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Celebrities and politicians gather for animals

LOHV-NYC | Peter Max, Nellie McKay, Grant Aleksander, State Senator Frank Padavan and others gather to celebrate LOHV-NYC's 5th anniversary! more...  0 Comments

TOMMORROW: Book Launch/Discussion of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh Biography

Indiana University Press | Ruairi O'Bradaigh The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary

Listen - Ask - Learn.


US Book Launch of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh Biography

Date: Saturday, 21 October 2006
Venue: O'Lunney's Times Square Pub
145 W 45th St (Between 6th & Broadway)
New York, NY 10036

5 - 7 PM ---- BOOK LAUNCHING ---- Indiana University Press Sponsor an
evening with author Robert White. He will be reading from / discussing
his book: Ruairi O'Bradaigh The Life and Politics of an Irish

(Everyone Welcome!)

Related Link: more...  1 Comments

Hip Hop For Venezuela In The Bronx This Friday!!!!

Rodstarz | Dope Political and Community Based Hip Hop Show In the Bronx This Friday more...  0 Comments

Solidarity Event for APPO Oaxaca in the Bronx, Sunday 10/22/06 5pm

el pinche simon | Workshop Discussion-
"El Enemigo Comun y el Machete: Neoliberalism and mesoamerican Indigenous Principles of Unity and Resistance"
Film screenings and more.
Voluntary donations accepted more...  0 Comments

Radical Feminist Silvia Federici to speak @ Bluestockings 10/28

the kids | Silvia on the 28th of October, and two other great events. more...  0 Comments


Alex Gourevitch | This is a teach-in in anticipation of the upcoming mid-term elections. Why (Not To) Vote? will examine what voting means and what it's worth in an age marked by terror and diminished expectations. How do we think about voting when the options seem so narrow but few alternative forms of political action seem available? Nobody wants to be mistaken for the merely apathetic non-voter, but voting for the 'least worst' option is hardly an inspiring use of our ballot. Can one be against voting in the name of real democracy, or is that a substanceless, radical pose that makes a mockery of hard won political rights? more...  1 Comments

The Bronx is Burning (Under the Microscope)

Modern Pitung | The borough I call home, the Bronx: How my mention of its name used to strike a mysterious sort of terror in the heart of the white man. A recent New York Times article suggests that the sense of terror at the dread phrase "The Bronx" has subsided. Only now I am the one having the sense of terror. more...  7 Comments

"Empowering women is the best antidote to extremism anywhere. Women don't go off to drink away their money at the bar or go to cockfights."

eld.j | This year’s Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to ‘the banker of the poor,’ a man whose visionary idea about empowering poor women by making them economically independent has helped tens of millions of people and created a micro-loan system now copied by over one hundred countries, not all of them poor . Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi professor of economics, speaks with the passion of a prophet and has fervently believed in his idea since the mid 1970s, ignoring skepticism and the angry and often violent reaction of his own chauvinistic Moslem society. I interviewed Muhammad Yunus in 1999 and traveled around Bangladesh to visit the beneficiaries of his idea……
This is the story:
more...  0 Comments

Why Hipsters Aren't All That Hip

Forrest Perry | Over the past decade, I have gone from being politically unconscious to leaning left. During that period of transition, I was cool. Put differently, I was something of a hipster. Not quintessentially so, but I certainly did, and to some extent still do, have some hipster credentials... more...  3 Comments


Time's Up! | Participants in Garden Community Day will plant flowers, build a children’s clubhouse and raise awareness of the garden’s proposed demolition. Time’s Up! teams up with gardeners, children and supporters to save the Children’s Magical Garden de Carmen Rubio, a community garden thriving on the Lower East Side for the past 20 years. S&H Equities is seeking to obtain the garden’s two City-owned lots in order to develop on one of the few remaining green spaces south of East Houston Street. more...  0 Comments

Aborígenes del continente llaman a pasar de la resistencia al poder

Hernán Mena Cifuentes | Desde Alaska hasta la Patagonia, se escucha el clamor de esos millones de seres humanos, exigiendo sus derechos, negadas durante siglos por la sociedad y sus gobiernos que, siguiendo leyes y costumbres impuestas por los mal llamados descubridores, siguen imponiendo el poder heredado de aquellos, despojándolos de las pocas tierras que les quedan, envenenando el hábitat, donde a duras penas sobreviven en medio del hambre, pobreza y enfermedades a los que han sido condenados.
more...  0 Comments

Rose Colored Glasses: A New & Unique Public Education & Deprogramming Video Series.

RCG Webmaster | I had two goals when making this series. To make a permanent historical record of these dark times, AND to make these videos available as cheap and easily mass-produced Super VCD's for apathetic and uninformed people to be able to watch on their Televisions. It is my hope that activists might use them as tools to educate and to inspire the populace. more...  0 Comments

Fascism and the power of Indymedia

Bronterre O'Brien | The international anti-fascist magazine Searchlight last August published an article exposing Irish fascist, Gerry McGeough, and his magazine the Hibernian. On August 24, Indymedia New York, republished the article. Indymedia Ireland also published extracts. The articles have now provoked an irrational rant from McGeough. His attempted rebuttal give further proof of the original articles basis theme-the fascism of McGeough and of his magazine the Hibernian. more...  1 Comments

The Mark Foley scandal: Where is the crime?

Fred Bergen | It is the capitalists and their parties who politicize sex. They claim
to be defending the innocent and vulnerable, but anyone who has seen the
pictures from Abu Ghraib prison knows that this government doesn't give
a damn about sexual torture and molestation. Their real intent is to
persecute anyone who strays outside the completely artificial bounds
prescribed by the patriarchal, heterosexual bourgeois family, and in the
process arrogate to themselves ever greater police powers. more...  3 Comments

Stop the Harassment against the Protesters of the Minutemen at Columbia – WCW

Allen Lang, National Student Organizer – WCW | Below is an open letter written by Allen Lang, National Student and Youth Organizer of World Can't Wait, in support of the recent protest at Columbia U. against the founder of the vigilante immigrant-hunting group the Minutemen. The students who took part in this protest are facing as-yet-undisclosed, but almost certainly severe, disciplinary action. We cannot allow students to face any disciplinary actions, including expulsion, for protesting the Minutemen.

After reading this open letter of support Columbia protesters Howard Zinn said: "I strongly oppose punishing students who have engaged in nonviolent protest."

Sign this Open Letter right away: more...  0 Comments

Minuteman Dir Says Columbia Students are “21st Century Facists”

keeley | What a jackass more...  18 Comments

Halloween Rocks! Celebrate Early at the 3rd Annual Halloween Really Really Free Market!!

R. Lee Free | Because there is enough for everyone.
Because sharing is more fulfilling than owning.
Because corporations would rather the landfills overflow than anyone get anything for free.
Because scarcity is a myth constructed to keep us at the mercy of the economy.
Because a sunny day outside is better than anything money could buy. more...  0 Comments

Shaking Uncontrollably: Vegetables of Mass Destruction and the Looming Bushpocalypse

Liam O'Donoghue | Is anyone really that shocked that the Congress put a pedophile in charge of the Missing and Exploited Children Caucus? Come on. When they wanted to “learn” about global warming they brought in Exxon’s scientists. When they were trying to figure out if smoking was addictive, they asked the Marlboro Men. Sure, I’m happy that the Republican Party is falling apart faster than discount plastic surgery, but I think we’ve got bigger problems to face, like nuclear weapons and spinach. Oh, apparently lettuce has also joined the axis of e.coli. Vegetables of Mass Destruction. Fuck. Is there anything we shouldn’t be scared of? According to this week’s edition of Shaking Uncontrollably, apparently not . . . more...  2 Comments

NIFC solidarity with a community under siege / Video from Rossport

National Irish Freedom Committee | The National Irish Freedom Committee has been helping publicise the struggle in Rossport for quite some time now and we are the only Irish organisation here in America that has been vocal in our support of the community in Mayo, and have used our resources to help keep our members and other concerned people informed about what is going on there. more...  1 Comments

Síntesis biográfica de Ernesto Che Guevara.

desconocido | Nació en Rosario, Argentina, el 14 de junio de 1928. Se graduó de médico en 1953 y por segunda vez viajó por las Américas. En 1954, se encuentra en Guatemala, donde ejercía sus primeras armas revolucionarias, oponiéndose a los planes de la CIA contra el pueblo guatemalteco. Al ser derrocado el gobierno de Jacobo Arbenz, emigró a México donde conoció a Fidel Castro y se enroló en 1956 como médico en la expedición del yate Granma.
more...  0 Comments

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