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Irish Free State: an entity without a backbone or a soul

NIFC | The 26-County Irish Free State: an entity without a backbone or a soul of its own.
No to the 26 county neo-colonial state. No to the 6 county colonial state.
Support the 32 county Irish Republic. Work towards a new Ireland.
Support the EIRE NUA proposals!
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Expediency: the Death of Ideology

budgie | While the forces of the traditional ‘left’ argue and analyse themselves into irrelevance (out of existence) the expedient right rumbles forward like a juggernaut. The left has been overwhelmed by simple expediency, the ‘whatever it takes’ (just get the job done) mentality is winning the day. Political correctness has all but destroyed the left whereas the right streaks ahead unburdened by any ethical issues. Ideology has been completely abandoned in favour of strategy. Any semblance to ideology is merely coincidental or a ruse/distraction. more...  1 Comments

JC, NJ, Food Not Bombs Benefit, Friday

Tommy SP-NYC | The show is a suggested donation of $5 but nobody will be turned away!
The Barracks are only 1 block from the Journal Square PATH train making it
accessible from just about any point in Jerzey or NYC
There shalt be beer, but a juke house party is what u make of it. Bring
food, drinks, propaganda, love etc. more...  0 Comments

Symbiosis: Religion and the State

Kingfisher | China recently hosted the international Buddhist forum, a communist government openly courting religion! The Church of England, not to be outdone by a bunch of commos, publicly denounced Capitalism and attributed the huge disparity in social circumstances to that ideology of inequity and avarice. No one can claim that the Church of England doesn’t get a point, even if it takes a few hundred years! [Regardless of the vocal gesture or feign, action never follows the odd theological comment against the State]. more...  0 Comments

Art Review: Mali, Mall, Mauled

Paul Werner | The so-called Walt Disney-Tishman African Art Collection makes its debut at the National Museum of African Art more...  0 Comments

Press release 2 - 2006 Edition

Maria Novella Gai | received the honor of the patronage of the government office of the District of Milan. New section in the contest. Closed partnership with Ultra Promotion and Ultra Tempo Records. The videos of the winning artist of – Cantiere of virtual art 2005 Edition featured at the Open Cinema Festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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Dancer and Activist Katherine Dunham Dies at Age 96

ap | "We weren't pushing `Black is Beautiful,' we just showed it," she later wrote.
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Putting the Brakes on Street Harassment: Special Workshop @ Time's Up! Bike Space

ryan the girl | Monday May 22nd
8pm @ the Time's Up! Bike Space
49 E. Houston between Mott & Mulberry

also check out : Ladies Bicycle Repair Night in the basement every monday night @ 630pm more...  0 Comments

Plagiarism is just the tip of the iceberg

Suhayl Saadi | Books are part of the information complex. Therefore, whoever controls books controls the flow of information and ideas. This means that the transnational bookselling industries are critically important to the concepts that frame and define our civilisation. We need to turn the spotlilight onto the people who determine what we are allowed to read.

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Freedom Fights on Empire St: Cross-Polinating Movements for All Poltical Prisoners

Green Scare Providence | A green scare and political prisoner event in PROVIDENCE, RI! Saturday May 27th at AS220(115 empire st, Providence)

Featuring members of Boston Jericho Movement and Syracuse Jericho Movement, Presente, Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan, Taína Asili (, and more

With amazing radicals from around the region (Boston, Ithaca NY, Syracuse NY, NYC, Philadelphia, and possibly Portland ME) a goal of this event is to help cross-polinate our movements by putting us in contact with each other, resisting the green scare by building strong communities and forging links. See you there!! more...  0 Comments

The Legal Implications of the Hydro-Political Palestinian Israeli Crisis

Mohammed T. Obidallah , |
This paper focuses on the legal implications of the water dispute between Palestine and Israel, in such a case Palestinian are prohibited from essential human right.
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Concert against Iraq war, tomorrow (Sat) at 6 pm

Sukato | Tribeca Performing Arts Center presents "Axis of Beauty."

Poet/musician Kala Pierson and singer/instrumentalist Sukato join in a multimedia collaboration in response to the Iraq war. This work will feature recorded voices of Iraqis recounting their daily lives through the U.S. invasion and occupation. The "axis of beauty" is an alternative worldview to the bellicose ideology of the "axis of evil" of current U.S. foreign policy. In place of the reductive "clash of civilizations" are aural snapshots of Iraqis coping with unimaginable bombardment, while clinging to their cultural heritage for solace and affirmation in a world turned upside-down.

The Time: Saturday, May 20, 6 pm
The Place:  Tribeca Performing Arts Center/BMCC (Theatre 2)
199 Chambers Street, New York, NY
Directions: Take trains 1, 2, or 3 to the Chambers Street stop

For more information visit: more...  0 Comments

John McCain - Unwanted Guest

Nicholas Allanach | Commencement ceremonies tend to be boring and only worth their tedium when finally over. Fortunately, for The New School’s class of 2006, this year’s commencement is one charged with controversy and ripe with protest potential –how exciting. Admittedly, inviting conservative Senator John McCain to be keynote speaker and recipient of an honorary degree from this “liberal institution” has had much in provoking the peaked interest.

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Summer of Not-So-Non-Violent Resistance

Bring the War Home 2006 Collective | July 2006 is the month to Bring the War Home to cities across the nation with Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to shut down all metropolitan areas. Then organizers from around the world will converge on DC August 10th through the 14th to confront the true war machine. more...  3 Comments

Critical Mass Defense Fundraiser- REVELOCITY!!!

wildman | proceeds go to defend those arrested at Critical Mass Bike rides. Buy Discounted tix online at more...  0 Comments


Will, OnNYTurf | A pilgrimage to honor Malcolm X will make its way from Harlem to his grave at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, where he and his wife are buried. A caravan expected to include eight to nine buses and 40 to 50 cars will leave from 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard at 10 a.m. and arrive at the cemetery an hour or more later. Anyone can join, and the pilgrimage draws hundreds to thousands of people. [Read More at OnNYTurf || AllCityNYC: Happy Birthday Malcom more...  0 Comments

2nd Annual NYC Youth Activist Conference

YELL! | The Young Eclectic Liberation Leaders (YELL!) is a diverse group of activists working towards ending apathy amongst the youth. We want to motivate and empower other young people to get involved in issues that they care about.
YELL! is hosting our Second Annual NYC Youth Activist Conference. It will be a space for youth to participate in workshops, get psyched, network, organize and mobilize! Everyone is welcome to attend!

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Starbucks Targeted in 20 Cities/4 Countries by IWW

Worker Freedom | New York, NY- Industrial Workers of the World members and supporters entered Starbucks cafes today in cities across the United States, Canada, and the British Isles to inform workers about their right to form a union. The union members highlighted gains in wages, security of hours, and respect on the job won by baristas who have already joined the IWW. more...  1 Comments

Immigrants Rising in Brooklyn

Erin Thompson | “[We want] better pay, benefits, holidays, and [above] everything, dignity and respect for the immigrants,” said Antonio Rodriguez, who was fired for defending Eliezer Maca at Amersino. “We are here to work – and we need more respect.” || The American Nightmare || Nickle-and-dimed on Knickerbocker Ave. more...  17 Comments


M. Oman-Reagan | As the confirmation hearings of General Hayden begin in Washington, grassroots activists are finding new ways to participate in the democratic process. has created a Web Site from which visitors can lobby the members of the Senate Committee charged with investigating Hayden's involvement in the illegal domestic spying programs that have recently come to light. more...  0 Comments

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