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Associated Press: Starbucks fires union organizer

Worker Freedom | SEATTLE -- Starbucks Corp. has fired the co-founder of a union claiming to represent employees at six of its Manhattan coffee houses.
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me | August 12 National March to Stop the U.S.-Israeli War

Defend the People of Palestine and Lebanon!
From Iraq to Lebanon to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!
Money for Jobs and Occupation, Not for War and Occupation!
Support the Palestinian People's Right to Return!
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Third World Solidarity Group | Support an immediate stop to the US-UK-Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Israeli troops, stop to all US-led bogus, gunboat diplomacy, adequate and fair representation of Lebanese, Palestinian and other Arab governments in the settlement of the conflict, support for the sovereignty and independence of the Palestinian and Lebanese governments!!! In the long term, end US-UK-Israeli exploitation, control and interference in the Middle East!!! more...  0 Comments

This woman really wanted people to stare at her chest

Mickey Z. | A woman walks into the, this is not the opening line to a joke. The woman enters the gym wearing a very tight blue t-shirt bearing the images of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush across her chest. Under the two war criminals are the words: "Dumb and Dumber." more...  2 Comments

"an axis of solidarity between Dublin, Glasgow and New York!"

Radio Free Eireann | Damian Moran of the pit-stop ploughshares was guest on Radio Free Eireann in New York today. Damian talked in detail about the case and the anti-war movement in Ireland. The Pit Stop Ploughshares Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Ciaron O'Reilly & Damien Moran then spent 4 to 11 weeks in Limerick Prison. They went to trial in Dublin circuit criminal court in March and October 2005 on two counts of Criminal Damage, €100 and $U.S. 2.5 million. Penalties, if convicted, would have carried a maximum of ten years imprisonment.

The March '05 trial collapsed on the 6th day when Judge O'Donnell agreed with Defence counsel arguments that his adjudication was tainted with a 'perception of bias' which was undermining the defendant's right to a presumption of innocence. The judge agreed, called a mistrial, dismissed the jury, and instructed the media not to report on the reasons for the mistrial.

The October '05 re-trial collapsed on the 10th day, after Judge Donagh MacDonagh agreed with Defence counsel that his attendance at the Bush inauguration in 2001 (amongst other meetings with Bush) was grounds for his removal from the case, in that his role was tainted with a 'perception of bias'.

The 3rd trial of the Pitstop Ploughshares trial started on July 10th 2006 and resulted in an unanimous 'Not Guilty' verdict on both charges after 12 days of testimony and legal argument. Judge Miriam Anderson had agreed on Day 9 of proceedings with Defence Counsel after extensive submissions and legal argument on the applicability of the statutory 'lawful excuse' defence.

After 4 1/2 hours of deliberation the Dublin jury of seven women and five men returned and gave their decision that all the accused should be acquitted as they honestly believed they were acting to save lives and property in Iraq and Ireland, and that their disarmament action was reasonable taking into consideration all the circumstances.
Damian was joined on Radio Free Eireann by Angela McCormack of the Stop the War Coalition (Glasgow, Scotland). more...  0 Comments

Sacco and Vanzetti Memorial Parade!

BAAM Boston | The First Annual, Sacco and Vanzetti Memorial Parade! Sunday, August 27th, 2006, 1pm. Stand up against the oppression of immigrants and anarchists.
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Assemble for Rights NYC - Protect the First Amendment

Glenn | Did you know that the New York City Police Department plans to put new severe restrictions on sidewalk and street use? Possibly as soon as August 24th?

Under the guise of protecting the public safety, the New York City Police Department plans to expand its control over protest activity by labeling many common street and side walk uses as a "parade". If put into effect, these new rules will greatly suppress the right to assembly and expose peaceful protestors as well as regular people to arrest for things as simple as crossing the street against the light. This matter is urgent. We implore all NYers to attend an important public hearing on August 23rd and contact their elected officials right away and tell them to stop the police from creating these rules. Details about the August 23rd event and how to contact your elected officials are in the side menu on the right.

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cracker diplomacy

t. rhamis kent | i'm not much of a poet, but the latest world events kinda pushed me over the edge, so to speak. so i wrote a piece after thinking about things for a minute and was inspired after i heard the term "cowboy diplomacy" coined by the American press. after i turned this over in my head, the term "cracker diplomacy" seemed to be more appropriate... more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn to Host First-Ever Festival for Gender Equality!

Girls for Gender Equity | In a world where boys are still made fun of for wanting to jump double-dutch and girls are still kicked off the basketball courts because they might “break a nail” while playing, Girls for Gender Equity is proud to organize the first New York City Festival for Gender Equality on August 27th 11am – 4pm. Open to all New Yorkers, it will be held at Von King Park in Brooklyn, NY and feature entertainment by musicians, spoken word artists, and theater performers; workshops and other fun activities for children and adults; free food and giveaways; and appearances from local politicians. Over 50 community organizations will participate including Brooklyn Children's Museum, Forest Hills Community House, Global Action Project, Loisaida, New York Police Department, Planned Parenthood, Schomburg Center, Street Harassment Project, and Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. more...  0 Comments

Fighting for the Right to Partybike

Wendy Scher | The "Partybike," in its third year in NYC, seems an appropriate attraction for Times Square -- gimmicky, weird, mindless fun. But the NYPD has made it a campaign to criminalize this business. But in spite of all the repression we've faced, we drivers keep showing up for work... more...  14 Comments

Smiting the Jebuzite

Pretty Boy Freud | An extremist Jewish religious group argues that "compassion" is a strictly Christian (i.e, "non-Jewish") quality and lives out the worst antisemitic cliches. more...  0 Comments

Weekly Critical Mass, this Friday, Aug. 4, 7pm, Union Sq.

CM rider | Some people would like for us to have a weekly Critical Mass, but nobody has been willing to announce it, other than me. Last time we had an extra one, December after the RNC, it was announced here but the cops didn't even show. Last week's CM was so much fun. Let's do it again this Friday! Union Square 7pm.
Venceremos. more...  0 Comments


small WORLD Podcast | Max and Stacy are Karmabanque/Karmabank Radio; where the tired and oppressed can hear some "jolly good rants" and extremely metaphorical financial entertainment about the neo-feudal corporate occupation and the suicide consumers they inspire.
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Irish Political Status Coalition Launch Web Site

Irish Political Status Coalition | Support Irish Republican Prisoners fighting for their right to be treated as Political Prisoners for their Political Actions and the right of 6 Republican Prisoners to be Repatriated from English Jiails as is their right. "Support All Republican Prisoners" more...  0 Comments

Uncle Rich

Paul Werner | Under capitalism, being embarrassed is the name of the game. On Tuesday, August 1 at 11:00, the Director of the Homeless Museum ("HoMu") will proudly embarrass himself by paying the full "suggested" price of admission to the Metropolitan Museum of Art - in pennies. more...  2 Comments

Peace is Earned -- Not Bestowed

cleaves | The people are once again faced with a very real opportunity to act and change the status quo. The USA has abandoned its traditional role of peacekeeper in the Middle East. Two clear prerogatives present themselves in the face of ongoing hostilities, a people’s movement or another nation filling the vacuum left by the U.S. (which has tragically become an involved party in the conflict). How many times must the opportunity for Peace go begging? more...  1 Comments

No One Is Illegal: What Next in the Struggle for Liberty and Justice

Tour of NATIVO LOPEZ | ********PLEASE FORWARD WIDLEY***************

No Human is Illegal:
Nativo Lopez to speak on Next Steps In The Struggle For Justice And Dignity For All

New York City, August 2 & 3 2006:

Nativo Lopez , President of the Mexican American Political Association and Executive Director of the Hermandad Mexicana Latino Americana.
Nativo López is a spokesperson for the Great American Boycott 2006—a national day of action for immigrant rights on May 1, 2006. Nativo was also one of the leading members of the March 25th coalition in Los angeles which called the first of the mega marches there. He Supports unconditional legalization for all undocumented immigrants and opposes militarization of the border. Nativo is a leading organizer of the massive immigrant rights demonstrations in LA, and a crucial voice in the burgeoning immigrant civil rights movement. We are at a critical juncture in an immigrant rights movement that has impelled millions to take the streets. Come hear Nativo and others speak about the future of a movement for justice and dignity for all.
SPONSORS: March 10th Movement, Mexican American Political Association, Hermandad Mexicano Latinoamericano, International Socialist Organization, San Romero Church, Fuerza de la Revolucion, CECOMEX, New Immigrant Community Empowerment, International Mexican Association, Coney Island Avenue Project, Carlito's Cafe/Art for Change...List in formation


August 2nd

Park Slope United Methodist Church
6th Ave. & 8th St. in Brooklyn
Take the F to 7th Ave & 9th St. or the R to 4th Ave. & 9th St.

Jackson Heights
Hosted by New Immigrant Community Empowerment
37-44 77th Street 2nd Floor

August 3rd

East Harlem
5:30 p.m.
Hosted by CECOMEX & Carlito's Cafe
1918 1st Ave. @ 99th Street

Washington Heights
Hosted By San Romero Church Featuring Reverend Luis Barrios
Centro Orlando Martinez Community Center
3868 10 Avenue (at 207th Street), 2nd floor

For more information e-mail  NATIVOTOUR@GMAIL.COM or call 917-806-2484

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Freegan Bike Repair Workshop; Changing Lives One Bike at a Time

Jess Garman | On Wednesday evenings around 6:00pm if you happen to be around 327 West 36th street between 8th and 9th Avenues stop by the “Bike Rescue Warehouse.” In it you will find Christian, an energetic, self-proclaimed Freegan with a passion for bike riding and dumpster diving, along with his friendly and passionate bike maintenance enthusiast friends all willing and ready to help you make a recycled bike. more...  1 Comments


Estudiolivre | COOKING PURE DATA

Converging recipes…
we’re always ready to cook…
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Critical Mass Manhattan - Fri. July 28, 7pm

citizen | Bikers, skaters etc - see you at Union Square North Fri. at 7pm for Manhattan critical mass. There are monthly Critical mass rides in 400 cities around the world. This spontaneous leader-less ride holds many differents meanings for people
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