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Jewish Labor Activists Zap Scab Symposium at NYU (Press Release)

rozele | Jewish supporters of workers’ rights zapped a symposium on S. Ansky’s play “The Dybbuk” today at NYU, where graduate teachers are in the second semester of a strike. Members of the Clara Lemlich Group for Radical Heat (KHL) pointed out that asking scholars to cross their colleagues’ picket line to honor Ansky, a strong and lifelong supporter of the labor movement, was an insult to both the writer’s memory and the striking teachers. more...  0 Comments

PDF of the 2006 Indypendent Sex Issue

Indypendent | Download the pdf of the Indypendent's 2nd annual sex issue. more...  1 Comments

Defend Freedom of Press and the Right to Blasphemy

Mahmood Ketabchi | The publication of cartoons of Muhammad by several European newspapers has given the political Islamists an opportunity to launch a brutal international assault against freedom of press and the right to blasphemy. As the Islamists and the nationalist forces find themselves in a growing conflict with the US and western governments, the cartoons of Muhammad gave them a chance to try to gain advantage over the European and the US government in order to reinforce their position internationally and specifically in the Middle East. more...  0 Comments

Steak and Blowjob Day

small WORLD Podcast | Do the commerical aspects and social obligations of Valentine's Day get you down? Now there's an alternative: Steak and Blowjob Day. This show features interviews with men and women about their thoughts on these twin holidays. more...  0 Comments

Memoirs of an Ass-Kicker (The Indypendent)

KELLY ZEN-YIE TSAI | I’m so over this recycled wet dream of subservient Asian women waiting for white male liberators, whether they be G.I.’s, “samurais” or American authors. more...  0 Comments

The Hard Right (The Indypendent)

JOHN TARLETON | Leading anti-abortion webmaster Neal Horsley runs a website that offers detailed information on doctors who provide abortions. In a May 5 interview on Fox News radio, Horsley boasted of having sex with animals as a young man. more...  0 Comments

Red-Light Districts of the Mind (The Indypendent)

NICHOLAS POWERS | The fundamental fantasy for Republicans is the figure of the Fallen Father who risked his life to create the world we inherited. If we want to preserve it we must be faithful to his tradition and keep his legacy safe from foreigners. His law is erotized and gives his descendants the pleasure of moral certainty as they clean society. more...  0 Comments

Parental Advisory: Explicit History (The Indypendent)

STEVEN WISHNIA | This music existed mainly in the rural South, urban ghettoes, and red-light districts, but like a cultural hard-on pushing against the cloth of puritanism and segregation, double-entendre R&B oozed into the mainstream with the rise of rock‘n’roll in the early ‘50s, with songs like Billy Ward and the Dominoes’ “Sixty Minute Man.” more...  0 Comments

STEW ALBERT: 1939-2006, Yippie! for Life (The Indypendent)

MICHAEL SIMMONS | Stew was an original member of the Yippies, who merged left-wing activism and freak culture in the late 1960s. Along with Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner and others, he was a soldier for justice as well as a subversive prankster; a practitioner of performance politics that blew the minds of young people by establishing a new tactic – capture their imaginations and their hearts will follow. more...  0 Comments

Against the tyranny of religion, a call to action

Clausa Vitz | The absurd "war on cartoons" being waged globally by offended Muslims all over the world, must be opposed by all who see in this action a threat to any way of life not based on religious fanaticism and blind dogmatisim. more...  25 Comments



A unique and unforgettable opportunity to join Norman Mailer and his
son, John Buffalo Mailer, for an intergenerational sparring match as
they discuss their new book, The Big Empty: A Dialogue on Politics,
Sex, God, Boxing, Morality, Myth, Poker and Bad Conscience in America.

A book signing of The Big Empty will follow the event
more...  1 Comments

The Anti-Valentine

Adam Eidinger | Organic Consumers Association Releases New Flash Animation
National Organic Consumer Group says, ‘Unchain Your Love:
Buy Organic & Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Flowers in 2006’ more...  0 Comments

Islam bashing part of racist war for empire

Leslie Feinberg | According to the big-business media, “free speech” is the core issue. In reality, this is a battle between oppressor and oppressed nations. more...  23 Comments


Noor Cipriani | Fashion Gurus names her "the most creative woman in design" and one trendsetter journalist ranks her as "the only female designer that can virtually guarantee originality and vision to a project ". more...  2 Comments


Hoipolloi Cassidy | Poets, as we know, are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. Same for artists. And here's the law, laid down by the painter Paul Gauguin. more...  2 Comments

'Not So Curious George' Protest Song Coincides With 'Curious George' Movie Release

PeaceSong | This song is freely available as a MP3 at more...  0 Comments

Interview with Yun Bai, artist

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Yun Bai about being a Chinese American artist and her Porn Flowers and Secret Nipple Project. more...  0 Comments

6th anarchist film fest in chicago

esperanza | buscamos entrados para nuestra fest de las peliculas anarquistas more...  0 Comments

NYC Critical Mass Legal Update: Funds for Appeals and Letters of Support Needed!

Critical Mass Defendant | Since the 2004 RNC, the NYPD has arrested over 300 bicyclists during Critical Mass bike rides. Many of these arrestees have chosen to fight the charges (disorderly conduct and parading without a permit), and several have recently gone to trial in NYC Criminal Court. Although these cases are going to trial and sentences are being imposed, the fight for Critical Mass in NYC is far from over! more...  4 Comments

Muslims and Christians Demonstrate Against the Defamation of Islam

Kristen Ess | Palestinian Muslims and Christians are showing their unity in Bethlehem as they jointly engage in nonviolent resistance, this time not against the Israeli occupation, but against the defamation of Islam.
more...  4 Comments

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