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Idiotarod: Shopping Cart Race across Manhattan Bridge

Ida C. Benedetto | A mock version of the Alaskan dog sled races, The Idiotarod sees teams of five and their shopping carts racing through city streets every winter. On January 28th, New York City saw it's third annual Idiotarod consisting of some 100 costumed teams. The starting line was rerouted to Fort Green Park after police harassed organizers the night before at the original start location near the Williamsburg bridge. Uninhibited by the change of plans, teams careened over the Manhattan Bridge ending at the East River Park. For more images see: more...  3 Comments


This party will be rad fun.
Bikers and their friends get down for good times.

Monday January 30th |10pm-4am
LIT 93 2nd Avenue at E. Fifth St. | New York City
complimentary Brooklyn Lager 10:30-11:30

Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance)
James F!@#$%^ Friedman (Defend Music)
Ted Shred (San Francisco)

Ride over on your bike:
Valet Bicycle Parking provided by Crumpler Bags

Decor by Trackstar more...  0 Comments

January Critical Mass: Times Up! EMT Helps Injured Scooter Cops, More Cyclists Arrested

Barbara | EMT-licensed cyclist Luke Son was the first responder in an incident where two police scooters collided while chasing participants in last night's monthly Critical Mass bike ride, January 27, 2006. "The behavior of the undercover agitators has gotten progressively more dangerous and what happened tonight is a perfect example. People are getting hurt on the streets," said Time's Up! volunteer Barbara Ross. Son, a volunteer mechanic with Time's Up!, stated that as scooters were blocking the line of riders and driving into cyclists, he witnessed one police officer slam his scooter into another. Son dismounted, yelling "I'm an EMT," and attended to the fallen police officers, fully aware that other cyclists were being arrested next to him. "I just went into emergency mode, and I dropped my bike and made sure the scene was safe. [Pictures and Discussion || Arrest Pictures and More Discussion] more...  25 Comments

Notes From a 4th Grade Science Fair

Counterhegemonic | What could be more innocuous than a grammar school science fair held on the South Shore of Staten Island? Yet, as dozens of parents and their children gathered for the high point of the juvenile social winter social calendar they carried with them all the ugly marks of deeply divided society. more...  4 Comments

Crisis in the Culture Industry: James Frey

Gregg Mosson | Random-House owned Doubleday has published a memoir called "A Million Little Pieces" about author James Frey's battle with addiction and recovery. Since being proven fake the publisher has stood by the book, calling into question just not their allegiance to truthful writing, but forcing readers to question what the publishing industry is truly about? more...  1 Comments

Michael Golembewski, photographer

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with photographer Michael Golembewski who uses a flatbed scanner as a camera more...  0 Comments

Jesus, Kanye West and Hip Hop

Rosa Clemente | I was raised in the Catholic Church. From the moment I was placed under this religious institution, I was put in a situation where my savior would never look like me. For me Jesus Christ was a white men with blond hair and blue eyes. Much of my high-school years were spent going to church and confessing my teenage sins to a white man who would absolve me of those sins and tell me to pray to a white women(virgin mary) who in turn would save my soul. By the time I was 14 I thought all white men and women did was save people, the only man of color I saw in an position of authority was my dad, and papi did not look like Jesus and neither did mami.
more...  14 Comments

Common Ground Collective (NOLA) Report Back Tomorrow 1/25 @ 339 Lafayette St. NYC

Greg Pason | Common Ground (NOLA) activists Sean White and Joshua Everett will give a slide presentation and report back on post-Katrina activism in New Orleans.

The event will be held on Wednesday Jan. 25th at 339 Lafayette St. (buzzer #11) @ 6 PM more...  0 Comments

ALL CITY Forum on Popular Education & Liberation March 3-4th | For those interested in Popular Education strategies as means to educate our communities outside of the traditional educational institutions, come through to El Puente March 3rd and 4th located at: 211 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 ( more...  1 Comments

Beware the Social Globalizers

carst | The struggle is between the Democratic Totalitarian Societies (DTS) trying to impose their way of life upon all others, and peoples who want to decide their way of life for themselves. It is about totalitarian domination or self-determination. more...  0 Comments


Fergie | The Bicycle Film Festival is seeking submissions for its sixth annual Festival. The event will feature dozens of different films on a variety of bicycle styles - from BMX to urban bike culture, cycling to commuting. more...  0 Comments

A brief history of NYC anarchist bookstores

By Dan Sabater

I first got involved in left-wing politics in 1987 at the age of 15. I became an Anarchist in 9th grade (1988) and started hanging out in the LES. more...  10 Comments

Sentada Virtual contra la SGAE

Veron | Organizada una Sentada Virtual contra la página Web de la SGAE para protestar de forma pacífica y ordenada contra el canon impuesto en los cd´s virgenes more...  0 Comments

Casa del Sol Under Construction

uptown | Photos of recent construction at the former Casa del Sol more...  1 Comments

..... And The Honorees are

National Irish Freedom Committee | NIFC will be honoring Larry Kirwan (Black 47) , Karen Lewis (WBAI- Truth and Justice Radio) and Mary Holt Moore ( The Gaelic Leagie) this Friday, January 27th, at the 11th Annual Micheal Flannery Testimonial Awards Dinner.

***They are a limited number of tickets still available . For tickets, Call Bob at 1-845-354-2473
or contact the NIFC asap at ***

The event will be held at the Astoria World Manor, Astoria, NY more...  0 Comments

Accepting Submissions for New Indypendent Sex Issue

The Indypendent | Right now the award-winning newspaper, The Indypendent, is accepting non-fiction articles (up to 1000 words); Photographs and Illustrations.

We are also accepting select advertisments.

Anthing related to sex, love, sexuality, gender and all of its myriad sister issues (Abuse, disease, children, husbandry, Sam Alito, etc.) will be considered.

Please send your submissions/questions to the following email address:

Deadline is Feb 2nd by 5:00pm. No late submissions considered.
Thank you.

The Issue Coordinators more...  9 Comments

The New York Rat #5 --New York City's Only Anarchist Paper-- Out Now!

The NYC RAT | The New York Rat --New York City's ONLY Anarchist paper-- is out now! Issue #5 is deals with topics such as political prisoner support, an anarchist perspective on Hurricane Katrina, as well as the NYC Year in Anarchy -- a retrospective of Anarchist projects, events, and actions in 2005. You can also expect to find upcoming events, the NYC Black Pages, and the Cop Crime Blotter!

Get your hands on NYC's ONLY anarchist paper and check out what's happening right here at home!
more...  3 Comments

Music Teachers on Strike

Dan Lilienthal | About 20 music teachers from the Midori & Friends Foundation are picketing in front of their offices on 7th ave. by 27th St. I had an opportunity on my way to work this morning to speak to a few of the individuals. They are calling attention to their wages, of $40/class taught, which have been frozen for 7 years now, and recent negotiations for a new contract have stalled. Their contract expired last June.
Meanwhile, they note that Judi Linden, their executive director, is being paid in excess of $135K for her position with the not-for-profit organization. more...  14 Comments

International day against video surveillance

SCP-NYC | the first day of Spring 2006 more...  0 Comments


Red & Anarchist SkinHeads- NYC | Here goes a list of 28 political videos we highly recommend to all
skinheads, punks, class-struggle Anarchists, socialists, working-class
hardcore kids etc. in the Northeastern US. We want all RASH skins in the
Northeast to see these films. more...  6 Comments

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