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Bradley Will

Hasta Siempre Sally Grace: Another US Activist Murdered in Oaxaca

Kristin Bricker | Sally's murder may have passed as yet another case of sexual violence, completely unrelated to her political work with some of the most persecuted organizations in Oaxaca. But Sally's friends in Oaxaca City know that she was being followed as a result of her human rights work and her associations with CIPO and other Oaxacan organizations for whom political violence is a daily fact of life. more...  1 Comments

Marcela Sali Grace and Brad Will lived together in Oaxaca

Carlos Vigueras | Marcela Sali Grace was killed by the State of Oaxaca, same like Brad Will. The time is always right and Oaxaca loocking for freedom. Everybody knows that Ulises Ruiz is the real killer of Sali and Brad. more...  1 Comments

Plan Mexico and Plan Colombia: Sen. Dodd Blasted

Juan | We join a growing chorus of human rights activists, religious leaders and labor leaders opposing the militarization of South and Central American society under the pretext of a 'war on drugs'.

Why, after eight years of billions of dollars in resources under this false rubric, do we have 3.8 million internally displaced Colombians, greater coca production, and more human rights violations? Plan Colombia is a failure. Why is it a model for the Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico)? more...  4 Comments

Donde Esta Congress Member Nydia Velazquez?

Felipe Abisu | Why does she support the Bush/Pelosi expansion of the Drug War at home and abroad?
Ask her why she supports the Merida Initiative, aka "Plan Mexico". Ask her why she hasn't done anything to support accountability in the murder of a resident of the Congressional District she is supposed to represent. Ask her why she sends billions of dollars in military equipment and training and cuts drug rehabilitation here. more...  1 Comments

Declaration & Call to Action from Oaxaca, Mexico

Solidarity Without Borders-New York | Almost another year of impunity for the Oaxacan people while the 27 murders of 2006 remain unresolved. The murderers still enjoy their freedom and benefit from the protection of the corrupt governments of Felipe Calderón
and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz who want to get rid of those who claim their rights. It is in this context that the PGR (Public Prosecutor) tries to charge the APPO with the murder of Bradley Roland Will. more...  0 Comments

Plan Mexico and Plan Colombia: How they are related and what we can do about it.

Friends of Brad Will | Nearly a year to the day after activist Brad Will was killed in Oaxaca, Mexico, President Bush introduced the Merida Initiative, a massive drug war modeled on Plan Colombia. In essence, "Plan Mexico" will better arm the same people responsible for numerous extrajudicial killings in Mexico. Come learn about the Merida Initiative and how a variety of human rights organizations have reacted to it. more...  1 Comments

Arrested at the World Economic Forum 2003? Claim your $$.

repost | In late January and early February 2003, the World Economic Forum meetings were held in New York City. In a class action lawsuit later brought by demonstrators arrested at the meetings, it was alleged that the NYPD attempted to show the world it was in control by illegally arresting and detaining 215 persons. more...  1 Comments


Ramor Ryan | "History is a nightmare from which I am trying to wake." - Stephen Daedalus, in Ulysses, James Joyce 1922

Oaxaca City, Mexico, May 15 - Midnight in Oaxaca, and walking around the historic center, it's almost as if nothing had ever happened here. The bourgeoisie sit around under the colonial arches in the long stretch of French-style outdoor cafes lining the central plaza. Aside from being beset by a small army of ambulant trinket vendors and beggars, the well-heeled citizens sipping cappuccinos seem very at ease with the world. A few late night tourists wander about the pleasant old streets under the starry sky, and the industrious hum of the sultry cosmopolitan city invokes an eternal calm. more...  0 Comments


John | The International Forensic Program (IFP) of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) recommends a thorough and wider inquiry following its comprehensive forensic review of the ongoing investigation by Mexico's Attorney General (Procuraduria General de la Republica-PGR) into the October, 2006 death of 36-year-old American Brad Will. Will, a video-journalist for, died of gunshot wounds while covering violent protests in the state of Oaxaca. At issue in this case is whether Will was killed by bullets fired at close range from within the crowd of protestors, or from a greater distance by paramilitary forces. At least 17 other reported deaths related to protests in Oaxaca since 1996 remain unresolved. more...  0 Comments

Plan Mexico Passed

Kristin Bricker | Congress approved Plan Mexico, also known as the Merida Initiative. While Plan Mexico specifically targets drug cartels, the initiative's counterpart in Colombia, Plan Colombia, demonstrates that drug war equipment and training will inevitably be used against activists and insurgent organizations. more...  2 Comments

Female Columbia Student Oppressed at Nightclub!

Reuters | A Columbia student had her $11,000 dollar mink coat misplaced at a private Manhattan nightclub!

I think we need to protest this injustice. Since the indymedia is basically a left leaning Columbia student newspaper I think we should have more coverage of this unfortunate travesty! more...  0 Comments

Amnesty International Joins Opposition to Bush's Merida Initiative

Jennifer | Left and Right Unite to Oppose Mexico Foreign Policy Scheme

Amnesty International Joins Opposition to Bush's Merida Initiative

Opposition to the President's ebbing "Merida Initiative" scheme to give $1.4 Billion in military aid to Mexico's police and military implicated in widespread human rights violations grew with Amnesty International issuing a statement to Congress.

"Aid for Mexico must not be a blank check for Mexican security forces that have been implicated in crimes like rape and torture," said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA (AIUSA). Amnesty International said that any initiative to support Mexico's fight against drug cartels and organized crime must focus on the rule of law and should also press for justice in the unresolved killing of U.S. journalist Bradley Roland Will, and other civilians, in Oaxaca in 2006.
more...  0 Comments

Congress Holds 3rd Hearing on Mexico Foreign Policy Scheme

Robert Jereski | Congress Holds 3rd Hearing on Mexico Foreign Policy Scheme
Opposition growing to Bush’s Proposed “Merida Initiative”

Will the Democratic Party and inside-the-beltway human rights organizations remain silent about its dangers? more...  6 Comments

World-wdie May Day actions marking the international anarchist holiday

bombs & shields | Some global highlights from May Day 2008. more...  37 Comments

Plan Mexico: The Merida Initiative Secret Documents. A $950 million Budget!

Friends of Brad Will | Bush's $950 million plan. Read the full pdf. more...  0 Comments

Plan Mexico: The Merida Initiative Secret Documents. A $950 million Budget!

Friends of Brad Will | Bush's $950 million plan. Read the full pdf. more...  0 Comments

Two Radio Reporters Murdered in Oaxaca

Sofia Jarrin | On April 7, two radio reporters from a community radio were ambushed in Putla de Guerrero, Oaxaca, and shot to death. Teresa Bautista Flores, 24, and Felicitas Martínez, 20, two women journalists working for La Voz que Rompe el Silencio (The Voice that Breaks the Silence), were murdered allegedly by paramilitary forces. Three other people were wounded in the shooting: Jaciel Vázquez, aged 3, and his parents. more...  2 Comments

Friends of Brad Will Release Secret Documents of Proposed USMexican Military Aid

Friends of Brad Will | The international network demanding accountability for the murder of US journalist Brad Will released secret documents detailing proposed military support for Mexican security forces implicated in murder, torture and continuing arbitrary detentions.
more...  5 Comments

What they won't say about NAFTA and "Plan Mexico"

S.W. |
HILLARY CLINTON and Barack Obama are waging rhetorical war on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)--the free trade deal shepherded through Congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993. more...  0 Comments

Bombing at Times Square Army Recruitment Center

T. Ward | IED explosion at recruitment facility shuts Times Square for a few hours early Thursday morning. Police are investigating possible connections between the explosion and other recent blasts in Manhatten. more...  32 Comments

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