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Book Review: Peter Gelderloos' How Nonviolence Protects the State

FLIPSIDE | Read the book review Peter Gelderloos called "assinine and misleading." I totally misunderstood this book, sez he. It's not really about violence and anarchism at all. more...  3 Comments


Pelham Bay Peace Association | Nearly 70% of Americans oppose the U.S. War in Iraq. Despite this, 3,600 U.S. soldiers have been killed and an estimated 10,000 Iraqis die each month. Become an active part of the pro-peace majority during a day of food, music and discussion in support of a peaceful and just resolution to the war.
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Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Listen to some great bands, see some awesome films, eat some delicious food, dance yer ass off, and 100% of your effort helps makes the life of a political prisoner a little better! SUPPORTING DANIEL McGOWAN HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY! more...  0 Comments

Workers need to fight for rights

Worker Freedom | August 01, 2007

The next time a delivery man shows up at your door with Chinese food, a cheeseburger deluxe or a pizza, think about Gil Santiago.
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Book Party/ Reading: Waitin Till the Midnight Hour

Brecht Forum |
Waiting 'Til the Midnight Hour re-imagines the Black Power Movement, beginning a decade before Stokely Carmichael's defiant call for "Black Power!" in the stifling heat of Mississippi in the late spring of 1966. Along the way readers are introduced to a cast of historical characters—both iconic and obscure—that are international in scope. These include William Worthy, the globe trotting foreign correspondent, Dan Watts, the maverick publisher and activist, Albert Cleage, the radical clergyman from Detroit, and James Baldwin, the novelist whose essays came to distill the very essence of American racial life in the waning days of the New Frontier. Malcolm X was the common denominator that united black radicals from far-flung corners of the nation and, over time, the world. Covering the years 1955-1975, Waiting Till the Midnight Hour is a sweeping reinterpretation of the Black Power Movement. On virtually every single page, the narrative uncovers buried intimacies of a tumultuous era. more...  0 Comments

EDITORIAL: Using selectivity with retail tenants

Mr Roger K. Olsson | Giuen Merchant Press more...  0 Comments

Detroit Free Press Terry Lawson column: All the Elvis you'll ever need

Mr Roger K. Olsson | Giuen Merchant Press more...  0 Comments

China to refurbish homeplace of Shaolin kung fu

Mr Roger K. Olsson | Giuen Merchant Press more...  1 Comments

Lights, Camera, Action!: Midwest film companies contribute to film community

Mr Roger K. Olsson | Giuen Merchant Press more...  0 Comments

Workplace Violence Prevention Expert W. Barry Nixon Releases Findings From Resea

Mr Roger K. Olsson | Giuen Merchant Press more...  0 Comments

In Theaters August 24th, 2007 Award-Winning Family Movie 'Eye of the Dolphin'

Mr Roger K. Olsson | Giuen Merchant Press more...  0 Comments

“When will you teach this lad English?”

Hussein Al-alak, | The paper also explained “the traditional trading skills of Syrians and Lebanese brought them to ‘Cottonopolis’ – Manchester.”
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Justice for the Filipino American Veterans | The People’s Community Organization for Reform and Empowerment (People’s CORE) and the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) composed of Filipino World War II veterans and their advocates, ardently participates in the first Rotary Club of Historic Filipino 5 Kilometer Run Walk last August 5.

The activities was capped by a 5-kilometer run on Sunday Aug.5 More than 400 runners and walkers participated on the event. City Council Member Wendy Gruel awarded the winners of the 5K Run/Walk chaired by Rotarian Donny Joaquin, the 5K Run/Walk Race Director.

More than 20 veterans and youth acted as watchers along the route of the 5K run from Burlington/ Court street to Commonwealth/2nd Streets back to the finish line. more...  0 Comments

SDS: To Live Outside the Law, You Must be Honest

Daniel Tasripin | Following a year that witnessed a new generation of young activists adopt the name and legacy of Students for a Democratic Society, the new organization converged upon Detroit for its second national Convention. There are already attempts by both outsiders and a number of members of the organization to augur what meaning to assign to the convention. more...  12 Comments


Jaap den Haan | Past, present and future more...  0 Comments

Rev Billy's Trial For First Amendment Recitation Began Today

madhatter | NEW YORK, August 6--Free Speech lawyer Norman Siegel appeared in court today with co-counsel Earl Ward arguing for the dismissal of 2nd Degree Harassment charges against Reverend Billy (aka Bill Talen). The activist preacher was arrested on June 29 for reciting the First Amendment in Union Square, but Siegel insisted “Reverend Billy has the First Amendment right to recite the First Amendment.” more...  4 Comments

Sparrow to headline benefit for Revolution Books

Revolution Books | Benefit for Revolution Books more...  1 Comments

The Bible and Fundamentalism

Reinhard Hempelmann | The letter kills but the spirit gives life (2 Cor 3,6), said Paul. Fundamentalist currents are blind for the distinction between letter and spirit. As a consequence, Christian freedom is repressed, restricted and denied. Freedom, plurality and mystery are scorned. more...  0 Comments


Trotsky the Horse | Dialectics long predates Marxism. Funny, though, Heraclitus, Abelard and Marx have something in common: they were all dialecticians, and all of them big-time troublemakers. more...  0 Comments –2007 Edition, Press Release #3

Laura Cellerini Press&PR | The festival categories 2007: Music, Movies, Video Art, Animation and Sport Video with high level international guests from more than 200 nations worldwide. Right at midnight (GTM) between August 14th and 15th the screenings will be
on line and ready to be voted on the website. The Final Event will take place in October in partnership with the Festival della Creatitività, with a program full of conferences, events and performances. more...  0 Comments

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