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Art of War : Abu Ghraib

Larmee | Abu Ghraib more...  0 Comments

Start a Drumbeat for cannabis

Jonathan Morse | Weekly Cartoon from Dirt Worshiping Heathens Sketchbook...`shajon/index.html more...  4 Comments

NYPD's Parking Lanes

lin wefel | See how serious they are? more...  0 Comments

Insidious Karma

Archie Kennedy | Strange isn't it? Bush senior takes a shot at Phillip Agree two decades ago and the bullet seems to be headed for Bush Junior's right hand man, Karl Rove more...  1 Comments

Zapatistas: The Second Stage

Immanuel Wallerstein | more...  0 Comments

Populist #7

Franklin | Constitutional Democracy as a Protection against Internal Hostilities - continued more...  0 Comments

Don't Blame Bush

Archie Kennedy | Maybe you think that it’s all just a bad dream. In a few years there will be a new President of the United States and everything will be different then. Everything will be back to normal. The bad news is, you are awake. The really bad news is, it isn’t Bush. more...  0 Comments

Whose ass is Judith Miller protecting: Her source's or her own?

Dave Lindorff | Is Judith Miller, now in jail on a contempt charge for refusing to name her sources in the Valerie Plame outing case, a muckraking journalistic hero, or was she a journalistic poseur who was helping the White House slime whistleblower Joe Wilson? ----------- more...  2 Comments

Theses on Domination and Barbarism

Bodo Ramelow | "The policy of scapegoats in Germany and elsewhere devours the liberal foundations of society little by little and produces tears in the fundamentals of democracy.A counterpart could be a new social contract for the 21st century.." more...  0 Comments

BTL:Despite Earlier Denials, Presidential Adviser Karl Rove Played Key Role in...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris | ...Illegal Disclosure of CIA Agent's Identity ~ Interview with Robert Jensen, professor of journalism at the University of Texas, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris more...  0 Comments

The Propaganda Message is the Context not the Content

Brent Herbert | After years of struggle, now it is time to turn the tables on the IMF, the World Bank, the G8, and the Capitalist Media System, et al, by pulling the same stunt on them that they have been pulling on everyone else for years... more...  1 Comments

No More Moral Relativism: The US is a Terrorist State

Dave Lindorff | When Bush and Blair decry acts of terror that murder innocent people, they should look in the mirror, long and hard. -------------- more...  2 Comments

Manipulation by Language

Judith Barben | "Before tyranny becomes visible for everyone, it begins when the word loses its dignity.. Rulers never manage without manipulation and propaganda.. In neuro-linguistic programming, language has the task of diverting people.." more...  1 Comments

Rove's Over

M. Lindsay | It's about time we fired Karl Rove, don't you think? more...  0 Comments

This Is How We Do It: An Anarchist Account of the G8 Actions

Eric Blair | From the beginning there was no well-thought-out master plan for shutting down the G8 Summit at Gleneagles. more...  3 Comments

The Myth of Frreedom

Archie Kennedy | The cynical misuse and perversion of the word ‘freedom’ has made it difficult to discuss the idea rationally. But freedom is real and so is oppression. Those that pervert the term will tell you that a homeless person is free. That person has been indoctrinated. more...  2 Comments

London's trauma

Benjamin Creme | more...  1 Comments

London’s trauma

Benjamin Creme | more...  0 Comments

Continuity and change in Caribbean immigration

Martin Frazier/People's Weekly World | NEW YORK — On June 27 the House of Representatives passed a bill introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) to designate a national “Caribbean American Heritage Month.†more...  0 Comments

Theological Reflections on Economic Values

Barbel Wartenberg-Potter | "The quality of a society is measured in its relations with the weakest.. The economy exists for the sake of people.. God's economy aims at the survival capacity of planet earth and its people..Our life is connected with all life.." more...  0 Comments

MP3 - HEAR!! - IRAQ - US Marine describes killing of Iraqi civilians

US marine BBC | Marine describes killing of civilians in Iraq more...  0 Comments

WOID #XIII-23. The Briar Patch

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Thursday, July 12 at noon, Kimmel Auditorium, NYU. In anticipation. more...  2 Comments

The Anti-War Movement March: From Istanbul to Binghamton, From DSM to SP4

Tarik Abdelazim | The first and only federal trial arising out of an act of civil resistance against the Iraq War begins this September 19 in Binghamton, NY. Four Christian parents, facing charges of conspiracy, respond to Judge's gag order (issued in May) by planning a Citizens' Tribunal on Iraq to articulate the legal defense of civil resistance against this immoral, illegal war and occupation. more...  0 Comments

BTL:Military Base Closings Force Communities to Plan for...

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus | ...Sustainable Economic Development ~ Interview with Joanne Sheehan, of the War Resisters' League, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus more...  0 Comments

60 Years Ago Dietrich Bonhoeffer was Murdered

Heinrich Fink | "Translated in nearly all the languages of the world, Bonhoeffer's texts encourage liberating the Bible from the godless bonds of fundamentalist interpretations and protesting increasingly perfect weapons.." more...  0 Comments

Meeting of the minds ?

lin wefel | I hope they were listening... more...  7 Comments

Judith Miller's Decision Reduces Journalists' Rights

Washington Post | Consensus among journalists outside the NY Times is that Judith Miller and her management's decision, to avoid cooperating with the grand jury, has harmed the rights of all journalists by narrowing the interpretation of a 1972 court case that defined journalists' privilege. more...  1 Comments

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