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Nicole Stoll | Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 actor Ephraim Benton and his “Chillin on da Corner & Beyond” screening series present award winning documentary “Malcolm’s Echo: the Legacy of Malcolm X” directed by Dami Akinnusi. “Malcolm’s Echo”, a festival favorite is a powerful and timely discussion on how Malcolm X's thoughts and philosophies are being used as a foundation to create a new vision. The film looks beyond the stereotypes of Malcolm X and attempts to understand the real message of his legacy echoed through those who knew him. more...  2 Comments

African Union Ambassador to the UN in Brooklyn

Amadi Ajamu | In the spirit of Pan African unity, the December 12th Movement International Secretariat hosted a reception for African Union Ambassador to the United Nations Tete Antonio at Sistas’ Place in Brooklyn last week.
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Stefan Bradley's "Harlem vs. Columbia University" book: A Review

bobf | A review of new book about Harlem community's historic resistance to Columbia University's institutional racism and landgrabbing policies. more...  0 Comments

Critical Status for Brooklyn Live/Work Law. Artists Eye's are on Senator Squadron

Karl Leger | A few thousand people stand to be eventually evicted out of their spaces as a result of the non-vote on Bill S5881. But as the Senate will reconvene August 6th to deal with a backlog of bills, bill sponsor Daniel Squadron gets another chance to convince the art community that he has not turned his back. All he needs to do is to convince the Senate leadership to put the "Multiple Dwelling Amendment" on the August 6th agenda. New York's artists are holding their breath. Some even wrote letters.
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Deconstructing Myths About WBAI 99.5 FM

Lisa V. Davis | It is time to start deconstructing the many myths that have run rampant on Indy Media lately about WBAI and I will start with the biased article written by John Tarleton on May 15th.

To See the Full PDF article with charts go to:
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Getting Dirty: Community gardens introduce solidarity

Freedom Walker Birch | The Black community is plagued with disunity. The plethora of approaches to solve this dilemma has failed to transform relations amongst people of color. But the recent influx of community gardens has introduced a simple, effective solution to building solidarity. more...  0 Comments

An Art Gallery on Christopher Street Looks Back

Julia Dunn | The Chair and the Maiden Art Gallery, near the Stonewall Inn, portrays Suzanne Poli's work from the Stonewall Riots 40 years ago to today's pride parades and held a reception for the artist on Thursday June 25 while displaying the images the week leading up to the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. more...  0 Comments

A Community Reflects on Stonewall

Julia Dunn | Richard Wandel, archivist from the LGBT community center in New York City gives a detailed account of Stonewall and the 40 years of the gay rights movement that followed and ignited from the riots. more...  0 Comments


Rev. Billy Talen | Our intuition tells us that naked neighbors dancing as Mermaids down Surf Avenue is the best defense against the developers’ visions of Coney Mall… more...  1 Comments

NY Premiere of "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe"

Soozy Duncan | There will be a Q&A with directors Sarah and Emily Kunstler, Phil Donahue, Liz Fink, and Yusef Salaam, moderated by Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman after the screening of "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe"
Saturday, June 20 at 12:30 pm
BAM, 30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

To read review of the film, see below. more...  0 Comments


Jacquie Simone | Renowned leftist intellectual, linguist and author Noam Chomsky discussed democracy, the economy and global crises June 12 at Riverside Church in Harlem. more...  8 Comments

The Indypendent: "WBAI Showdown: Power Struggle Escalates"

John Tarleton / The Indypendent | By early April, the station had fallen $128,000 behind on rent for its office space at 120 Wall Street and owed another $75,000 in back payments for its transmitter atop the Empire State Building. According to Lavarn Williams, WBAI’s then General Manager Anthony Riddle renegotiated the lease with Silverstein Properties without notifying Pacifica’s national leadership. Riddle, the station’s fifth general manager in seven years, was removed from his position May 6. Under the revised agreement, Williams said WBAI (and by extension the Pacifica Foundation) faces making two rent payments totaling almost $60,000 in May, two more payments totaling $75,000 in June and two more rent payments by July 25 totaling $45,000 or be subject to immediate eviction if it misses a single payment.

The first check for $29,444.30 is due May 18 and another check for the same amount is due May 25.
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