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INCITE! Color of Violence event 12/7

South End Press | Join INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence to launch their new book, Color of Violence. Speaking will be Andrea Smith, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Patricia Allard, Sista II Sista, Una Aya Osato, and Andrea Ritchie December 7 at 7pm.
The Puck Building 295 Lafayette (corner of Houston) more...  0 Comments

Islam for dummies

Paul Werner | The library of the prestigious Institute of the Arab World in Paris is threatened by knee-jerk reorganization more...  0 Comments

Why The Pope Is a Dope

A.K. Gupta | While the corporate media continue to deny that the Pope attacked Islam in his speech two months, even a cursory reading shows that he was launching an unambiguous attack on Islam. He may be trying to make nice in Turkey now, but his speech was aimed at showing that Islam was a rejection of Christianity. Additionally, few have noticed that Benedict was arguing for the superiority of Europe as God's chosen domain. more...  7 Comments

Release Party for World War 3 Illustrated #37

WW3 | MOCCA- The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
594 Broadway, Suite 401 (between Houston and Prince)
7PM, more...  0 Comments

'Cultural Karate'

Matt Hunger | City Belt's Matt Hunger tags along with Buy Nothing Day protesters, and grapples with this question: 'How do I reconcile my understanding of the importance of anti-consumerism with my seemingly programmed, if not instinctive, window-shopping?' more...  0 Comments

The Closure of Clamor Magazine

Joshua Breitbart |

If you are a subscriber to Clamor Magazine, you will receive a letter this week announcing that it is going out of business. The letter says, in part:

"We’re writing to you today because we’ve decided to stop publishing Clamor. We set out to create an independent magazine that would bulldoze borders, defy dogma, and inspire instigation. We wanted to create a magazine that extended the vibrancy of the underground zine community to a larger general audience and share the enthusiasm and energy we saw in our fellow do-it-yourselfers. We intended to redefine the progressive magazine. And while we feel like we accomplished those goals at various stages, one goal we never fully realized is that of making Clamor economically sustainable.

"… The obstacle of servicing old debt on an otherwise sustainable project while also negotiating major shifts in the magazine industry have proven too burdensome for us to continue publishing. But effective movement media doesn’t need to last indefinitely to be successful. We’re confident that many people have been inspired to do great things after reading about others doing the same in Clamor. We know this because we’ve been consistently inspired by the stories of struggle and triumph in Clamor. And while we’ll miss that, we’re also confident that there are independent media projects being born at this very moment with even greater promise."

more...  19 Comments

Cyclone saved, but beloved Astroland will close

madhatter | Cyclone saved, but beloved Astroland will close more...  2 Comments

Anti-Bush Concert 12/1 with George and Julius, Yikes! McGee, 12/1 @ Vox Pop

George Mann | A special concert of anti-Bush, anti-GOP music with Yikes! McGee, George Mann and Julius Margolin.

9- 11 PM, donations accepted.

more...  0 Comments

The Industrial Workers Of The World: Its First One Hundred Years 1905-2005 now available!

Worker Freedom | The Industrial Workers Of The World: Its First One Hundred Years 1905-2005 now available! more...  1 Comments

Kramer Is A N Word Lover | On the heals of the tape illustrating the guy who played Kramer on Seinfeld use of the N word against an African American who was heckling during his performance herein lies what we deem is the appropriate use of this heinous "word".

People of European Descent

For people of European descent in America or anywhere else in the world, the N word should never be said. It should never be said publicly or privately. As the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed not all speech is free speech, some speech when used enters into the realm of unprotected speech, such as yelling fire in a crowded theatre the N word is such a word. more...  6 Comments

Monday Morning NYPD Hearing on NYPD Proposed Parade Permit Changes

Time's Up! | Time's Up will lead a Still We Ride! Ride to the hearing. Meet tomorrow at 10am Sharp, Union Square South. more...  0 Comments

NYC Critical Mass - It Keeps Getting Worse!

roger m | With the Nov. 27 hearing on the unconstitutional NYPD proposed anti freedom-of-movement rule looming, the police bore down hard on the November NYC Critical Mass. more...  3 Comments

Julie Lasky, I.D. Magazine interview

small WORLD Podcast | Julie Lasky is the editor-in-chief of I.D. Magazine. Julie Lasky was previously the editor of Interiors and the managing editor at PRINT. She is the recipient of a Columbia University National Arts Journalism Program fellowship; a Richard J. Margolis Award for journalism; and was a Journalism Scholar in 1995 at Northwestern University. Lasky's essays and book reviews have appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times, The American Scholar and Forward. more...  0 Comments

Histroy of Thanksgiving

Scott Thomas Hunter | Thanksgiving Day is much more than turkey, trimmings, and football.
more...  0 Comments

Thanksgiving in Context

Talia Whyte | Native American women suffer from sexual violence at a higher rate than women of any other ethnicity, but you probably won't hear about it around the table during Thanksgiving. more...  0 Comments

Economic Values and Impending Collapse

finch | Foreboding has hit the ranks of private equity firms; try as they might to unload vast amounts of funds (monetary value is inextricably linked to the movement of those funds) they have been unable to spend/invest at a rate that would sustain value let alone increase real profits! The ‘healthy figures’ reflecting increased acquisitions/investments are on paper only – it ‘looks good’ at the moment! more...  0 Comments


C.N.I. Congreso Nacional Indigena | La Comision de Informacion y enlace, envia la DECLARACIÓN DE MEZCALA EN DEFENSA DE LA MADRE TIERRA Y LA AUTONOMÍA INDÍGENA, acordada en las mesas de trabajo de el Foro Nacional en Defensa de la Madre Tierra y la Autonomia de los Pueblos Indigenas realizado por el Congreso Nacional Indigena en la Comunidad Indigena de Mezcala, municipio de Poncitlan Jalisco, Mexico, los dias 17, 18 y 19 de Noviembre. more...  0 Comments

Karl Marx : Ciência do Direito e Filosofia, Investigadas na Própria Realidade

El Asturig Emil von München | O conceito é, em verdade, o elo intermediário entre forma e conteúdo. No desenvolvimento filosófico do Direito, um deve emergir no outro. Com efeito, a forma pode apenas ser a continuação do conteúdo. more...  0 Comments

8 BIT documentary: Interview with Marcin Ramocki + Justin Strawhand

small WORLD Podcast | 8 BIT is a hybrid documentary examining the influence of video games on contemporary culture. A mélange of a rocumentary, art expose and a culture-critical investigation, 8 BIT ties together seemingly disconnected phenomena like the 80’s demo scene, chiptune music and contemporary artists using machinima and modified games. more...  0 Comments

"My Brazil" A film screening with director Daniela Broitman

John trudell | A wonderfully committed piece of documentary, inspirational and galvanizing at the same time, affirming the union of faith with activism
more...  0 Comments

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