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Interview with Peter Ryan of Cosmetic Vacations

small WORLD Podcast | small WORLD interview with Peter Ryan of Cosmetic Vacations. more...  0 Comments

small WORLD interview with Jenny Marketou, multimedia artist

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Jenny Marketou, multimedia artist more...  0 Comments

US kills 18 Pakistani villagers on MLK weekend

ref | - United States airstrike on a Pakistani village... killed at least 18 civilians.
- 10,000 people chanting "Death to America" rallied on Sunday...
- Condoleezza Rice said al-Qaeda can't be treated "lightly."
- liberal and Islamic groups joined an anti-US protest in Karachi
- US peace groups silent?
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Mindwalk 26: Torture For Profit

Upstart Radio America | Much resepect to David Letterman, aka The Big Guy. Followed by a taste of a 1973 Watergate hearing and a 60 Minutes story on the CIA's practice of "Rendition", covert kidnapping using private jets. Finally, Lewis Black to bring a positive and uplifting finale. more...  0 Comments

Fela Kuti Radio Show

Jayson | . more...  1 Comments

The age of the corporate State versus the informational and cognitive public domain

Zapopan Martín Muela-Meza | This article analyse the concepts of the bourgeois State, the capitalistic corporations and the democratic public domain. The main thesis is that nowadays, inside the societies ruled by the capitalistic-imperialistic systems of production, the States are deeply fused to the corporations and both orders has transformed into one indivisible entity. Thus, it is analysed how along with the advent of this corporate State humankind arrives to one of its most dangerous stages, where if the alternative forces to capitalism-imperialism are not capable to force under the rule of law or dismantle its prime agent which is the corporation (capitalistic companies), then humankind is under peril to have its democratic order hollowed-out or destroyed completely by the corporate State. Particularly, throughout the paper there are evidences of how the corporate State has corroded already part of the public domain in the library sector by means of capitalistic commoditization and privatization of its services. Evidences expose the corporation's character of lacking of ethics, moral or markedly psychopathic. Finally, it is advocated for citizens to re-establish the public domain and to force corporations under the rule of law to be judged by the enforced legal accountability of responsibilities of each of its members on an individual basis as how actually happens to any common citizen of the public.

The age of the corporate State versus the informational and cognitive public domain

[ Spanish original version ]

La era del Estado empresarial versus el dominio público informacional y cognitivo

By: Zapopan Martín Muela-Meza


PhD research student in Information Studies

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, UK 28 February 2005

This article has been originally published at the Mexican electronic peer reviewed journal Razón y Palabra: Primera Revista Electrónica en América Latina Especializada en Tópicos de Comunicación (Reason and Word: The First Electronic Journal in Latin America Especialized in Topics of Communication):

Muela-Meza, Z.M. (2005). “La era del estado empresarial versus el dominio
público informacional y cognitivo.” En: Razón y Palabra: Primera Revista Electrónica en América Latina Especializada en Tópicos de Comunicación. Abril-mayo 2005, (44).


Informational and cognitive capitalism. Public domain. Public Interest. Public sphere. Citizens. Cultural political economy. Libraries. Repositories of public knowledge.

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Exposing Empire: Review of Chomsky's IMPERIAL AMBITIONS (The Indypendent)

MATT WASSERMAN | Academic critics on both right and left chide him for the crudeness of his political statements, but imperialism is crude. While Chomsky has a tendency to portray politics as simple, perhaps simpler than it actually is, he does so to bring out the dark underbelly of U.S. power.
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LINK WRAY: The Original Guitar Hero (The Indypendent)

STEVEN WISHNIA | Distortion is an essential part of the modern electric-guitar sound. Amplifiers are designed to produce it, and there’s a whole arena of tone-grunging effects out there, from generically named “Overdrive” pedals to the Tube Screamer, the Experience, and the Death Metal, not to mention the Big Muff Pi, the Super Hard On, and the Soda Meiser.
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Fundamentalism & the Law: Review (The Indypendent)

Catherine Crier is a former Texas judge, a conservative Republican and a self-characterized “independent with some libertarian leanings.” And boy, she is angry as a Texas rattler! Her timely new work, Contempt: How the Right Is Wronging American Justice, is a hard-hitting indictment of those who would use religion – specifically fundamentalist Christianity – to advance a political agenda that, in her view, would eviscerate vital legal protections. more...  0 Comments

Another Anthropology Is Possible (The Indypendent)

MATT WASSERMAN | In Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology, David Graeber delves into the anthropological record to show not only that another world (besides that of contemporary capitalism) is possible, but that other social worlds have existed and continue to exist. Tossing out thoughts and examples, he makes a strong case that anarchism is not an invention of 19th century European males but a tendency found within numerous societies. more...  54 Comments

Interviewing the Oracle: OCTAVIA BUTLER (The Indypendent)

INTERVIEW BY KAZEMBE BALAGUN | Winner of the Hugo Award for science fiction and a MacArthur Genius Fellowship, Butler’s fiction bends the boundaries of race and gender, while focusing on the problems of pollution, the legacy of slavery, and racism. The Indypendent spoke with Butler, while she was on tour promoting Fledgling, her first novel in nearly a decade. more...  1 Comments

Bush and Bob Marley

Nicholas Powers | I jogged to the corner store. The brothers by the door nodded, I nodded. Universal signs of respect among men of color. They stood, arms crossing their chests, staring at the carnival on the street and here I came, one of its clowns leaving the stage. "Yo you let her drag you around like that," one asked. He was young, hands in pockets, excited but cautious and eyeing me. I knew the unspoken question. Was it cool to protest? more...  0 Comments


BRAD ALTFEST | Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll is nowhere to be found in the 1960s pastoral setting of Brokeback Mountain, Hollywood's latest depiction of homosexuality. While it’s good to see gay men depicted as something other than promiscuous, panty-wearing party-boys, an exploration of self-loathing men who happen to have sex with other men is hardly a "groundbreaking" movie about gay life, as some have described it more...  3 Comments

When the Wall Comes Tumbling Down (The Indypendent)

PAUL BUHLE | In a world of rampant globalism from above, real artistic collaboration from below remains all too rare. Collaboration across the usual lines of division in the Middle East is especially important, and the catalogue of “Three Cities Against the Wall” exemplifies a vital contribution to our understanding. Not only of the so-called Security Wall being constructed in the West Bank, against the judgments of the World Court and the views of nearly all nations, of course, but against the symbolism of nationalistic walls, race and ethnic ghetto walls and other inherently exclusionary symbols of power and domination. more...  0 Comments

Review: Mr. Spielberg Goes to Munich (The Indypendent)

CHARLIE BASS | As the least Spielbergian film ever made by Steven Spielberg, Munich comes as a both a welcome surprise and a slight disappointment – an appropriately conflicted experience. Spielberg has long struggled in his adult movies to reflect a world more gray than black-and-white, with his more recent films showing progress towards this realization.
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Philipp Rassmann for BFF | The event will feature dozens of different films on a variety of bicycle styles - from BMX to urban bike culture, cycling to commuting. more...  0 Comments

WOID #XIV-21. The Giddiyap Society

Trotsky the Horse | Many days ago a traveling organizer checked into his hotel room... more...  0 Comments

IRS Blocked refunds for lowest income

posted by keeley | Tax refunds sought by hundreds of thousands of poor Americans have been frozen and their returns labeled fraudulent, blocking refunds for years to come, the Internal Revenue Service's taxpayer advocate told Congress today.
The taxpayers, whose average income was $13,000, were not told that they were suspected of fraud, the advocate said in her annual report to Congress. The advocate, Nina Olson, said her staff sampled suspected returns and found that, at most, one in five was questionable.
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Guy Debord Film Retrospective

NOT BORED! | A retrospective of all six of Guy Debord's films more...  5 Comments

Steve Wallace AND Rhythm Republik bring the Funk, R&B and SOUL to BAMCafe LIVE Friday Jan. 20th!

MABILI kregg Ajamu | Two acts from the Progressive Soul's brightest lights come together on one stage to light up Brooklyn. Steve Wallace AND Rhythm Republik bring the Funk, R&B and SOUL to BAMCafe LIVE Friday Jan. 20th! Don't miss this ONE! more...  0 Comments

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