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dis-OBEY Shepard Fairey

dis-Obey | Shepard Fairey, the so-called "guerilla political artist" is a FRAUD! The image at right is a Red Chinese poster from 1968, it was pulled off of e-bay from someone selling rare Chinese posters from the cultural revolution period. At left is a recent "original" poster by "activist artist", Shepard Fairey. Most of his posters are made in the same way, by ripping off art created by others. more...  2 Comments

Olive Trees Uprooted

Olive Trees Uprooted | Further hostilities dampen the Peace process as more olive trees are up rooted more...  1 Comments

NYC: Opening of documentary "Angels in th Dust"

Louise Hogarth | The story of Marion Cloete who, with her family, walked away from a life of privilege in Johannesburg to start and orphanage for more than 550 South African children. more...  0 Comments

BULLSHIT BINGO: The 9/11 Tr00th Edition!

Mike Flugennock | Well, boys'n'girls, here it is September again, and you know what that means -- no, not Back To School, but time once again for a steaming heap of 9/11 Tr00th, to be delivered unto us by the high priests of conspiracy k00kdom at locations all over your fair burg on Tuesday. Still, looking on the bright side, it's also time once again for a delightful round of Bullshit Bingo: The 9/11 Tr00th Edition! more...  1 Comments

Photos: NYC Muslim Day Parade

Stanley W. Rogouski | The Muslim Foundation of America held their annual Muslim Day Parade on Madison Avenue. more...  0 Comments

United Arab Workers

Paul Werner | Just when the Culture vultures of New York and Paris thought the United Arab Emirates were safe... more...  0 Comments

Venice Film Festival:No Shalom for Jimmy Carter

sara.d | Venice, September 8, 2007 – The late Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin once compared Jimmy Carter’s efforts to bring peace to the Middle East to a slave building a pyramid in ancient times. Carter, the former U.S. president, is still pyramiding. Only these days he harvests no accolades from Jews who accuse him of having metamorphosed into an anti-Semite, a coward, a plagiarist and a lover of ‘terrorists.’ more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Religious criticism of atheist Dawkins doen't really stand up to the major issues involved. more...  0 Comments

Circus Amok: free shows Sept 1 - 16

kafka7 | The Circus is Coming!! The Circus is Coming!! The Circus is Coming!! OPENING THIS LABOR DAY WEEKEND! IN YOUR PARK!
New York's renowned, acclaimed, award-winning, astounding, one-and-only CIRCUS AMOK presents BEE-DAZZLED!!
Glamorous, Gritty, Dangerous, Glorious Acrobatic Entomologists, Querelous Quandries, Fantastical Fruits, Incredible Insects, Vaulting Villians, Stupendous Sideshow Spectacular
more...  0 Comments

Free Alan Ket

Untitled Alan Ket Production | Alain Maridueña is a publisher, writer, Hip Hop historian, activist and graffiti artist from New York City. He was charged in New York City courts (Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan) on counts of felony criminal mischief, possession of graffiti tools, and X., all relating to a search performed on his home in New York City in late 2006. Please visit for more information. more...  0 Comments

New Orleans Relief Work: Stagnant? Affirmative? Effective?

Izzy Jagninski | A look into a New Orleans Relief Organization more...  0 Comments

Memorial Ride/Paseo Memorial: Sunday/domingo 2 pm

Street Memorial Project | Sunday September 2, 2007 at 2pm
Continental Army Plaza (near S 5th and Roebling in Williamsburg, near the Williamsburg Bridge north path)

Join us as we ride in honor of two NYC youth who perished while riding their bikes. more...  2 Comments

Analysis of the Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Campaign

Journal Editor | In the new issue (#5) of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (, NYC based writer/artist Jes Cannon looks at how particular choices by the Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Campaign perpetuated class distinctions among the Brooklyn residents. more...  14 Comments

The Living Theatre performs "The Brig" at Ground Zero on July 4th 2007

someone who wonders "where were you..." | LAST CHANCE to see this groundbreaking theater piece - performed by 2007 OBIE Award Winning Ensemble more...  1 Comments


The Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Listen to some great bands, see some awesome films, eat some delicious food, dance yer ass off, and 100% of your effort helps makes the life of a political prisoner a little better! more...  0 Comments

CBS promotes misogynistic verbal abuse to go on in the Big Brother House

Marcy Brown | The Big Brother houseguest Evil Dick on CBS’s Big Brother reality show has spent the past few weeks verbally abusing a young woman, Jen Johnson with threats of rape, insults focused on her sexuality and hopes for her death. His abuse has been so severe, that she has asked to drop out of the competition. This weekend Evil Dick he added homophobia to his repertoire more...  2 Comments

8/23: Book Party/Signing Black Holocaust for Beginners

Brecht Forum | Join us to celebrate the republication of Black Holocaust for Beginners. The Black Holocaust - a virtually ignored travesty - killed millions of African human beings from the start of European slave trade to the Civil War. In The Black Holocaust for Beginners you get a painstakingly researched, painfully honest explanation of the oft-omitted chapter of history. more...  0 Comments

Staten Island Alleycat in New York Times

madhatter | Staten Island Alleycat in New York Times more...  0 Comments

Two points from Mexico: Integrating activism on both the points of production an

Nico Rahim | During a recent trip to Mexico I spoke with an acquaintance who is a gringo expat in Mexico City working for a community radio station with strong ties to La Otra Campana. While discussing the immanence of revolution in Mexico and the lack of any coherent revolutionary movement in the US she brought up two very important points: 1) the US has vast independent media resources yet lacks a movement for it to mobilize behind, 2) in the US activism focuses too heavily on the point of consumption rather than on the point of production. more...  0 Comments

Sean Hannity and Six Flags want you to give money to Ollie North?

One People's Project | Funds raised from the annual Hannity Freedom Concert go to the Freedom Alliance, and organization that is headed by Ollie North and known for mismanaging its funds. Concerned citizens are calling on Six Flag to cancel the concert and instead support the upstanding charities listed below. more...  0 Comments

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