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Anti-Demonization Rally - pictures from March 19

Suzaka | The Islamic Leadership Council, the umbrella Muslim organization of New York, Muslim communities from
New Jersey, New York and Connecticut held another anti-demonization rally in front of the Danish Consulate
in New York.
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Automatic for the People

Nicholas Powers | The individual versus the crowd is the great American myth. It is a fantasy of that connects to our identity as consumers. Most of us remember the classic Cold War image of Soviet workers standing in long lines for soap. Life without capitalism, we’re shown, is waiting in a hungry crowd. The only cure for state incompetence is the marketplace, an economic theory that David Harvey writes about in A Brief History of Neo-liberalism. It’s “the assumption that individual freedoms are guaranteed by the freedom of the marketplace.” more...  2 Comments

Minima moralia

Teoria Critica | Reporting from Italy more...  0 Comments

Made In Palestine (The Indypendent)

Lucine Kasbarian | A dazzling exhibition documenting the struggles of the Palestinian people. more...  1 Comments

Coal Miners' Daughters Sing Songs Of Solidarity (The Indypendent)

Steven Wishnia | Review of a new album of Appalachian songs recorded during the 1970's and a look at labor unions then and now. more...  2 Comments

Terrorism Is Cool (The Indypendent)

Charlie Bass | Don’t let all the talk of controversy mislead you: This is less the story of a terrorist-hero blowing up buildings
(though that’s here too) than of his mentoring a hot girl in need of political reawakening. more...  0 Comments

Abortion's Saving Graces (The Indypendent)

Ann Schneider | “There are more laws permitting pharmacists to refuse to fulfill a birth control prescription than there are members
of Pharmacists for Life.” more...  0 Comments

Sweatshop Beads For Sweaty Boobs (The Indypendent)

Bennett Baumer | "Mardi Gras: Made In China" examines the trail of global commerce and exploitation from the sweatshops of China’s Fujian province (where the beads are made) to the orgiastic streets of New Orleans.
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Celebrate Wal-Martlessness with us Sunday 3pm

Michael O | From Wal-Mart No Way to the neighborhood believers, from living wage shouters to Rego Park Queens labor heroes – the anti-Wal-Mart community will be honored by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on Sunday March 26th at 3 PM, St. Mark's in the Bowery, 10th and 2nd Avenue. Those of you who have done the right thing – PREPARE FOR YOUR SAINTHOOD! more...  0 Comments

3/29 Women's Variety Show: Celebrate Women's History Month

Women's Anti-Imperialist League | Celebrate women's history month, women's work, women leaders. Share (and test) your knowledge of women's history. Meet and network with women working for women's rights. Food and drinks provided. more...  0 Comments

[WAR] In solidarity with SPEAK: Stop the Oxford Animal Lab

Win Animal Rights | Dates: Friday, March 31 & Saturday, April 1, 2006
Place: Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Ave. (49thSt.)
Times: Friday, 5:30 PM & Saturday, 12:00 PM more...  0 Comments

Artists Protest the Saint Patrick's Day parade.

Jim Glaser | Claiming that they had been barred from last years parade, the Kostume Kult arts group proclaimed costumers to be "a repressed minority" and vowed to join their gay brethren in protest of the exclusivist Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. With ornate costumes, farcical signs and over-the-top attitude, these activists made their point with style. more...  0 Comments

Brown Skin / Yellow Star: Turning the Corner Toward Fascism in the US

Juan Santos | The US Senate debates legislation that would make migrants an openly felonized, legally scapegoated racial and cultural under-caste, with deeply dangerous implications for us all. more...  2 Comments

Jim White, corporate bloopers

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Jim White about corporate bloopers. more...  0 Comments

Do Hot Coffee and 'Wobblies' Go Together?

Worker Freedom | Unions haven't had much luck organizing Starbucks Corp.'s baristas, many of whom are part-timers or college students with little incentive to sign union cards since they're not planning on building long-term careers brewing venti skim lattes. more...  1 Comments


TAMARA POLLAK | The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault presents three films from activist directors around the theme of sexual violence. more...  0 Comments

Going Undercover to Become Donald Trump’s Apprentice

Charlotte Laws | Casting for next season's The Apprentice is underway in New York, Tampa, Denver, Memphis, Sacramento, Chicago, Hartford, Honolulu, San Diego, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Phoenix. I went undercover at the Los Angeles auditions and tell you how the process works. more...  2 Comments

NYC Libraries Censor IndyKids Newspaper

IndyKids | A new project of New York City Indymedia, IndyKids, has been censored by two area library systems. After agreeing to distribute IndyKids to their local branches, both the New York Public Library and the Queens Public Library changed their minds and now refuse to distribute the paper. They say the reason for their decision is that IndyKids is not “balanced.”

Yet a look at the periodicals offered at the Donnell Children’s Library shows a striking bias. For example, “Biography Today-Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers” September 2005 issue calls Pope John Paul II “the charismatic ‘people’s pope’ who helped topple Communism while championing Catholic values and a culture of peace.” more...  7 Comments

an International day Against Video Surveillance

SCP | this weekend, eight events in five different countries -- and we still haven't heard from the Germans, the French and the Greece. more...  11 Comments

Free Event - Follow the Women Slideshow

TIME'S UP! | Slideshow presentation of Follow the Women, a Bicycle Ride for Peace in the Middle East.
49 East Houston Street (btw Mott and Mulberry) more...  0 Comments

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