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Apocalypto: The Cinematic Logic of Genocide

Juan Santos | Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto is not a mere adventure tale, it’s not just another excruciatingly brutal portrayal of apocalyptic violence for its own sake, and the Village Voice is dead wrong when it says that unlike Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto is “unburdened by nationalist or religious piety,”— that it's “pure, amoral sensationalism.”

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Who Rules Columbia?--Part 2

columbiawatch | If you're interested in learning more about the hidden history of Columbia University, you'll probably find NACLA's 1968 pamphlet, "Who Rules Columbia?", to be useful. more...  0 Comments

Indymedia editors- Where's information about Brad's murder and Oaxaca?

just me | I was trying to find a list of targets for boycotts etc. of corporations in Oaxaca benefiting from death and repression there. Couldn't find it or a link to a page with more information about Brad Will - Indymedia journalist, friend of many in NYC, activist - and his murder, the status of the investigation into it, and announcements around that and what's happening in Oaxaca!

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Who Rules Columbia? Part 1

columbiawatch | If you're interested in finding out the hidden history of Columbia University, you'll probably find the 1968 NACLA pamphlet, "Who Rules Columbia?" to be informative. more...  1 Comments

El Puente Campaign Garners Victory, But More Work Looms

T. Dohery | ***The Organizing Meeting on December 9th is cancelled and the Rally on December 12th is postponed.***
After eight weeks of hard work, and nearly 5,000 petition signatures sent to Mayor Bloomberg, our Campaign for Justice has yielded a victory on our demand to move the El Puente Academy for Peace & Justice to a temporary home at Boricua College. Additionally, DOE sources indicate they are close to finalizing another demand to secure a permanent building for the Academy. more...  0 Comments


TIME'S UP | SCHEDULE OF EVENTS, TOMORROW Saturday, December 9, 2006

1PM: Memorial bike ride for Eric Ng, 22 year-old bicyclist, teacher,
and friend who was killed by a drunk driver on the West Side bike
path. Meet up in Washington Square Park at 1pm. We will ride
together to the site of Eric's death at 1:30 SHARP. Non-bikers can go
directly to the West Side Greenway, near Clarkson St. By train: take
the 1 to Houston St.

2:30PM: Directly after the memorial ride there will be a memorial
service at St. Mark's Church. Friends & family will share stories,
show photos, and play music. St. Mark's Church is at the corner of
2nd Ave and 11th St. By train: 6 to Astor Place, R/W to 8th St, or F
train to Houston St.

8PM: Memorial dance party. Do not go gently into that good night.
DJs & live punk rock. At Time's Up, 49 E. Houston St. By train: 6 or
B/D/F/V to Bleecker-Lafayette.

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NYCLU educates activist groups about filing FOIA requests | If you’re a member of any progressive, pacifist, peace, or radical organizations I recommend you get in touch with the NYCLU and see if they’ll help your organization keep an eye on what the FBI thinks of said organization. more...  0 Comments

6pm at Swayduck Auditorium of The New School
65 5th Avenue
YOU MUST HAVE AN I.D. TO ENTER! more...  0 Comments

Tempest in a TimesSpot

The Invisible Ham | A recent dustup between the New York Times and the democratic blogosphere reveals how little actual difference there is between the two. more...  0 Comments

An Appeal to Graphic Artists, Visual Designers, Animators, etc...

Adam | As graphic designers, animators, web designers, and other multi-media artists, we are increasingly forced to content ourselves with 19th century working hours (necessitating no overtime pay), deteriorating benefits, and perpetual financial and job insecurity. By their glaring omission from print and online journals, these concerns register as nonissues. We are therefore left with the impression that informal work environments and the intellectual gratification permitted by creative design render these grievances irrelevant. more...  0 Comments

Gota cerebral

Víctor Antonio Estrella Rodriguez | ¿Puedes escuchar el canto de una gaviota imaginada por un poeta?Sólo así serías capaz de disfrutar de los secretos del Silencio.
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Karl Liebknecht : Unmask the Class Justice !

Emil Asturig von München | À parte os abusos militares, é a Justiça de Classe que flagela e enerva as massas. more...  0 Comments

Tears and Rage: Reflections on Eric Ng's Death

onto | Another death, another tragedy. 'One more bullet cracks the night.' This bullet had 4 wheels though. I can't believe this last year. Daniel McGowan going down; Meg Perry killed in New Orleans; Imogen at the New School; Brad Will in Oaxaca; Eric Ng in New York City. 5 people from all different aspects of this movement, taken down. And these are just the ones I knew! All in their 20's and 30's. And more: Sean Bell in Queens. The South Central Farm torn down. The last barricade in Oaxaca gone, Radio Universidad over. About 300 immigrants die a year crossing the border. The Iraqi death toll reaching 1 million soon. What the fuck is going on here? more...  1 Comments

¡Merengue Ritmos Visuales!

Luis Leonor | Critica constructiva al Grupo Leon Jimenez more...  0 Comments

Protest WEDNESDAY: Justice for Sean Bell! 4:30 @ 1 Police Plaza

Modern Pitung | A call to action has been issued for a citywide demonstration in protest of the NYPD murder of Sean Bell and continued police harassment and brutality in the communities of color in New York. Text of call follows.
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Jackson Pollock, Marxist troublemaker

Wölfflin Jack | Experiments and counter-experiments with fractals lead to little additional knowledge about the authenticity of a set of paintings attributed to Jackson Pollock. Perhaps it's time to examine the ideologies behind the experiments, and behind the paintings. more...  7 Comments

Official Clamor Closure Letter

The Clamor Crew | After seven years of bulldozing borders, defying dogma and inspiring instigation, the financial obstacles involved with publishing an independent magazine have become too great, and it’s time to move on. more...  0 Comments

Ward Churchill to Speak in NYC | Indiginist Scholar, Activist and Professor Ward Churchill will be making a historic and rare appearance at the New School in lower Manhattan on Monday December 11th. Mr. Churchill will address the ongoing attempts to erase indigenous history in a talk titled "Sterilizing History: The Fabrication of 'InnocentAmericans'". Do not miss this historic and groundbreaking evening! more...  8 Comments

"THE INTERNATIONALE" - award-winning documentary about the radical song, now available on DVD!

Peter Miller | Billy Bragg, Pete Seeger, Dorothy Healey, and others tell the story of the radical anthem "The Internationale" in this award-winning documentary directed by Peter Miller. It's now available on DVD at more...  1 Comments

22 year-old CYCLIST KILLED on the greenway by drunk driver 12/1/06

threadseven | Last night, an NYU graduate bicycling on the West Side Highway's bike path was killed by a drunk driver. Police say that 27 year old Eugenio Cidron turned onto the bike path after attending a party at Chelsea Piers after 9:30PM. According to the Daily News, Cidron's white BMW hit 22 year old Eric Ng so hard that his "bicycle and one of his black Converse All Stars flew onto the adjacent West Side Highway." more...  23 Comments

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