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Start a Drumbeat for cannabis

Jonathan Morse | Weekly Cartoon from Dirt Worshiping Heathens Sketchbook...`shajon/index.html more...  4 Comments

Don't Blame Bush

Archie Kennedy | Maybe you think that it’s all just a bad dream. In a few years there will be a new President of the United States and everything will be different then. Everything will be back to normal. The bad news is, you are awake. The really bad news is, it isn’t Bush. more...  0 Comments

The Propaganda Message is the Context not the Content

Brent Herbert | After years of struggle, now it is time to turn the tables on the IMF, the World Bank, the G8, and the Capitalist Media System, et al, by pulling the same stunt on them that they have been pulling on everyone else for years... more...  1 Comments

The Corporation: Wed, July 13, Screening at 6:30 PM

Resistance Cinema | more...  3 Comments

The Myth of Frreedom

Archie Kennedy | The cynical misuse and perversion of the word ‘freedom’ has made it difficult to discuss the idea rationally. But freedom is real and so is oppression. Those that pervert the term will tell you that a homeless person is free. That person has been indoctrinated. more...  2 Comments

Europe and the Power of Capital

Gisbert Otto | "The economic form of neoliberalism is based on political decisions, not practical economic necessities.. The 20:80 society is described as a goal of this global world.. Only the democratic nation state can show the economy its place enti-tling it to exist for people and not vice versa." more...  0 Comments

Clash of Cultures: Wal-Mart in Flagstaff

Thomas Fischermann | "A scandal occurred at the flashpoint of the campaign. Wal-Mart placed an advertisement that showed the 1933 book burning at the Berlin opera plaza. Whoever wants to prohibit Wal-Mart wants to prohibit freedom of thought. W-Mart apologized more...  0 Comments

Richard Berman

AD | Richard Berman claims to help the average consumer. In fact, he works for corporate America. more...  0 Comments

Capitalism Criticism: Inexorable Struggle for Survival

Werner Seppmann | "The civilized foundation of cooperative human life is furtively undermined by the capitalist form of organizing society..Rational objectives often capsize into social irrationality.. Unem-ployment is a form of violence.." more...  0 Comments

BS Alert: Center For Consumer Freedom

CONCERNED CONSUMER | The Center For Consumer Freedom have several websites (,, etc..) and runs commercials to inform and protect us from "the growing fraternity of food cops, health care enforcers, militant activists, meddling bureaucrats, and violent radicals" but are in fact a fake front for corporate America and FOX news that want us to buy their products (oh and die from diabetes, cancer, heart disease and liver failure.) more...  1 Comments

NYU Announces "Town Hall" on GSOC, the TA union

GESU | NYU Announces "Town Hall" on GSOC, the TA union Tuesday, July 12, 11:30am - 2pm, Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South) more...  0 Comments

CAFTA is a Disaster for the People of Central America and the USA

David Roknich | If things continue, as the Ghost of Christmas Future may have predicted in an updated rendition of Dickens, the "third world" will have Democracy just like ours and we will have Poverty just like theirs.
CAFTA Must Be Defeated. more...  1 Comments

The G8 conference - a simple primer

Brent Herbert | or How to Decode that Harvard and Yale Mumbo Jumbo more...  0 Comments

CAFTA Passes U.S. Senate; Campaign for House Begins

Sparkplug | CAFTA can be defeated if people act now. more...  0 Comments

New President of Iran 'is a terrorist'

Brent Herbert | And we all know what that means... more...  2 Comments

Bill of Rights against Corporate Tyranny - July 4

Binge (Amen!) Franklin | Bill of Rights against Corporate Tyranny, July 4th, 3pm, Federal Hall more...  4 Comments

Supreme Court Backs Eminent Domain-- Impact on Atlantic Yards

onNYTurf | Just so nobody misses it, the Supreme Court gave local governments wide latitude in determining when they may sieze personal property and then hand that property over to another private owner. The Full Story is a must read. more...  5 Comments

Bill of Rights against Corporate Tyranny - July 4

Binge Franklin | join the new call for a government that is truly of, by and for the people more...  7 Comments

U.N. is a puppet of the Bush Regime!

atticus finch | The United Nations is a puppet and what they say should have no bearing on International Law. more...  3 Comments

Capital and Labor: Deeds Must Follow Criticism

Ottmar Schreiner | A new balance between capital- and labor income is necessary. Unfortunately the opposite is happening. The constant lowering of capital taxation in Germany fans the European tax lowering competition. The public infrastructure deteriorates. more...  0 Comments

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