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The G-String: Body as Battleground (Indy)

Amy Wolf | Naked protesting has flourished around the world in response to the Iraq War. In 2003, naked bodies spelled out simple and powerful anti-war messages throughout Europe, Australia and the United States. A March 5, 2004, CNN headline read “Naked anti-war demonstrations sweep world.” Nudity as protest harnesses a corporate media that otherwise abstracts and sanitizes war. more...  0 Comments

Against the Not-So-Freedom Center

OnNYturf | If you are a person who is interested in freedom and freedom of expression you should oppose the placement of the Freedom Center at the World Trade Center site. The development of anything in lower Manhattan that can fairly represent freedom has fully been quashed by the political process. Those who fight for free speach and the free exploration of ideas now should be concerned about is creating an institution which will function practically as a propogandist tool for blind patriots and conservative zelots. [Read More] more...  1 Comments

Interview with Bush's Speechalist

Harlan Mcraney | Clips from Bush speeches juxtaposed with interviews of Mcraney and Arriana Huffington. more...  2 Comments

Jen Shao's Ghost Bike Memorial Removed

Visual Resistance | A few of us went on Time’s Up’s memorial ride in memory of Ms. Shao tonight. We rode in silence from Houston St. down to Water & Governeur, where we had installed a white bike and a memorial plaque (pictured at right) Sunday afternoon. The installation was gone — the chain had been cut from the pole and the bike removed. The bolts that held the plaque were still there, but the wood plaque itself was gone, probably removed with a saw or a sledgehammer; either way, a shamefully violent thing to do to a memorial. [Read More] more...  1 Comments

The Reality of War: Occupation Dreamland (Indy)

John Tarleton | When the antiwar movement that converges on Washington, D.C., on Sept. 24, it will, thanks to Cindy Sheehan, have wind in its sails. The case will be made (again) that the best way to support the troops in Iraq is to bring them home now. But who are the troops? What are they doing exactly, and how do they feel about it? more...  0 Comments

Schiavo's Revenge: New Movie Echos Far-Right Talking Points (Indy)

Susanna Thomas | JUST LIKE HEAVEN
Directed by
Mark Waters
more...  1 Comments

You say you want a revolution: Tariq Ali's Autobiography (Indy)

Bennett Baumer | Street Fighting Years:
An Autobiography
of the Sixties
By Tariq Ali
Verso Books, 2005 more...  2 Comments

Praise the Lord! Christian Right Finds Opportunity in Tragedy (Indy)

Daniel Tasripin | From claiming the hurricane was God's judgement to soaking up contributions, the Christian right is on a tear. more...  0 Comments

Memorial Ride tonight for Jen Shao, bicyclist killed in a hit n run accident last Friday

bike ninja | Memorial Ride for Jen Shao
Thursday Sept 22nd. Meet @ Time's Up! Space (49 E Houston St btwn Mott & Mulberry)
Meet @ 7pm. Ride leaves @ 730pm.
Bring white flowers & candles. more...  0 Comments

The movement (A Poem)

Michael Swecker | poem written on 9/21, email response to more...  0 Comments

Ghost Bike for Jen Shao

Visual Resistance | On Sunday, September 18, members of Visual Resistance created and installed a ghost bike memorial for Jen Shao, a 65-year old grandmother killed by a hit-and-run driver in the financial district last Friday morning. Ms. Shao was struck by a charter bus while attempting to turn from Governeur Lane onto Water St., a busy two-way street with no bike lane. The driver never stopped; police are classifying this as a hit-and-run, a potential felony. [Read More] more...  1 Comments

Welfanos Sing: "Ooo Ahh, Chavez no se va!"

Welfano News | President Hugo Chavez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was
welcomed to the Bronx yesterday by the cheers of "Ooo ahh, Chavez no se
va, Ooo ahh, Chavez no se va."

Pres. Chavez was in NYC for the Security Council meeting at the United
Nations where he blasted the council's initial document as well as the
council's undemocratic nature, citing the outdated veto ability of five
nation members of the Security Council. more...  1 Comments

Anti-War Folk Musicians to stage pre-mobilization benefit concerts Friday September 23rd in DC

MP | On Friday September 23rd there are two seperate benefit concerts being planned in the DC Metro area. So, if you get to town early, you can enjoy a night of powerful anti-war music prior to the big rally and Operation Ceasfire Concert on Saturday! Come out to hear great tunes from Yikes McGee, Sue Jeffers, Magpie and many other awesome artists.

more...  0 Comments

Dangerous 'Bumps' Removed on Williamsburg Bridge

BikeBlog | We started our journey across the Williamsburg Bridge and sure enough, on the Manhattan side, the down ramp, there was construction going on to fix the bumps. The construction workers were joking with us as we passed by saying, "much better, huh?" They hammered away and waited as cyclists and skaters passed over the bumps. Victory! All we needed was a few accident injuries and a tough fight by transportation alternatives to reduce the size of these ridiculous traffic obstructions. [Read More]

Past IMC Coverage (4/27/2005): "In the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 26, 2005, members of the Bicycle-riders Freedom Front (BFF) dismantled a section of the recently installed anti-bike barriers on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge ... If moderates continue to fail to win changes, we will take direct action. We want the dangerous bumps on the Williamsburg Bridge bike path removed by the city or we will remove them ourselves. We demand that lights be installed on the Willis Avenue Bridge and that a stop light and crosswalk be constructed on the Bronx side of the bridge, where pedestrians and cyclists are presently forced to cross multiple lanes of fast traffic."

more...  2 Comments

Greetings from the Ground Below Zero

Andrea | "Let me tell you - because I've heard from friends in the 'outside world' that the impression you get from TV is that Canal Street is still under water and dead bodies floating everywhere. Canal Street? It is high and dry - it is media row."

"We also have a couple of fantastic documentary film makers from New York city who were down here last week documenting our efforts and others who have just committed to spending a year with us, documenting the rebuilding process and helping get to the bottom of what has happened. " more...  0 Comments

Welding Workshop & Skillshare this Saturday @ the Time's Up! Space

bike ninja | Welding Workshop & Skillshare
Another Free Educatinal Workshop brought to you by the Volunteers of Time's Up!
Every Third Saturday this Fall.
All skill levels welcome.
Always free, always fun. more...  0 Comments

August Wilson: A tribute before dying

Dee Myles | I was stung with a piercing sorrow to read recently that August Wilson is dying at the age of 60 of liver cancer. August Wilson is an African American playwright who is highly acclaimed. Some people may not deserve their acclaim, but in my opinion August Wilson deserves all the attention he has ever gotten and more. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent Special Edition: Hurricane Katrina (PDF)

The Indypendent | Story budget to come, but in the meantime -- download the entire issue. more...  2 Comments

Interview with Bill Siegel, co-director of The Weather Underground documentary

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Bill Siegel, co-director and co-producer of The Weather Underground, the Oscar-nominated 2002 feature-length documentary that explores the rise and fall of this radical movement as former members speak candidly about the idealistic passion that drove them to "bring the war home" and the trajectory that placed them on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list. more...  0 Comments


Clinton Fein / | Four years since 9/11 America has evolved little since Mychael Judge, the gay chaplain was pulled from the ashes of the World Trade center after administering last rites to a fallen fireman, or Mark Bingham helped wrest control of Flight 93 from terrorist hijackers, potentially thwarting an even more devastating catastrophe. more...  1 Comments

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