criminals. AND, that Clinton OPPOSE Plan Mexico (the Merida Initiative). more...  0 Comments

Associated Press Reports on Arrest of Brad Will's Assassins

Jonathan Dale Rapoport | Mexican human rights officials on Monday urged prosecutors to re-examine the 2006 killing of a U.S. journalist-activist and questioned findings blaming his shooting death on members of the protest movement he had been filming.
On Friday, federal prosecutors announced that two supporters of the radical movement known as the People's Assembly of Oaxaca, or APPO, had been arrested in connection with Will's killing. APPO seized control of Oaxaca city for almost five months in 2006 to push for the ouster of Gov. Ulises Ruiz. more...  5 Comments

Press Conference, Vigil, and Hunger Strike for Brad Will on Tuesday

Friends of Brad Will | Remembering Brad Will (1970-2006) American journalist assassinated in Oaxaca, Mexico by right-wing paramilitary death squads.

Press conference on Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 2 pm in front of U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton's
office: 780 Third Ave (between 48th & 49th St., Manhattan) FOLLOWED by a 4-day round-the-clock vigil and
Hunger Strike at Sen. Hillary Clinton¹s office more...  0 Comments

Oaxacan Activists Arrested for the Murder of Brad Will

Kristin Bricker | Mexican federal police arrested five Oaxacan activists on Thursday afternoon. At least two were arrested for supposedly murdering US citizen and Indymedia journalist Brad Will on October 27, 2006. more...  2 Comments

México: No peace or justice for Brad Will

Carlos Vigueras | Brad Will is in the limbo of the Mexican justice system. The killers and the intellectual authors have a permanent impunity.
La Comisión de Derechos Humanos de México hace recomendaciones sobre las irregularidades cometidas en la investigación del asesinato de nuestro compañero Brad Will.
Las recomendaciones de la Comisión son letra muerta para el gobierno de México. more...  3 Comments

There is not justice in Oaxaca

Carlos Vigueras | There is not justice in Oaxaca. Oaxaca authorities arrested killer of Marcela Sally Grace, but the contradictions
confirm more injustice against the victim. The people of Oaxaca demand clarification of the facts.
No hay justicia en Oaxaca. Autoridades de Oaxaca arrestaron al supuesto asesino de Marcela Sally Grace, pero
las contradicciones encontradas confirman más injusticia en contra de la víctima. El pueblo de Oaxaca demanda
el esclarecimiento de los hechos
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