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Thomas Riggins | Richard Rorty's brand of "philosophy" reflects bourgeois relativism and is non-progressive in nature. more...  0 Comments

Athletes as Social Activists: Pushing the Boundaries of the Sports World

The Murphy Institute | Featuring:
Dave Zirin, author of Welcome to the Terrordome: The Pain, Politics, and Promise of Sports and What's My Name Fool?: Sports and Resistance in the United States
Toni Smith
Protested the war in Iraq as Co-Captain of the women’s basketball team at Manhattanville College in 2003

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Time's Up Environmental Group Free Movie Night: Thursday June 14, 8pm

Time's Up Environmental Group | Free movie night: 8pm @ 49. East Houston Street (between Mott and Mulberry)

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

The story of a rebel and his bike. Pee-Wee Herman embarks on the big adventure of his life across the US, as he sets out to find his beloved bike, when it is stolen in broad daylight.

Presented by Times Up Environmental Group more...  0 Comments

Evangeline: a new play about Hurricane Katrina

La Boca Theater | Two years after Hurricane Katrina dumped devastation and mass-displacement on the Big Easy AND 250 years since the expulsion of the Acadian colony from Nova Scotia sent the first Cajuns to the Louisiana bayous AND 500 years since the slave trade began shipping millions of West Africans to the mouth of the Mississippi, the search for home is still not over. Our original play, Evangeline, tells the true story of exile in America, through shadow puppetry, African dance, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic poem, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie, and real words from hurricane survivors.
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Laura Cellerini | can set this year on a wide variety of top class participants and a first level
Final Event with Awards and Screenings according to its partnership with the Festival della
Creatività, taking place in the exclusive framework of the Spanish fortress of Florence - Italy.
The renewed presence of the at the Open Cinema Festival in S. Petersburg,
Russia. more...  0 Comments

Free Liberation Film Series Screening: Earthlings

Ari Moore, Socialist Party of New York City | Never-before-seen footage chronicles the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely entirely on animals for profit. Discussion on socialism, veganism, feminism & more. On Thursday, June 21st, 2007, 6.30pm, at AJ Muste Institute, 339 Lafayette St, 3rd fl (6 to Bleecker St, B/D, F/V to B'way/Lafayette, N to Prince St). Free vegan food. Sponsors: Socialist Party of NYC, Shirari Industries. Info: & more...  0 Comments

6/12: Free Angry Cartoon Slideshow & Book Launch w/ Mikhaela Reid & Masheka Wood

Mikhaela Reid | Tuesday, June 12th @ 7PM – Free Bluestockings • 172 Allen St. NYC Book Release: Mikhaela Reid "Attack" & Masheka Wood "Deep Doodle" Bushies are bum-rushing Cheney's secret bunker, ex-gays are quaking in their closets, and abstinence educators are nervously twisting their silver purity rings. Reid will rampage with "Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela" and Wood will draw out the hypocrites with "Deep Doodle" and a flashy cartoon slideshow. more...  0 Comments

The Old Collegiality Play

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Norman G. Finkelstein, a blunt and vociferous critic of Israel, is denied tenure, and antisemitism rears its ugly little head... more...  1 Comments

Factory Farming benefit at Sidewalk Cafe, 6/13

Ben Godwin | John Houx, Brownbird Rudy Relic, Joy Askew, Ben Godwin and Dan Asselin feature in this full evening of live acoustic music benefitting PETA's campaigns to improve the lives and deaths of animals on factory farms. No cover, tipjar will be passed and all the money goes to the animals. A fun night to raise both funds and awareness and meet fellow veg*ns and activists. Bring your non-vegan friends to get switched on, and for the vegan brownies =) more...  2 Comments

New York Megaphone party! June 8 at Don Hill's 7 p.m.

Megaphonics | Girl to Gorilla play at 7. The Violets at 8.
Don Hill's is in Tribeca/Soho at 511 Greenwich St. at Spring St.
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NYC Jericho Event on Struggles for the Land, June 15th at the Brecht Forum

NYC Jericho Movement | Closing event of Can't Jail the Spirit: Art by Political Prisoner Tom Manning. Since this is June, we are dedicating this event to struggles for the land, especially First Nations people. We will have Ismael Guadalupe Ortiz giving an update on the Vieques land struggle, an Estación Libre Report from Chiapas, RJ Maccani of Narco News Bulletin on the Oaxaca struggle, and Attorney Lynne Stewart on Tom Manning and Solidarity. For more information, call the Brecht Forum at (212) 242-4201 or NYC Jericho at (718) 853-0893
A more...  2 Comments

Anarchist Forum: "Paul Goodman and the Habit of Freedom" June 12, 7:30pm

LBC | Come check out this month's Anarchist Forum discussion of NYC's very own queer anarcho-pacifist social philosopher Paul Goodman. more...  0 Comments

Ms. Munson gets religion

Paul Werner | "Your Honor, far from using the Justice Department to investigate my political opponents, I was involved in charitable work. Why, those poor li'l freedom fighters were starving!" more...  0 Comments

The Price of Free Airwaves

madhatter | The Price of Free Airwaves more...  0 Comments

SATURDAY- activist space Benefit PARTY @84 Clinton

krazdale | SATURDAY- activist space Benefit PARTY @84 Clinton
with Orphange and Your 33 Black Angels
To benefit new activist and bookstore opening this summer in Brooklyn! more...  0 Comments

“There is No Apolitical Moment” – An interview with Majority Rules director Mich

Aaron Johnson | An interview with social justice filmmaker Michael Burns on his new series looking at how young people view democracy. more...  0 Comments

What to Do About Barry Bonds? | Barry Bonds sucks. He could be the last great African American baseball player for a generation as many African American youth turn to basketball and football as their sport of choice but he still sucks. more...  12 Comments

May NYC Critical Mass - 1st 'parading' tickets

roger m | This a re-cap for those that were away over the weekend. The NYPD began enforcing their new unconstitutional 'parading regulation' during the May 25 NYC Critical Mass. The new 'law' affects everyone, not just bikers/skaters. The Five Borough Bicycle Club is currently in court against it. more...  1 Comments

Activists Challenge Al Gore to Act

grassroots activist | Activists Demand Action from Al Gore for Jeff Luers - Imprisoned Climate Activist
more...  17 Comments

Corperate greed ahead of viewer again!!!!!!!!!

Naomi McClarrinon | Jericho TV show has fans from around the world sending email, faxes, letters, and even nuts to CBS for canceling their show. more...  0 Comments

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