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Save Inca Cultural Center Timisoara, Romania

a | INCA Center is a non-profit, all-voluntary place dedicated to the
alternative culture. The place has hosted in the past 3 and half
years over 150 events: concerts, art exhibitions, projections & movie
nights, performance, festivals, etc. also for next year already we
have planned many workshops, conferences, concerts and others. If
city will evict us, and there is huge chance for this to happen, one
of the few alternative places in the region will disappear and will
leave us with no place to host all these events. Because we have
strong promises that we will never get a second place from the city.

Also we know that the only thing that will make the city change their
mind is three things:
- International protests at Romanian embassies and consulates
- Strong international and national response through email/fax/phone
- The scandal goes to the media more...  0 Comments

the g-string: Men vs. Women or Love vs. Materialism? (Indypendent)

AMY WOLF | Dowd charges all women with a weakness that only a privileged few are able to consider. This elitism is compounded by her unwillingness to acknowledge the role media plays. She rails on half-starved, “dithery singletons” like Ally McBeal and Carrie Bradshaw, but does not critique the industry and advertisers they exist for. more...  0 Comments

The Mainstreaming of Porn (Indypendent)

KRISTIN WARTMAN | Pussy sells. Everyone knows that. Lately, however, the objectification of women has gone to a whole new level. Women are now working in tandem with men to produce and exploit the mainstreaming of porn. They’re lining up to participate in, provide and produce porn. It feels like the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality has taken over the minds (and bodies) of women. more...  2 Comments

French Rappers are the “Loudspeakers” of the Ghetto (Indypendent)

NICOLE ASQUITH | For the past 10 years, French rappers have been the “loudspeakers” (as Joey Starr, of NTM puts it) of the banlieue: the suburbs where projects house immigrants, who were brought to France as a cheap labor force after World War Two, and their descendants. more...  0 Comments


French Right Reviles Rappers (Indypendent)

NICOLE ASQUITH | 153 deputies and 40 senators have asked French Minister of Justice Pascal Clément to consider taking legal actions against seven rap groups for “anti-white” racism and hatred of France. more...  0 Comments

Antigone Now (Indypendent)

NICHOLAS POWERS | The Left titled her the Rosa Parks of the antiwar movement. The Right compared her to Walter Cronkite who turned the public against the Vietnam War or to eccentric conspiracist Lyndon LaRouche. Analysts tried to explain her but Sheehan’s power comes from an older time, from the ancient Greek drama Antigone. more...  0 Comments

Spain - New e-book "Luchas autónomas en la transición española"

Alejandro | El CEDALL ha transformado en e-book el libro "Luchas autónomas en la transición democrática" realizado en 1977 por el "Colectivo de Estudios por la Autonomía Obrera".
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KIRK KELLY & PADDY on the RAILWAY | MUGSY Records and the Artist Worker Action League present a celebration of the life of Joe Hill and the 100th Anniversary of the IWW's founding with an ANTIFOLK event for the ages - all to benefit for the Grad Student workers on strike at NYU. more...  1 Comments

Victory for Mumia | Today the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued the most important decision affecting my client, Mumia Abu-Jamal, since the lower federal court ruling in December 2001. An order was issued this morning that the court will accept for review the following issues, all of which are of enormous constitutional significance and go to the very essence of Mumia's right to a fair trial due process of law, and equal protection of the law under the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution... more...  3 Comments

Gang of Four: anti-militarist music

NOT BORED! | Gang of Four return to release new recordings of their classic anti-militarist music. more...  0 Comments

WBAI Host Karen Lewis to be honored by NIFC

National Irish Freedom Committee | Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta will hold its 11th Annual Michael Flannery Testimonial Awards Dinner on Friday January 27th 2006 at the Astorian World Manor in Astoria to recognize and honor Irish Americans and others for their contributions to the promotion of Irish history, literature, human rights and Irish freedom.

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Fri, 12/16 8PM Books Thru Bars Beer and Movie Nite!

BTB | Fri, 12/16 8PM Books Thru Bars Beer and Movie Nite! more...  0 Comments

IMAGES: New Jersey Bear Hunt 2005

Erin Siegal | At daybreak this morning, the second New Jersey bear hunt in the last 35 years kicked off in Wawayanda State Park in Sussex County, NJ. The first day of the six-day hunt is toted as an attempt controlling the population of black bears regarded as nuisances. The species have made a comeback from the brink of extinction, but are now being forced into areas populated by humans due to the slow creep of suburban sprawl, and human encroachment upon the bear’s natural habitat. Black bears are regarded as nuisances because of their tendency to raid improperly disposed human garbage bags in search of food. more...  3 Comments

Chicago FBI Alerted to Politically Motivated Hack Initial Statement | Chicago, IL, December 4, 2005 — Around 12:00 AM on Sunday, Chicago based was electronically attacked and invaded by politically motivated hackers. The attackers manipulated the prices of the items sold on the site, in some cases lowering prices by over five-hundred percent. "We are outraged by this blatant attack on our freedom of speech. This is fraud, it is an intrusion, it costs money, and at the same time it justifies what does. This hack proves what we are up against when we raise our voices and try to make this country a better place." more...  3 Comments


Lloyd Hart |
Our site is supported by members of many grass roots environmental,
social, climate and alternative media organisations. more...  1 Comments

Graduate Students Strike at NYU: Update

Strikewatcher | NYC Indymedia is offering comprehensive coverage of the ongoing Graduate Student - Worker strike at NYU. In addition, up to the minute coverage can be found at NYU Inc, Nerds on Strike, and the NYU Faculty Democracy blog.

(12/02/05): Faculty Rebellion at NYU: Faculty Democracy to Deny Administration "Return to Work Order" (12/01/05): NYU Undergrads Storm Library in TA Solidarity Action
(11/29/05): NYU Throws Down the Gauntlet
(11/15/05): Law Students Stand With GSOC
(11/14/05): GSOC Strike Journal
(11/13/05): Lefter, Warmer: We Knew It Was Coming
(11/12/05): Faculty Critique of Blackboard Scandal
(11/11/05): NYU Inc: Administration Infiltrates Blackboard Accounts || NYU Inc: Another Day Closer to a Second Conract || NYU Inc: Townhall Meeting
(11/10/05): NYU Inc: Parents to Sexton: NEGOTIATE NOW! || Edwize: GSOC Fighting for Its Life || Images || Video and Day 2 Roundup || NYU Inc: Our First Day on the Picket Line
(11/09/05): Video and Day 1 Roundup

more...  36 Comments

Propaganda 101 First Saturdays

Propmag 101 | Every month Propmag 101 works to find new artists and writers to put together its First Saturday Parties and Mini-Mags. Our ultimate goal is to inject progressive politics into pop culture and build community. Come out to Studio 459 in Brooklyn on December 3rd to see what we're all about. more...  0 Comments

Long Island Buy Nothing Day Actions

anonymous | On November 25th, Buy Nothing Day, several actions against consumerism took place on Long Island. In the morning, five banners were dropped over a number of overpasses on the Meadowbrook Pkwy, on the path leading towards the massive Roosevelt Field Mall where thousands of consumers were waiting to buy worthless items at low prices. more...  8 Comments

African Film Fest at Anthology Film Archives and Schomburg

Ann Schneider | African Film Fest at Anthology Film Archives and Schomburg
Friday, Nov 25- Sat. Dec. 11

Featuring 80 films from 30 countries, including 44 premieres.
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