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Communication Rights

Deconstructing Myths About WBAI 99.5 FM

Lisa V. Davis | It is time to start deconstructing the many myths that have run rampant on Indy Media lately about WBAI and I will start with the biased article written by John Tarleton on May 15th.

To See the Full PDF article with charts go to:
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Take Back WBAI rally- photos on facebook and audio, incl. Lynne Stewart

Team Fun | Photos and Audio of the Take Back WBAI rally, June 17, 2009 more...  14 Comments

Crisis Brewing at Manhattan’s Community Access TV Station

Lyell Davies | May 28, 2009—Community television producers and a former Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) staffer assembled outside MNN to charge that the station is failing in its mission of providing media services to community organizations and is cracking down on staffers opposed to the organization’s present direction. more...  0 Comments

Bernard White of WBAI Speaks Out! VIDEO ft. White & Rosa Clemente

Emma | Bernard White contextualizes his firing as Program Director of WBAI in the larger struggle for the direction of the Pacifica Network. Details financial interests in the station and divisive tactics used against him. Other members of the WBAI community make comments denouncing the firing and supporting the station. more...  19 Comments

The Indypendent: "WBAI Showdown: Power Struggle Escalates"

John Tarleton / The Indypendent | By early April, the station had fallen $128,000 behind on rent for its office space at 120 Wall Street and owed another $75,000 in back payments for its transmitter atop the Empire State Building. According to Lavarn Williams, WBAI’s then General Manager Anthony Riddle renegotiated the lease with Silverstein Properties without notifying Pacifica’s national leadership. Riddle, the station’s fifth general manager in seven years, was removed from his position May 6. Under the revised agreement, Williams said WBAI (and by extension the Pacifica Foundation) faces making two rent payments totaling almost $60,000 in May, two more payments totaling $75,000 in June and two more rent payments by July 25 totaling $45,000 or be subject to immediate eviction if it misses a single payment.

The first check for $29,444.30 is due May 18 and another check for the same amount is due May 25.
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Lawsuit Takes on NYPD Press Credential Policy

Alex Kane | The New York Police Department’s system for issuing annual press credentials to journalists is unconstitutional and arbitrary, a federal lawsuit filed Nov. 12 alleges. more...  0 Comments

Periodista agredido en Acapulco, Mexico. Si yo muero

Guillermo Ramirez Bravo | Acosado, presenta signos de mala salud more...  0 Comments

Una Carta del Mundo para los 5‏ Héroes Cubanos

envia F Espinoza | Desde este momento, llamamos a los hombres, mujeres, niños y ancianos del mundo a que se unan a la idea de enviarle una felicitación de "Fin de Año" a estos muchachos de la dignidad y el decoro... more...  0 Comments

Swimming Up Stream

posted by F Espinoza | Somebody had to offer a calm and serene response even though this will have to swim up the powerful stream of hopes raised by Obama in the international public opinion... more...  0 Comments

THE RESOURCE WARS - Antony Loewenstein @ Bluestockings TONIGHT

j hill | Friday, December 5th @ 7PM - Free Reading: Antony Loewenstein "The Blogging Revolution" @ Bluestockings
With the advent of decentralized publishing with a wide reach (think: the interweb!), blogging has become a important tool for international reporting. In "The Blogging Revolution," Antony Loewenstein investigates the impacts of blogging on state authority and mass media in propagating truth. Loewenstein is an Australian journalist and the author of "My Israel Question." - Bluestockings: 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington, 212.777.6028 more...  0 Comments

Women and Minority Filmmakers will have a Brooklyn community outlet this winter

Karla D. Moore | "Au Pair Chocolat" is the first in a series of films by women and people of color to receive a screening and discussion event at a local Brooklyn venue. more...  0 Comments

On My Expulsion from World Can't Wait, an open letter from Lee James

Lee James | Kasama would like to direct your attention to the following letter from Lee James. Lee is facing an attempted expulsion from World Can’t Wait because of her participation in our Kasama Project.

World Can’t Wait, as many of you know, is an activist organization that sought to drive the Bush administration from power, promoted impeachment for Bush and Cheney, and campaigned very strongly against the government's policies of torture. Now that Bush is going, WCW and similar resistance organizations face a crossroads over focus and strategy. more...  16 Comments

“La Paz en Colombia”: Las éticas revelaciones de Fidel Castro Ruz

posted by F Espinoza | Exclusivo: A partir de mañana en el sitio: usted podrá descargar la versión digital del libro. more...  1 Comments

New York Times Announces End of War

Times employee | Check out this anti-war protest: more...  4 Comments

El Imperio muerde el polvo en la patria de Sandino

Luis Agüero Wagner | Tras una larga campaña intervencionista de los medios, que se inició en Paraguay durante la asunción del obispo Fernando Lugo, la contundente victoria sandinista marca una resonante derrota del imperialismo intervencionista y su prensa adicta. more...  0 Comments

Statement for Mumia Abu-Jamal from San Romero de Las Américas Church, NYC | Check out this new statement from Pastor Claudia De la Cruz of the San Romero de Las Américas Church –UCC in New York City. If you're in NYC, go to for more information about taking a bus to Philly for the Dec. 6 protest. more...  0 Comments

Corporate Media Targeted in Actions Across US

Signore Gattaccio | On the morning after election day. Hundreds of newspaper boxes had their covers changed and contents augmented with anarchist news and opinion, a small payback for the election media blitz and near media blackout that followed militant conflict at the conventions. more...  4 Comments


Artur Rodos | yesterday i had found very interesting train,
but first, to better understand settings of Balkans,
please read this articles about recent murder of
the owner owner of the National (Croatian investigative newspaper) :

then, let look at this scenario
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Olympia: Halloween Dance Party (Part Riot, Part Party)

repost | in the streets more...  0 Comments

Cop Suspended For Chokehold On CBS 2 Cameraman

Christine Sloan (CBS) | Jim Quodomine Arrested, Handcuffed, Put In Squad Car For An Hour After Filming Peaceful Protest Outside Church more...  1 Comments

What you need during the Police State

Sub Version | Download what you need

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BUSH-McCAIN, Losing Florida?

posted by F Espinoza | It is a pool of corruption that is lapping too close to the Bush family, from Watergate to the criminal drugs-for-arms in Central America, to the assassination of President Kennedy. Bush and McCain could lose Florida especially if the Democrats can uncover that pool... more...  0 Comments

Community Media "Distribution 101 & 102" Workshop, Wed. Oct. 29th @ MNN @ 6:30pm

Betty Yu | This panel will cover various grassroots and Internet based media outlets that you can use to distribute your piece, from public access TV to DVD distribution for policymakers, to community screenings, film festivals, and social networking sites. more...  0 Comments

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