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Asymmetric warfare

GeneralSpectacle | So, did anyone catch this comment

"They have no regard for human life, neither ours nor their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation but an act of asymmetric warfare against us" - Navy Rear-Admiral Harry Harris, base commander
found at this article about the recent suicides at Guatanomo Bay more...  0 Comments

Revenge Of The Nerd (The Indypendent)

Charlie Bass | With a new horror film released almost every week, who would have thought that the year’s most terrifying sequence thus far would come from a PowerPoint presentation given by Al Gore? more...  0 Comments

War Happens (The Indypendent)

Donald Paneth | I’m on my way to the theater. Is any place safer than the New York City subways? Transit police are on duty. Crime is down.
An idyllic setting in contrast to the world stage. In Stuff Happens, David Hare scrutinizes historical and contemporary events and the perception of them by participants, playwright, and public. Hare begins with U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s shrug as he considers chaotic, murderous occurrences in Iraq – “Stuff happens!”
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Welcome To The Madhouse (The Indypendent)

Carol Lipton | Armed Madhouse, the latest book by BBC journalist Greg Palast, is both audacious and ambitious. The topics covered range from the theft of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections and the ensuing “war on terror,” to the privatization of government spying and the Dan Rather false documents debacle. more...  1 Comments

Planet of the Liberals

Hoipolloi Cassidy | The fantasy that the technology of the Web is inherently "revolutionary" is punctured at DailyKos, the mass-appeal right-of center Democrat chat-list. Unless by "revolutionary" you mean an inevitable collapse into infighting and paranoia. more...  5 Comments

Drive Free - Veggie Fuel for your car

Tonya Kay | how you can turn Free vegetable oil into diesel fuel for cars
more...  1 Comments

Major Victory in The People vs. Corporate Rule

POCLAD | Friends:

Something to truly celebrate! Not one of those "sort-of" victories, but a solid measure, presented to the public in a campaign, and solidly approved.

Congratulations to all involved in the campaign in Humboldt County.

Details are below.

1) Vote totals
2) Text of the measure
3) Article explaining the victory

Go and do likewise!

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NBC's Scary Partner: Perverted Justice

Gary N | A closer look at the group "Perverted Justice" more...  0 Comments

Defective by Design

Gregory Heller | Hundreds of Technologists in HazMat suits will descend upon Apple
Stores throughout the USA, in flash mob actions warning consumers about
Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) found in Apple's iPod and iTunes.
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Making Waves 'pirate' radio documentary

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Making Waves 'pirate' radio documentary director Michael Lahey. more...  0 Comments

Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

Hoipolloi Cassidy | The high peak drama in Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" comes when Professor Gore explains how a frog dumped in hot water will jump right out, but if you gradually heat the water - at which point a collective gasp goes through the many sub-teen girls in the audience - and then Uncle Al seems to smile out at the kids and tells them, but we don't want the frog to be hurt do we, and the movie cuts to a giant cartoon hand pulling the cartoon frog from the jar and placing it on a lawn chair. Somehow that half-wit frog on his lawn chair, too dumb to thank us, reminds me of George Bush. more...  0 Comments

Y los ganadores son… WEDEKIND!!!

Sane Society | El jurado del “I certamen Día Internacional de Internet – Sane Society” ha determinado que el premio a la mejor página web personal de arte, música o literatura sea concedido al grupo musical Wedekind por su página more...  0 Comments

IS THERE A CULTURE OF CORRUPTION TODAY? FREE Wednesday, June 21, Society for Ethical Culture and NY Salon Present

Alan Miller | From Abramoff to DeLay, Washington is riddled with corrupt practices. Meanwhile, Enron and Adelphia cast shadows over Corporate America. This has led some to wonder if our political and business institutions face a deep-rooted problem of illegal and unethical behavior. On June 21st, 2006, the NY Salon and the New York Society for Ethical Culture will present “Is There a ‘Culture of Corruption’ in Politics and Business?” a discussion with four leading writers: Robert Pollock (WSJ), David Callahan (Cheating Culture), Matthew Continetti (Weekly Standard), Daniel Ben-Ami (Cowardly Capitalism) more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Gun Violence in America

Larmee |

600,000 Americans are victimized in handgun crimes each year. In 2002, there were 30,242 gun deaths in the U.S

more...  10 Comments

Event: VOICES OF A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE US | Voices is the long-awaited primary-source companion to Howard Zinn's bestselling
A People's History of the United States. It features the words of rebels, dissenters
and visionaries from our past (and present). Join us for an extraordinary event when
these voices of struggle come alive. For more details see more...  1 Comments

What Is At Stake: A Series of Speakers on the Bush Agenda, June 5-9, NYC

World Can't Wait | In early June, the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime will be holding a series of events delving deeply into different aspects of the Bush Regime's crimes and the reasons that they must be driven out. more...  0 Comments



Columbus yippie steve conliff, notorious for having pied Governor James Rhodes(butcher of Kent state) passed away on June 1, 2006 due to a long bout with lung, bone and brain cancer.....Please click the link below to check out the eulogy....... more...  0 Comments

Anarchist Soccer

doublethink | - This Sunday! more...  3 Comments

The Night of Bards: Thursday, June 15th

Daithí | ...ón Choiste chun Teach Phobail N. Bhríd a Shabháil: more...  0 Comments

NYC Critical Mess 5-26-06

roger m | The riders continue to keep the NYC critical mass alive, the authorties continue to try and harrass it to death. Many cyclists were grabbed and given bogus tickets. more...  0 Comments

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