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Communication Rights

Well-known investigator exposes alliance between McCain and terrorists

posted by F Espinoza | ANN Louise Bardach, the U.S. reporter famous for her interviews with Luis Posada Carriles and her investigations into Cuban-American terrorism, has written an extensive article for the website on the close ties between Republican presidential candidate John McCain and notorious terrorists in Miami... more...  0 Comments

[Italia] No alla Mafia! - Sign for Roberto Saviano!

x | Roberto Saviano is under death threats for denouncing the criminal deeds of the Camorra in his book Gomorra, translated and read all over the world. more...  0 Comments

The Law of the Jungle

posted by F Espinoza | The current crisis of the developed capitalist system is taking place when the empire is about to change leadership in the elections to be held in a few days; it was all that was left to see. more...  1 Comments

Los verdaderos amos del Obispo

Luis Agüero Wagner | Los verdaderos amos del Obispo Fernando Lugo hay que buscarlos en los capos mafiosos que manejan la prensa de Paraguay, todos ellos anticomunistas que en algunos casos reciben subsidios del NED, la CIA y USAID para sostener una línea obsecuente al imperio more...  0 Comments

Che Guevara, donde nunca jamás se lo imaginan

envia F Espinoza | No es un Che de papel el que hoy venero, ni de mármol, hierro o bronce. Tampoco el que han querido sepultar sus enemigos, temerosos, bajo el óxido del descrédito. more...  0 Comments

Tomorrow Tuesday: NYU's symbolic justice for terrorist Luis Posada Carriles | The event begins at 6 p.m. in room 216 of New York University Law School's Furman Hall, 245 Sullivan St. more...  0 Comments

Social Forum of the Americas LINKS LIVE with NYC

May First / People Link | Join together, in real time, with participants of the Americas Social Forum in Guatemala, for a simultaneous workshop on collaborative democracy and the Internet. This workshop is a unique opportunity for those of us in New York to attend the forum, interact directly with Latin American activists and organizers, and contribute to building a collaborative and democratic agenda on the Internet. more...  0 Comments

Colombia: No existen palabras frente a imágenes de la tortura deshumanizadora

Fernando Reyes | Esta mañana recibí en el foro de un Colegio de Abogados al que estoy suscrito, un video para el cual no tengo palabras ni términos que lo puedan describir more...  0 Comments


E. SAN JUAN, Jr. | Supported by the Bush administration and the Pentagon, the fascist Arroyo regime continues its scarcely covert policy of extra-judicial murders and "forced disappearances" of anyone critical of the government and local politicians allied with the oppressive oligarchy. Under cover of the "war on terrorism," the neocolonial Arroyo state continues to violate the human rights of women, workers, peasants, lawyers, priests, students, teachers, artists, writers and media workers in order to preserve the rule of a privileged few, the elite oligarchy of landlords, compradors and bureaucrat-capitalists, linked to global corporate capital. How long will this barbaric and brutal rule continue with the help of US citizens' tax dollars? more...  0 Comments

Statement from the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five

posted by F Espinoza | To all committees and friends of the Cuban Five

To all friends of the Cuban Revolution

To all honest and noble people of the world

more...  0 Comments

"Envisioning Media Justice" Co-Presented/Sponsored by the NYCGMC anhtd MAG-Net

Betty Yu | Workshop Description:
In the face of increased media consolidation, we are witnessing an erosion of independent voices in the media landscape, the shrinking of public media resources and a lack of accountability by corporate media conglomerates to serve the people's interest. Organizing for media justice means confronting and transforming the structural racism, economic injustice and corporate control in our media and communications systems.

At the 2008 NYC Grassroots Media Conference "Speaking Truth to Power: Media Justice in our Communities" we explored how to empower disenfranchised communities - those most affected by media injustice - to fight for transformation of the media system. But this conversation isn't over.

Building on the ideas we shared back in March we are inviting conference attendees, social justice organizers, media makers, activists and concerned individuals to join us in a lively interactive workshop and discussion about the impact of corporate media on our communities, and how we can together advance a media justice agenda. more...  0 Comments

La solidaridad tiene nombre: CUBA

envia F Espinoza | La solidaridad tiene nombre: CUBA more...  0 Comments

The financial Ike

posted by F Espinoza | ... Fiscal paradises are prospering; people are suffering. Is this how humanity’s well-being can be guaranteed? more...  0 Comments

Beating the western drum

j hill | Blogging gives a voice to citizens around the world, but why do their views often go unheard in the west? And is the web really a force for radical change? more...  0 Comments

Colombia: “Operación Regénesis”, la última oportunidad de Uribe

Lucy Roessler | Durante las últimas semanas ha venido evidenciándose cada vez con mayor claridad la profunda crisis que corroe al “establishment” narcoparapolítico colombiano. more...  1 Comments

Periodismo cooptado por la CIA

Luis Agüero Wagner | Basta mencionar son estrellas del periodismo un ex policía de Stroessner (Alcibíades González Delvalle), el ex animador de los cumpleaños del dictador (Humberto Rubín) y la mayoría de los redactores son empleados de un operador del Cóndor. more...  0 Comments

El Zar de la prensa y los Derechos Humanos

Luis Agüero Wagner | ¿Podrá el obispo liberarse de sus compromisos con los zares de la SIP para hacer justicia con las víctimas del Operativo Cóndor? more...  0 Comments

With Cuba and the Cuban Five

posted by F Espinoza | The International Committee for the Freedom of the Five is pleased to announce that the much-anticipated “5 Stars and One Song” concert which will take place on September 13, 7:30 p.m. at Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture with acclaimed Latin American and Caribbean artists, will be broadcast live throughout Latin America by TELESUR more...  1 Comments

Coddling Of Palin Is False Feminism, Disguised Sexism, Right-Wing Thatcherism

Ruth Rubinstein | The call of so-called feminists to coddle Palin is really disguised sexism and based on a medieval, male-chauvinist mentality that women are weak and fragile and should be protected. We don’t need an American Margaret Thatcher, an icon and poster child for right-wing policies that harm poor and middle-class working women, the majority of women. It's time to expose Palin for what she really is. more...  1 Comments

911: Main man, an army general, goes scot free

Ahmar Mustikhan | The people of the United States have been kept in the dark about the worst tragedy in the political history of their country. In the name of classified information, the role the Inter Services Intelligence's chief played in the terror plot never got any mention--not even in the 911 Commission Report. more...  0 Comments

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