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Austria, Hitler and Howard’s Australia

nano | Pauline Hanson recently announced on news radio that her political views have been “vindicated”; she cited the overt racist attitudes of John Howard and Peter Costello as proof of her claim. Who could deny it? Hanson’s imprisonment on trumped-up charges was an act of political assassination instigated by Howard but executed by his then errand boy, Tony Abbott. Hanson’s trial and subsequent imprisonment effectively eliminated her and her party from the Australian political landscape; mainstream racist ideology was re-established in its rightful home, the white Australian conservative ultra-right Liberal Party of Howard! The world watches Australia take a giant leap backwards as Howard continues to divide the nation. more...  0 Comments

Critical Mass-Manhattan, 2-24-06

Aaron M. Cohen | On Friday, February 24, 2006, bike riders gathered at Union Square for Critical Mass. Afterwards, a victory party was held at Time's Up, where the Rude Mechanical Orchestra entertained the crowd. more...  23 Comments

Republican Sinn Fein statement regarding todays Riots in Dublin

aezer | Republican Sinn Fein statement regarding todays Riots in Dublin more...  14 Comments

Holy and Sacred: Turd or Temple

cleaves | The famous Shiite Askariyah shrine (Golden Mosque) in Iraq has been targeted and destroyed but by whom remains unclear at this stage. Regardless of the intentions of those responsible, one dramatic (and historically consistent) point cuts through the hysteria and mayhem. That of the importance (or otherwise) of sites that are deemed sacred or holy and the 'location' of this attribution in human consciousness and/or human societies/groups. Social history records naturally occurring phenomena, rocks, rivers etc; structures built by men, temples, obelisks etc; cyclic astronomical phenomena, eclipses, comets etc, all of which have been attributed by humans with special significance at one time or another, whereas none of the produced or naturally occurring phenomenon are ‘holy’ or ‘sacred’. more...  0 Comments

Aram Schefrin, author of Marwan

small WORLD Podcast | How did an Egyptian city planner, a Yemeni religious fanatic, a boy from the United Arab Emirates who worshipped sex, not Allah, and a young student of aircraft design who went to a Christian school in Lebanon - four very different men with very different ideas - get involved in flying the 9/11 planes? How did the plot develop, and who developed it? more...  0 Comments

Friday, Feb. 24 -- bicycle victory dance party after Critical Mass ride

roger m | Be a part of it all even if you choose not to risk police abuse by riding the critical mass. There will be a fun dance party celebration/benifit (cheap) Friday, Feb. 24, 8:30 p.m. after the ride. more...  0 Comments

Free Movie Screening @ Times Up! with Guest Speaker Sander Hicks.

Times Up! | Screening of Horns and Halos with Guest Speaker Sander Hicks. more...  1 Comments

Dance With Pachamama to Benefit the Bushwick ChildCare Coop!


Dance with Pachamama to benefit the Bushwick ChildCare Coop!

Friday, February 24, 7:00pm
Mamajuana Bar & Lounge
more...  0 Comments

VICTORY DANCE PARTY at TIME'S UP! Space (49 East Houston St.) Feb. 24, 8:30pm

Time's Up! | Hooray! Judge rules in favor of Time's Up! Environmental Group and group bike rides.
VICTORY DANCE PARTY at TIME'S UP! Space (49 East Houston St.)
Starting at 8:30pm
THIS FRIDAY (February 24) after Critical Mass more...  0 Comments

Queer Tactics...a call for short films...National Queer Arts Festival, 2006

Shani Heckman | The National Queer Arts Festival is pleased to announce a call for submissions for Queer Tactics a night celebrating short films in San Francisco June, 2006. more...  0 Comments

Paul Avrich, Radical Historian, 1931-2006

from Infoshop News | Radical historian, Paul Avrich, died last week. He was 74. more...  0 Comments

Carl, host of Cyberpunk Radio

small WORLD Podcast | Carl is a subversive multimedia artsit who hosts the podcasts Cyberpunk Radio, Mental-Escher and Hack VTV as well as heading the PluriMedia Group and the Microcasting Alliance. more...  0 Comments

Olympic Medal Ceremonies

Chazcat | It may be just me but has anyone seen any medal ceremonies on the NBC coverage of the Olympics? I finally saw one today where a Canadian was the gold medaler but can't recall seeing any others, in particular any American ones. more...  4 Comments

Chicago Afrobeat Project

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Dave and mark of the Chicago Afrobeat Project. Continuing a series of interviews with Afrobeat musicians. Afrobeat is deeply concerned in social criticism to pave way to social change. more...  2 Comments

5th Element Subway Series, Old School Roots

kaitlyn tikkun | Beatboxers, MCs, spoken word artists, vocalists celebrating Black History Month on the E train. more...  0 Comments

Memorial Service for Grandpa Al Lewis

NIFC | Memorial Service for Al Lewis more...  0 Comments

The Music for Peace Project

Benjamin Robison | At a time where "balanced' discussions from governments and mainstream media consist of the various ways to fight terror with no virtually no discussion about how to create the conditions for peace, The Music for Peace Project, March 31-April 2, 2006 is a global call for change. It is a celebration and a call to action. It brings together musicians and music lovers, activists and concerned citizens, conservatives and liberals, social justice organizations and human rights groups. for more info.

more...  0 Comments


Eviction Defense | Just as we feared, most of those evicted on the 13th did not have alternative housing. Some were arrested for trespassing as they sought shelter in abandoned buildings, and many dispersed throughout the country, refugees once again. This cannot be allowed to happen again. March 1st will be the final battle for thousands of NOLA families facing homelessness. more...  0 Comments

See The Cartoons For Yourself!

Makhno | This is the best picture that I was able to find. more...  6 Comments

Take a stand against Islamists and Racists

Worker Freedom | The recent controversy over some caricatures of Mohammed gave the Islamists an opportunity to wage a hysterical protest internationally. In many cases, this took a violent form and was clearly aimed at silencing those who dared to even portray Mohammed.
more...  2 Comments

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