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Students Shocked By Brooklyn College’s Damage of Artwork

Marni Kotak | NEW YORK (May 14, 2006, 2:30PM) Five days after Brooklyn College conducted the unauthorized removal of MFA students’ work from the Brooklyn War Memorial, students were finally allowed access yesterday to inspect the current condition of their works and found extensive damages and many artworks missing. more...  0 Comments

Joy of Resistance Mothers Day special Sunday at 6 p.m.

Joy of Resistance collective | The Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio, takes an unsentimental and unvarnished look at the "working conditions" of motherhood in the USA today.
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A NYC gardener/Time's Up! | Saturday, May 13th, 2006 TIME'S UP!, an environmental and bicycle education and action group, and More Gardens!, a community garden support group, will hold a ROVING GARDEN PARTY to celebrate and save New York City community gardens which are oases of community sustainability in the midst of urban sprawl and over development. The event will raise awareness of the many gardens in danger of destruction by developers and remember gardens that have been lost and saved. more...  0 Comments

A True Revolutionary

Seaghán Ó Murchú | Ruairí Ó Brádaigh: The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary"

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The Catholic Church Calls for Jihad against The Da Vinci Code

Mahmood Ketabchi | Cardinal Francis Arinze, a leading cleric in the Vatican establishment, urged Christians not to sit aside, but to do something to defend their beliefs against the “lies” and “Blasphemies” disseminated by The Da Vinci Code. He also declared, "This is one of the fundamental human rights: that we should be respected, our religious beliefs respected, and our founder Jesus Christ respected.” But why should anyone respect Cardinal Arinze's religious beliefs or admire Jesus if the person is critical of religion, religious establishments, and religious laws and regulations ? more...  3 Comments

Come Celebrate Poetry at Mayfest!

The Bread is Rising | The Annual Celebration of Mayfest: A Celebration of Working People more...  0 Comments

Battle Cry for Theocracy

Sunsara Taylor | If you’ve been waiting until the Christian fascist movement started filling stadiums with young people and hyping them up to do battle in “God’s army” to get alarmed, wait no longer.
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Indypendent Issue #87

ny imc print | Pinnacle group squeezes tenants across the city / Immigrants get organized in Brooklyn more...  5 Comments

Craftivism in Washington Sq. Park to memorialize Jane Jacobs, May 23rd 5:30pm

Massive Knit and The Anarchist Knitting Mob | May 23rd, beginning at 5:30pm. Meet under the Arch in Washington Sq. Bring your own knitting needles (and some yarn if possible). Some yarn will be provided. Creatively stitch together objects of the park to enhance the sense of community that parks provide to the city. Honor activist Jane Jacobs and her work to protect this park from the construction of an expressway. Please see for more information about Jane Jacobs and the event. more...  5 Comments

Interview with Intrepid Anarchist/Anthropologist David Graeber

Rebecca White | David Graeber, intrepid anthropologist and anarchist, talks about the magical battles and spiritual jujitsu of Madagascar, the trials of being a political dissident, and the emerging "Anarchist Century." more...  0 Comments

Appeal for the liberation of the comrades arrested in Paris on May 1st

Students and precarious of the faculties..... | Appeal for the liberation of the comrades arrested in Paris on May 1st

Students and precarious of the faculties and schools in revolt more...  0 Comments



A political situationer on the Indigenous People's Struggle
of the Cordillera Region in the Northern Philippines more...  0 Comments

Great movies at BAM about Iraq, Cythnia McKinney, Capital Punishment and Hip-Hop

IMCista | Sundance Institute at BAM presents fourteen independent feature films and eight shorts from some of the most dynamic emerging filmmakers in the U.S. and around the world. Ranging from documentaries on the war in Iraq and pressing social issues to comedies and cutting-edge shorts, these films represent the diversity of subjects and styles that audiences discovered at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Most screenings are followed by Q&A sessions with filmmakers. more...  0 Comments

Sharon Smith on Subterranean Fire: Working Class Struggle from Haymarket to May Day 2006

Elizabeth | Sharon Smith, author of _Subterranean Fire_, will speak on how the immigrant rights movement today is part of a long line of working-class struggles in the U.S. -- and what the movement of today can learn from this hidden history of struggle. more...  2 Comments

Police Brutality in Prospect / Crown Heights

Bad Bacon Buster | These are five photographs from an incident in the south gate of the Shuttle Train station at Prospect Place between Classon and Franklin Aves, taken this evening. They were beating up a minor, while a fireman tried to calm a very scared kid and make the cop be less hard. more...  5 Comments

Creationism is "Superstitious Paganism"

IAN JOHNSTON | BELIEVING that God created the universe in six days is a form of superstitious paganism, the Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno claimed yesterday.

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Brooklyn College / CUNY MFA Thesis Shut Down By City

Marni Kotak | NEW YORK (May 4, 2006) The Brooklyn College MFA thesis exhibition, Plan B, held at the Brooklyn War Memorial, was suddenly shut down Thursday afternoon by the Brooklyn Borough Parks Commissioner because of complaints of sexual content. [Lates Updates at Plan C(ensored)] more...  0 Comments

CUNY coalition for Immigrant Rights! Meeting Saturday, May 6

E. | Come to this meeting for CUNY students from all the colleges and community colleges to figure out a next step to make CUNY a safe zone, demand equal tuition and full financial aid for all students regardless of status, and defend immigrant rights on our campuses. more...  0 Comments

Build the Left, Fight the Right: SOCIALISM 2006 -- June 22-25, New York City

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field | Socialism 2006 provides a place where activists from today’s fights against the Right can come together to discuss how we can rebuild the Left and win a world where ordinary people will decide the priorities of our society. Join us in New York for a weekend of nearly 100 meetings, plus a book fair, activists’ tables, parties, and entertainment! more...  3 Comments

Immigration Rights and Reform Action Panel

PFAW - NE Regional Office | A chance to come learn why protecting immigrant rights are good for all Americans, and what you can do to help! more...  0 Comments

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