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a | Noon be with the International Action Center:
Protest Racist Cartoons
Friday 12 Noon
48th St. & 2nd Ave.

Protest This Friday, Feb. 17
4:30-6 pm
42nd and Lexington (by Grand Central Station) more...  0 Comments

Another NYC Critical Mass court victory

rogerm | Story by Jim Dwyer for New York Times describes how NY State court judge ruled against NYPD tactics and NYC's attempt to proscecute Times-up. more...  1 Comments


Hoipolloi Cassidy | According to Elizabeth Ann Danto (Hunter School of Social Work) Freud and his followers developed their theories within a radical project to reorganize society, a project that was crushed with the advent of the Nazis, and crushed again with the development of conformist psychoanalytic practices in America. more...  0 Comments

Getting on the Good Foot

Sarah Paterson | Men at foot parties can be divided into six overlapping categories: massagers, toe suckers, ticklers, tramplees, foot job guys and sissy boys/voyeurists. Fetishes invariably take on a different coloring when they are transformed into paid services. Everything looks a bit more bizarre under the bordello-red lighting of a dungeon, even a fetish as “tame” as foot worship. more...  1 Comments

Denmark's Racist Cartoons: WW Editorial

Workers World | Hand-in-hand with their governments, media outlets ... continue to unapologetically publish these images under the banner of “free speech”—that is, freedom for the wealthy who control the capitalist media to put out whatever biased, racist, pro-imperialist propaganda suits their agenda. more...  54 Comments

Protest Racist Cartoons

International Action Center | This Friday in New York the International Action Center will mobilize in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters who will be gathering for noon prayers in front of the Denmark consulate in a protest against disrespect and racism. more...  2 Comments

Get your new NYC GreenMap @ Launch event 2Nite

Green Apple | Explore energy impacts, conservation and renewbles with the Powerful Green Map of NYC.
Learn more about the worldwide GreenMap Project. more...  2 Comments

Jim Berenholtz, renaissance man

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Jim Berenholtz, peformance artist, composer, writer, ethnomusicologist, ceremonial artist, photographer, and world traveler. more...  0 Comments

Radio Free Eireann: Live at Rocky Sullivans

RFE | Come celebrate 25 years of Irish programming on WBAI, F.M. Radio Free Eireann will take the show on the road during the month of March more...  0 Comments

WHERE HATE RULES, HOT 97 continues verbal attacks at communties of color

Rosa Clemente |
The R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop coalition (Representing Education, Activism and Community Through Hip Hop more...  1 Comments

PHOTOS: Valentine Grannies Rage in Times Square

Erin Siegal | At noon on Valentine's Day, the Raging Grannies gathered at the military recruiting station in Times Square in NYC to protest the war in Iraq. more...  1 Comments

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is seeking Trombone Players!

The RMO | We're looking for trombones. more...  0 Comments


Win Animal Rights | PROTEST BIO-CEO 2006

Dates: Tuesday & Wednesday, February 14 and 15, 2006
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Avenue (at 49th St.)
more...  0 Comments

When it Snows, Where Do the Homeless Stay?

Jason Gooljar | Yes, I know it's snowing outside in New York and throughout the northeast and other regions. It does this every year without fail. It does look like a blizzard and I'm quite sure there will be a tremendous amount of snowfall. But a thought came to mind this time. It had to do with the homeless population. In times of inclimate weather, where do they go? more...  3 Comments

Why striking bus drivers in Tehran are the real defenders of Muslim rights

Worker Freedom | For three weeks, there have been demonstrations across the planet about a great injustice done to Muslims. After baton-wielding cops inflicted dozens of injuries, the fear of death is in the air. George W Bush's State Department has warned of 'systematic oppression', while secularists and fundamentalists have revealed their mutually incompatible values. Since you ask, I am not talking about the global menace of Scandinavian cartoonists that has so terrified our fearless free press, but mass arrests in Iran.
more...  1 Comments

You’ve gone the wrong way, baby (The Indypendent)

ERICA PATINO | In Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and theRise of Raunch Culture, Levy prods the definition of feminism, asking if women who align themselves with male chauvinism are really empowered, or if women who bare all for Girls Gone Wild, watch The Man Show, and go to strip clubs, are doing themselves a disservice and reversing years of feminist progress. more...  2 Comments

Crunchy Granola Porn (The Indypendent)

ARTHUR JONES | Posing on the beach in Santa Cruz and in their natural habitat in the woods outside of Portland, Oregon, these dreadlocked beauties don’t bother to shave their armpits much less their pubes. Nor do they splay their snatches, wag their booties, do penetration shots or affect the fuck-me look so common to internet porn. more...  3 Comments

When Porn Was (kinda) Sweet: A Review (The Indypendent)

CHARLIE BASS | In his best films (Score, The Lickerish Quartet, The Opening of Misty Beethoven), Radley Metzger achieves a kind of playful art-porn grandeur. In Metzger’s world, sex becomes the common denominator, and he glosses over any distinctions of class, race or sexual orientation: All that matters is each character’s ability. more...  0 Comments

American Family or ‘Anti-Fag’ Association

DAVID JASPER | Christian right’s American Family Association (AFA) has also been in discussions with Ford to sever ties with gay community markets. Since May 2005, AFA has been threatening a boycott if talks failed to produce results. In early December, the AFA claimed that it forced Ford to cancel ads that it had planned to run with LGBT media. more...  3 Comments

Banji Boys and Girlfriends on the Down Low (The Indypendent)

LEO PARDÉ | We both sell intimacy without commitment. Drop-in whenever you want, but make sure you call first – remedy for a millennium. Sex is still the high card over consumerism. more...  1 Comments

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