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Skellig Michael: The Denial of History as State Policy

Hanshiro | On the South Peak of Skellig Michael, an altar, dating probably to the ninth century, has been destroyed by unsupervised workmen. In addition, there has been extensive rebuilding carried out on the main complex, which has led to considerable damage to the original structures. The work has proceeded without an Environmental Impact Assessment; while the Department of the Environment and OPW have argued that, because the Skelligs are a national monument (thus covered by the National Monuments Act 2004) and because the current work is part of an ongoing programme of conservation dating back to the 1980’s, neither an EIA nor planning permission is necessary. more...  0 Comments

The Indypendent

nyc imc print | November 1 - 30, 2006
Death of a Journalist: Remembering Brad Will more...  4 Comments

City Council Hearing on Randall's Island, Nov 3rd 10 Am City Hall

Member | Join East Harlem Preservation, Friends of Brook Park, Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito, Chair Helen Foster and more
at the City Council Parks & Recreation
Committee Hearing on the Proposed Randalls Island Waterpark Ball Fields Franchise
Details: Oversight - The Proposed Agreement Between the Parks Department and
Private Schools for the Destroyed shorelines by the Giulianin era water theme park and the proposed Exclusive Use of the Fields on Randall's Island.
It is reported that the Parks Department, mayor's office and public private Randall's Is;land Sports Foundation are too scared to attend. Be there!!! more...  1 Comments

Stallings----A Confused Man

Elijah Gatewood | Why the past runaway priest from the Catholic Church
and founder of the Imani Temple still cannot be trusted. more...  0 Comments

Camera his weapon vs. injustice, Daily News Column

by Juan Gonzalez | Camera his weapon vs. injustice

When the bullets started to fly, New York photojournalist Bradley Will was clutching a camera, doing what he loved most - filming a group of downtrodden people fighting for respect in some forgotten corner of our world.
This was last Friday, on a narrow street on the outskirts of Oaxaca, Mexico, where Will, 36, a longtime member of New York's radical IndyMedia Center, had gone in early October to document an amazing story.

It is one our own national media somehow managed to ignore for five long months.

more...  0 Comments

[edit] Arrests Reported at Wednesday's Bike Ride for Oaxaca

bikey | Arrests Reported at Wednesday's Bike Ride for Oaxaca more...  2 Comments

The Battle in Seattle (Looking Back Seven Years)

Mickey Z. | "The goal is to globalize equity not poverty, solidarity not anti-sociality, diversity not conformity, democracy not subordination, and ecological balance not suicidal rapaciousness." more...  1 Comments

"The End of Suburbia" on

marc | Happy November!
"The End of Suburbia," a 52-minute documentary that could change us to life and sustainability, is available at
A video on "The Best War Ever" is also on

more...  2 Comments

General Strike Song

marco | Here's a short song to sing to your friends and relatives,
coworkers, bosses, people you don't know yet on the T and
the subway and stuff, etc. enjoy. more...  0 Comments


The Indypendent, | These posters are for sale individually, or in bulk. Buy a bunch and resell them to benefit your anti-war or counter-recruitment organization. email or call 212-221-0521 for cheap bulk prices. more...  0 Comments

Congratulations, Gallaudet! (Freedom from Lynne Cheney)

Daithí | …from CBS News: more...  0 Comments

videos of brad on may 2001 at nyc-imc

viddeohacker | excuse me but the text is in portuguese. the interview is in english. more...  0 Comments

The Headless Horseman Theme for Halloween

Scott Huminski | “The Horseman”
by Scott X and the Magnetic Mystery Band
more...  0 Comments

WHY THE Justice and Unity Campaign is FATAL FOR WBAI: WHAT YOU CAN DO

Alex Steinberg | This essay documents the many ways in which the faction known as Justice and Unity have placed Pacifica's New York radio station, WBAI, in the deepest crisis it has ever faced. Those who are concerned about the future of this potential resource for alternative media should pay close attention. The present election for the WBAI Local Station Board could influence the future course of radical activism for decades. Before you vote, know the facts. more...  5 Comments


Friends of Brad |
Protest the Murder of our friend Brad Will!
No Massacre! No Police!

Mexican Consulate in New York City
27 E. 39th St between Park and Madison
Monday, October 30th 2006 at 9 am
Directions: 6 train to 33rd. 4, 5, or 6 to 42nd St. 7 Train to 5th Ave. B, D, F, or V to 42nd.
Bring Red Markers and wear a white tee shirt that can be drawn on. more...  0 Comments

Top Ten Revolutionary Movies of All Time

Other Brother |

In honor of the recent release of the 25th anniversary edition of Reds on DVD and the recent passing of Italian revolutionary film maker Gillo Pontecorvo, I’ve been searching my archives for some of the top ten revolutionary movies of all time. In choosing this list I decided to focus on features rather than documentaries (Hence the absence of fine films such as Harlan County, USA, The Take and Fuck the Army). Enjoy. more...  8 Comments

Hausman Street vs. Exxon

Block Magazine |

Greenpoint Oil Spill Part III: The Law Suit
The Residents of Hausman Street Speak

Few of the young and hip members of the gentrifying generation have ever been to Hausman Street in northeast Greenpoint, ground zero for the 17-million-gallon underground oil spill that has Exxon battling three lawsuits in federal court and, soon, the state attorney general. The block is as genuinely Brooklyn as they come—working-class row houses, people chatting on their stoops, watching the street life, speaking English or Polish. There are block parties, whether impromptu or organized a month in advance. The people you meet on the street are not shy to tell you that they are as proud of their blue-collar station in life as they are of the homes they have owned for decades, which are now worth over half a million dollars... [Read More]

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Julia de Burgos, Remembered

Marina Ortiz | Hope Community, Inc. will unveils an historic mosaic by artist Manny Vega that will anchor the East Harlem Cultural Corridor of East 106th Street. NYC Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito will also announce the renaming of 106th Street, between Fifth Avenue and First Avenue, as Julia de Burgos Boulevard that same morning. more...  1 Comments

Delegations to Venezuela

Edward Mercado |
The delegations seek to build a strong relationship between grassroots organizations and individuals who seek to take advantage of the example that the Bolivarian revolution is projecting to the world that “A Better World is Possible”.
more...  0 Comments

Annual Infamous TIME'S UP! Halloween Dance Party

TIME'S UP! | FRIDAY OCTOBER 27 2006: Come dance till you drop dead to the spooky sounds of DJ Suggested D, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, video projections by the Glass Bead Collective and more entertainment to come...
Party to follow Halloween Critical Mass. Put on your scariest costumes and let's ride and party! more...  0 Comments

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