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Critical Mass


MELLOW YELLOW | October 9th, 2nd Friday of the month: Brooklyn Critical Mass, an unorganized group bicycle ride celebrating community and non-polluting transportation experienced a sudden reversal of tactics from NYPD. Police in Brooklyn for years have typically monitored and followed the ride with numerous motor vehicles, even at times facilitating the safe passage of cyclists through the hazardous motor-dominated streets. This month a ride through Prospect Park resulted in dangerous conditions, multiple summonses and one arrest in a calculated strategy of entrapment by formally- friendly police. more...  9 Comments

The Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit Glorifies Biking in a Crowded City

Julia Dunn | The Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit highlight all things transportation related, and many bicycle focused pieces. The Reinvention of the Wheel panel presentation combined many groups together to talk about progress and where New York City stands now. more...  0 Comments

Toussaint slate has "lost the local" says opposition leader Steve Downs

Steve Downs | It's been more than a week since the ballots were counted in the election for convention delegates and the Local still hasn't posted the results. But United Invincible has a leaflet out claiming victory. They're working hard to spin the outcome without showing the numbers. Just one more example of their disrespect for the membership. more...  0 Comments

4th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk

NYC Street Memorial Project | 10:45 am: Bronx
12 pm: Astoria, Queens
12:45 pm: Sunset Park, Brooklyn
2:30 pm: Chinatown
4 pm: Delancey and Allen, Manhattan
5 pm: St. Mark's Church, E 10th St and 2nd Ave more...  1 Comments

Police Officer Shown in Tape Shoving Critical Mass Biker Indicted

NYC IMC | A police officer who was videotaped knocking a man off his bicycle in July during a monthly cycling event in New York City has been indicted, the officer’s lawyer said on Monday. more...  2 Comments

NYC cop who knocked down CM cyclist indicted on felony and misdemeanor charges

plausible_deniability | A grand jury indictment is expected to be unsealed Tuesday in the case of a New York City police officer shown in video footage knocking a bicyclist to the ground in Times Square. Officer Patrick Pogan is expected to plead not guilty. more...  1 Comments

Critical Mass London, England win House of Lords appeal against police.

Doug | Police sought to make the monthly ride notifiable in advance and threatened prosecution. more...  1 Comments

New York Times Announces End of War

Times employee | Check out this anti-war protest: more...  4 Comments


Artur Rodos | yesterday i had found very interesting train,
but first, to better understand settings of Balkans,
please read this articles about recent murder of
the owner owner of the National (Croatian investigative newspaper) :

then, let look at this scenario
more...  0 Comments

Looking at the votes

news Box | Knowing what I know now in terms of our economic situation more...  0 Comments

Police attack on London Critical Mass, England.

Nym. | While there was a notable absence of cycle police on the September Critical Mass ride in London, we did have one unpleasant encounter with a very aggressive group of officers from the TSG unit.
more...  0 Comments

Pit Bulls and Lipstick

Rady Redbull | I have to admit that I have never actually seen a pig putting on lipstick. I guess it was because pigs had a hard time holding lipstick in their hooves, and the fact that their species never adapted to the manufacture and sale of mirrors for self-conscious assessment? But a pit bull with lipstick? What are we to think of such a shocking metaphor—that is of a hockey mom equating to a pit bull? Or why do moms continue to where lipstick after getting married anyway? more...  1 Comments

911: Main man, an army general, goes scot free

Ahmar Mustikhan | The people of the United States have been kept in the dark about the worst tragedy in the political history of their country. In the name of classified information, the role the Inter Services Intelligence's chief played in the terror plot never got any mention--not even in the 911 Commission Report. more...  0 Comments

Cambodia Genocide (Pol Pot) - 1975-1979 - 2,000,000 Deaths

United Human Rights Council (UHRC) | An attempt by Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot to form a Communist peasant farming society resulted in the deaths of 25 percent of the country's population from starvation, overwork and executions.

more...  0 Comments

Any report back on the NYC August '08 critical mass?

displaced cycler | The August Critical Mass was the 4th anniversary of the mass arrests that occurred here during the last RNC, and an opportunity to ride in solidarity with our comrades in St. Paul. more...  1 Comments

Ticketing of London Critical Mass, England.

Masser | Reports are coming in of police ticketing and searching riders during last night's ride and this seems to indicate a stepping up of police harassment, maybe in advance of the House of Lords appeal hearing in October, or in imitation of heavy-handed New York and Minneapolis police perhaps? more...  1 Comments

Paro Nacional en México el 1 de septiembre

Pedro Echeverría V. | La gran marcha que ha convocado el "Movimiento Nacional por la Soberanía Alimentaria y Energética, los Derechos de los Trabajadores y las Libertades Democráticas" para el lunes 1 de septiembre a las 17 horas se realizará del Monumento a la Independencia al Zócalo. Participarán los obreros electricistas, los mineros, los telefonistas, campesinos de diferentes organizaciones (el campo no aguanta más), la CNTE, la APPO, los sindicatos universitarios, etcétera
more...  0 Comments

"A Call to Action-A Day of Unity"

Robert Robinson | August 29th is the 3rd anniversary of hurricane Katrina. It's devasting effect is still being felt by the numbers of displaced residents not being allowed to return home, public housing is being destroyed while the homeless population continues to increase and gulf coast residents have no defense agaist a police force on the offensive.
(see the Daniziger 7 verdict). Right to the city a national alliance of grassroots organizations is holding a day of commemoration in eight cities around the US. more...  0 Comments


Martin Moreno | La Huelga General es un método de lucha histórico del movimiento obrero, uno de los más poderosos. En México, el antecedente de una huelga nacional que pueda recibir el calificativo de general se produjo en las primeras décadas del siglo XX more...  0 Comments

NY Times: Police and a Cyclists’ Group, and Four Years of Clashes

nytimes | Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, said the Critical Mass riders “used to tell us their routes.” The relationship was “informal, but it worked,” he said. “Shortly before the convention, this anarchist group hijacked it,” he said of the ride, echoing an op-ed article that Mr. Kelly wrote for The Daily News in 2004. It said, “Where once the cyclists were courteous observers of the rules of the road, the newcomers transformed rides into disruptive, often dangerous events.” more...  6 Comments

20th Anniversary of Tompkins Square Riots

Alex Nathanson | This past weekend, August 2 and 3, marked the 20th anniversary of the Tompkins Square Riots and it was commemorated with a weekend of free punk shows. more...  0 Comments

Video of Cop Assaulting Cyclist at 07/25 Critical Mass Ride

cyclist | Check out the video link for a blatant example of police aggression against a cyclist during NYC Critical Mass ride, 07/25 more...  10 Comments

Arrested at the World Economic Forum 2003? Claim your $$.

repost | In late January and early February 2003, the World Economic Forum meetings were held in New York City. In a class action lawsuit later brought by demonstrators arrested at the meetings, it was alleged that the NYPD attempted to show the world it was in control by illegally arresting and detaining 215 persons. more...  1 Comments

Critical Mass June ride in London, England.

Doug. | Video: more...  0 Comments

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