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Taking on the Mob

Bennett Baumer | The longshoremen of Local 1588 in Bayonne, NJ knew their place – they worked and kept their mouths shut. When your past union president, an exboxer named John DiGilio, is found floating in the Hackensack River with two bullet holes in his head, you don’t ask too many questions. When the man who usurped the local from him threatens to settle disputes with a blowtorch to the crotch, you don’t go to the union office to voice concerns about benefits or safety issues.

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Down Under Veil

Marianna Leishman | Cronulla Beach, in Southern Sydney, wasn’t so tranquil in December 2005 when thousands of Anglo-Australians went on an anti-Muslim rampage, resulting in an unprecedented beach lockdown. A crowd of 5,000, organized by word of mouth and text messages, reportedly chanted slogans such as “wog-free zone,” “ethnic cleansing unit,” and “Lebs go home,” in reference to the estimated 250,000 Australians of Lebanese descent. more...  0 Comments

Facing Race: the Conference Lives On

DMI Blog |

Pulling together social justice conferences are tough. Anyone who's been involved with coordinating one, knows what I'm talking about.

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NYC Anarchist Book Fair this weekend

poster | So here it is. The confirmed details of the '07 NYC anarchist book
fair. It was a long time coming but it is finaly done!! This is going
to be a very exciting event and hope everyone will come on down!

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Sisters in Strength Strikes Back: Our Struggle with Street Harassment

Jazmine Lincoln | “Hey ma, your bootie looks nice.” If she keeps walking, the response that inevitably follows from his mouth ranges from “You can’t take a compliment?” to a derogatory name calling. Girls and women face this public harassment from boys and men every single day. more...  1 Comments

High Spy

Paul Werner | A new video work at the Metropolitan Museum in New York makes surveillance into art - and we all love art, don't we? more...  0 Comments

MSNBC, CBS take Imus off air

Delray | "I'm a good person, but I said a bad thing more...  0 Comments

SUN 4/15: Mattilda Book Event, Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity

Vox Pop | Please join us for a fun and interesting cultural event featuring Nobody Passes, a new book about gender and conformity edited by Mattilda, a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore. Mattilda will discuss and read from the book, as well as challenge our notions of identity, categorization, and community. Both cultural and countercultural norms will be up for debate. Other contributors will present, too. Open Mike to follow. FREE! Vox Pop, 5 PM more...  0 Comments

Imaging Today's Labor Movement Opening April 12

Zoeann Murphy | Opening Reception
Thursday, April 12
6pm to 9pm
Gallery 1199
310 W 43rd Street
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Inside the Global Art World

Paul Werner | Paul Werner will speak on Radio CKUT in Montreal on the Globalisation of Culture more...  0 Comments

NEXT WEEKEND!: 07 NYC anarchist bookfair

patrick | So here it is. The confirmed details of the '07 NYC anarchist book
fair. It was a long time coming but it is finaly done!! This is going
to be a very exciting event and hope everyone will come on down!

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The Second Annual Conference on Consent and Positive Sexuality

Lexy | A day long event with workshops and discussions focusing on consent, dealing with intimate partner violence in small communities, self defense, sexual positivity, supporting survivors of sexual assault, and more. more...  0 Comments

FRI 4/6: Free Speak Out on Feminism; Special Guest from NOW; Vox Pop, 6 PM

Vox Pop | Please join us for Vox Pop’s Friday Night Free Speak Out. It's a free speech open mike for political expression. Once we’re warmed up, our special guest makes a presentation and leads the discussion. Then we close with an artistic performance related to the evening's subject matter. Some Watch, Most Speak, All Think. This week’s topic is Feminism, and we are proud to be joined by a special guest from the Brooklyn-Queens chapter of NOW. FREE, 6-8 PM more...  0 Comments

WED 4/4: Free Screening of Citizen King on MLK Memorial Day; Vox Pop, 7 PM

Vox Pop | Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the greatest American of the 20th Century. In the years after "I Have A Dream," King embarked on a controversial struggle to fix the nation’s problems of war and poverty. Citizen King explores the last five years in King's life to illuminate this little-known chapter in the story of America's most important and influential moral leader. We are proud to host this FREE screening of Citizen King on the anniversary of his tragic assassination. 7 PM more...  0 Comments

NYC Critical Mass: Victorious Despite Heavy NYPD Bullying

roger m | The 3-30-07 NYC Critical Mass miraculously managed to proceed in varying degrees despite heavy police attack and bullying. To my knowledge, there were 3 arrests and many bogus tickets. No one I spoke with was charged with violation of the new "parading regulation." The heavy handed NYPD actions amounted to blatant intimidation, harassment and continuing violation of NYer's rights in the campaign to shut down the free spirited Critical Mass. more...  3 Comments

Today's Mass is Critical-- SHOW UP 7pm Union Square

Time's Up! | Come early for a press conference and join your elected officials riding to protect all of our right to assemble more...  3 Comments

African Student Leadership Conference coverage on Uhuru Radio | This Sunday from 11:00 - 14:00 (U.S. Eastern) Uhuru Radio brings you in-depth coverage of the historic African Student Leadership Conference taking place March 30 - 31 at the Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama. more...  0 Comments

Final day Indigenas America's - Abya Yala (Guatemala)

MM | This friday the final day of:
III Cumbre Centinental de Puebles y Nacionalidades Indígenas de Abya Yala
"Pueblos y Nacionalidades Indigenas de la Resistencia al Poder"

Please assist with translations, reproducing, replacing, copying and publishing the info and texts! more...  0 Comments

SUN 4/1: Vegan Brunch w/The Post Punk Kitchen; Food/Book Event @ Vox Pop

Vox Pop | Isa Moskowitz and The Post Punk Kitchen are coming to VOX POP to serve a tasty Vegan Brunch this Sunday. For only $7, you can have your choice of yummy, cruelty-free Lemon Corn Waffles or Breakfast Burritos. For only $11, you can enjoy a Mimosa Special with your Vegan Brunch. Isa will also talk about her new cookbooks. We are proud to host this fun and delicious food/book event. 11 AM – 1 PM more...  1 Comments

War and Media: Book Release Party at the Brecht Forum

Brecht Forum | Media critics and analysts Andersen and Cohen will discuss the connections between the media and war and the challenges this presents for the left. They will explore how the selection of which stories are told and which are ignored helps justify past battles and ensure future wars as well as the ways new technologies have helped turn the nightly news and talk show into “infotainment.” more...  0 Comments

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