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Death Race 2005

BikeBlog | "Violence, Violence, Violence...that's what America wants," says the character Junior Bruce in the Roger Corman cult classic Death Race 2000. Well, it was a bloody day at the races as messengers and non-messengers gathered to compete in Deathrace 2005, an alley cat fun ride based loosely on the movie. The ride was hosted by Jason of 4916 a messenger clothing company. [Read More] more...  1 Comments

New Orleans desperately needs the "Miracle Men of God" like Benny Hin!!!

Fauxlosopher | New Orleans desperately needs the "Miracle Men of God" like Benny Hin!!!
more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Critical Mass is TONIGHT!

bike ninja | Brooklyn Critical Mass is the second friday of every month!
Hook up Tonight Friday, Sept. 9th, with other bikers
@ 7 p.m. (ride leaves around 730ish!)
@ Grand Army Plaza or the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge more...  0 Comments

THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT to Drive Out the Bush Regime! Volunteer Now.

Wat Stearns, WCW T-shirt Coordinator | The World Can't Wait ( believes there are at least 100 million people in the U.S. who are disgusted and angry enough about the Bush regime to take some action to get rid of them and their toxic politics. Help us provide the channel for 100 million voices, wallets and feet to accomplish this goal of driving out the Bush regime. We're not waiting for the Democracts, Congress, Election '06 or anything else. We are a resistance organization, not a protest organization, and we will achieve our aim through work stoppages and other tactics. more...  6 Comments

Bike Light on Critical Mass :: Pittsburgh

C.I.C.L.E. | Bicycling Magazine once rated Pittsburgh as one of the worst cities for biking in the US, but the local bike community is working hard to change Pittsburgh's bad rep, and its efforts have begun to pay off. We spotlight Pittsburgh's increasingly successful Critical Mass ride, and local rider Jessi Berkelhammer gives us the inside scoop on what's behind its recent success. more...  1 Comments

Columbia J-School Student Fights For Media Change in the Aftermath of Katrina Disaster

Dani McClain | In coming years we will occupy leading positions in the field of journalism. To insure that we are worthy of holding such tremendous power, we will interrogate the media’s overwhelmingly negative portrayal of communities of color and low-income communities, both now and throughout the history of this country. We accept the responsibility that this pattern of coverage places on our shoulders and those of our colleagues, professors, mentors and employers. more...  2 Comments

Minutemen Come to Long Island

vicky! |
The Minutemen, a group known for patrolling the US-MEXICO border with GUNS and stealign water from the Arizona desert are coming to Babylon Long Island in hopes of recruiting more membersin thier anti-immigration effort.
more...  19 Comments

A People's History Of Hip-Hop (Indypendent)

Kazembe Balagun | Jeff Chang has the good sense to understand that political movements move forward by looking backwards. Perhaps that’s why Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop feels like an intervention as much as a history of rap music. more...  0 Comments

A free day of workshops for new Indymedia Video volunteers.

NYC Indymedia Video | Learn the skills that you need to know for shooting and editing your own videos. The training will include an intro to videography and Final Cut Pro 5 The workshops are free for individuals who are willing to work a few volunteer hours for the NYC Indymedia Video Team. more...  2 Comments

"Destroyed By A Risin' Flood" song lyrics

folkprocess | The following folk song about the New Orleans Disaster, "Destroyed By A Risin' Flood," can be sung to the tune of the traditional folk song, "House of the Risin' Sun." more...  0 Comments

Interview with Douglas Rushkoff, writer, columnist and lecturer on technology, media and popular culture

small WORLD podcast | We discuss his latest book, "Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out", as well as "Open Source Democracy: A Demos Essay", "Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism" and "Coercion: Why We Listen to What 'They' Say". more...  1 Comments

Lydia Adams Davis In a Free Concert at the Quaker Fair

Carol Pauli | Singer/songwriter Lydia Adams Davis will present a free concert at the Quaker Fair on Saturday, October 1. Accompanied by her guitar and hand puppets, her songs about peace and Earth appeal to all ages. She will sing at 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. more...  0 Comments

S24th: A call for a Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc

Atilla Kotanyi | September 24th: We Carry A New World In Our Hearts---A call for a Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Against the War and Capitalism more...  2 Comments

Sept 9 - Report Back from World Festival of Youth & Students

Bergen Action Network | BERGEN ACTION NETWORK



7:00 PM

ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY more...  0 Comments

Direct Action In New Orleans

@ | An 18 year old took direct action, comandeering a school bus and packing it with 100 strangers. He drove them straight to Houston in the stolen bus. When asked about the consequences, he replied "I dont care if I get blamed for it ," Gibson said, "as long as I saved my people."

Direct Action Gets the Goods! @ more...  4 Comments

Emergency Demo: Fri. 5 pm Times Square -Money for the victims of the hurricane – Not for war!

Troops Out Now | Join us tomorrow at 5:00 pm at Times Square to demand immediate relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. At the protest, activists will announce plans for a Nationwide Day of Solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. more...  0 Comments

upcoming dorkbot-nyc monthly get together

dorkbot | The nine million and second dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 7th at 7pm at Postmasters Gallery (459 West 19th Street in Chelsea). more...  0 Comments

Propaganda 101 to host anniversary bash - 9/3

Propaganda 101 | Propaganda 101, a Brooklyn-Philly 'zine, is hosting its one year anniversary party on Saturday 9/3 at Laila Lounge in Williamsburg. more...  0 Comments

Jeremy Parker's "Kill Whitie" Parties in Williamsburg

Hip Hop Music | I don't even know where to begin on this one. Somebody call Tim Wise on the bat-phone. I've been saying for years that irony is now the last refuge of a coward. A singularly dishonest and deluded sort of coward who imagines his behavior a mark of courage, as he fearlessly refuses to take anything seriously. But the true... [Read More] more...  4 Comments

Book Review of Counterpunch's "The Politics of Anti-Semitism"

Joshua Sperber | Beyond perpetuating the anti-Semitism it claims no longer exists, Counterpunch's anthology exploits and reinforces deeply nationalistic and conspiratorial tendencies. In so doing, it forfeits the opportunity to make headway into comprehending today's crises, instead providing false answers more characteristic of fascist movements. more...  3 Comments

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