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Brazilian subjects: a virtual photographic exposition.

Guto de Lima | The photos are the result of the walkings of the artist for some regions of that wonderful country. Do travel with him! All you got to do it is to click on the link, to visit it and to comment it.
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La Biblia, El Marismo y la Opcion Para Mexico

Guillermo R. Bravo | Lo que debe ser y no ser more...  0 Comments

City Cracksdown on Ability to Photo and Film

media activist | sign petition to be able to take pictures in NYC more...  0 Comments

Mexican Community Celebrates Feria del Sol Festival, Rain and Shine

Virginia Lora | NYC's Mexican community held the Feria del Sol despite inclement weather. Street fair vendors, community organizations, local musicians and dancers refused to let the rain get in the way of their celebration of Mexican culture and traditions in a Latin American festival they have been recreating in the middle of Manhattan for the past ten years. more...  0 Comments


Riot-Folk! Collective | Evan Greer of the Riot-Folk! Collective will be performing in Manhattan on Friday August 3rd, with local songwriter Mimi Lavalley and other acts. more...  0 Comments

Photos: Feria Del Sol

Alex Nathanson | Feria Del Sol, a festival put on by the Tpeyac Association, took place on Sunday, July 29. || Full Festival Coverage more...  0 Comments

In Spite of Everything

posted by F Espinoza | The most important achievement of the Revolution has been the capacity to resist a blockade for almost half century as well as privations of every sort... more...  0 Comments

Harlem's Schomburg Center to host KOLA BOOF on Sept. 16th

Bragman Media N.Y. | Controversial Egyptian-Sudanese-American novelist-poet Kola Boof, reputed ex-mistress of Osama Bin Laden, is booked to give her first book signing in New York City on Sunday, Sept. 16th.
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Hilary Clinton and the right-wing

Vote who-you-agree-with Not the winning-horse | The right-wing likes Hillary b/c she's one of them? more...  0 Comments

Wake For Rocky Sulivans SATURDAY the 28th.

pat who takes path | Tommorrow, Saturday July 28th wil be the last time you will be able to stop by Rocky sullivans as it is closing its doors on Sunday. Rockys has been a great friend to countless activist groups, in particular those involved in anti-Iraq war, Irish Republicanism and labor rights. you could meet everyone from cindy sheehan and malachy mccourt there to shane macgowan and christine quinn. writers, musicians, activists, drinkers.

its a sad day for a manhatten as it loses this true working class pub. Stop by starting at 4 from a few pints and a few stories.

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Hip Hop Event Canceled By NYPD, Event Organizers Set to Protest on Scheduled Day

reporting for the people: G1 | BRONX- What should have been a family-oriented Hip Hop festival at a community garden in the South Bronx will now be the site of a neighborhood protest, as residents voice concerns over an NYPD decision to deny event organizers the required permits. more...  2 Comments

NYC Critical Mass TONIGHT - 6:30 rally

citizen | Join performance artists Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra,
Critical Mass bike riders, and Picture New York -- a new coalition of concerned filmmakers and photographers, for a
festive and 'un-permitted' celebration of the First Amendment. more...  0 Comments

the poor starve and the rich play

Pointer |

too poor to go more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Hosts the Second Annual Gender Equality Festival

Mandy Van Deven | We can't forget that we fight for gender equity because women have the right to be safe and respected, whether the violence comes from a national radio host or a teenage boy we pass on the street. more...  0 Comments

Photos & Reportback from the Summer Really Really Free Market!

R. Lee Free | Over the course of the day we had around 5-600 people stop by St. Mark's Church to enjoy a small taste of what a non-capitalist world may look like, and how we can take care of each other and our needs without resorting to centralized state bureaucracy or cutthroat capitalism. more...  2 Comments

Fly in Your Eye: An Intervie with LES cartoonist and comic artist Fly

Frank Reynoso | Fly’s distinctive style and message came to my attention some years ago on leaflet at ABC No Rio. She’s been a consistent presence in New York City radical circles, a member of the World War 3 Illustrated collective (founded by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper) and an adamant supporter and teacher of DIY zines and comics. From the cover of the first issue of $pread, a sex workers’ magazine, to her zine (and now book) Peop s, a chronicle of the lives of downtown Manhattanites... more...  0 Comments

NYC ARA Organizing Meeting 7/21 7PM!

Lauren | NYC Anti Racist Action will be holding its first organizing meeting on July 21st at 7pm, immediately following the NYMAA GA. We'll meet at Judson Memorial Church and go from there. more...  0 Comments

This Saturday! Even More to Check Out at the Summer Really Really free Market!

R. Lee Free | Everyone's favorite open-air bazaar and community celebration returns this summer with a vengeance! The Summer Really Really Free Market is ready to have fun fighting capitalism AND boredom, BUT needs YOU to help make it the best one yet! more...  0 Comments

Zéro de conduite

Hoipolloi Cassidy | So a water main breaks and sends a geyser of steam hundreds of feet in the air. Fuggedaboubit. more...  1 Comments

Sole NYC Tara Protester carries on alone!

Thursday July 19, 2007

Sole NYC Tara Protester carries on alone!

Congratulations to NYC IFC member Aoife Rivera Serrano on clearly
articulating the issues despite being the sole protester at the Free
State consulate in NYC last Friday.

For photos from IFC protests at the consulate in Chicago and other
cities please go to

- The Irish Freedom committee more...  0 Comments

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