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Hip Hop, Bomba Plena, Latin Rock & More! Grassroots Katrina Benefit FRIDAY @ HARLEM

talismana | Shout Out Down South! !Un Grito Al Sur! is a solidarity concert for the People's Hurricane Relief Fund, a grassroots coalition ( that is reclaiming Louisiana & Mississippi from the power grab of multinationals and the Bush regime. Come early (6-8) for a Justice Fair featuring community organizations working for social justice here in NYC and internationally. The concert (8-11) is packed with quality NYC acts that will reverberate from Riverside Church all the way to our peeps down south. Read on... more...  0 Comments

Anchor Cultural Diversity in International Law!

Sophie Lessing | Making the theme cultural diversity the subject of a cvnvention was urgent through the extension of the WTO and its services agreement GATS to education, culture, social necessities and the media. Culturally-specific rules should be set alongside commercial law. more...  2 Comments

Flyer Anti Mc Donalds

The ? Person | Flyer Anti Mc Donalds more...  0 Comments

Kenyan Poet Pamela Ateka, "Fighting AIDS Through Poetry" 10/19


October 19, 2005 7 p.m.
Bluestocking Bookstore
172 Allen St., New York (F train to 2nd Ave.)

Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, 28-year-old Pamela Ateka is a poet, storyteller, actress and AIDS activist. She is the founder and director of Community Focus Group, a Nairobi-based NGO aimed at mobilizing the community around HIV/AIDS and healing AIDS orphans through poetry and the creative arts, and is a member of Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya. She has presented and performed in South Africa, Egypt, UK, Spain, Mexico, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, and most recently was keynote speaker at Australia’s 2005 National Storytelling Festival in Perth. Pamela will entertain with storytelling and poems from her book, “Sing, Africa, Sing."
more...  0 Comments

Critical Mass Bike Riders Trial TOMORROW

Kym p | A permit is not necessary to ride a bicycle in New York City!
Come show your support for the January arrestees of the Critical Mass bike ride as they face trial tomorrow morning. They are charged with 'Parading without a Permit' and "disorderly conduct"
Tomorrow 10/17/05
9:45 AM @ 100 Centre Street. Courtroom JR2. more...  5 Comments

Photos from Millions More March

Stanley W. Rogouski | People march on the anniverary of the million man march. more...  0 Comments

Thu 10/20 ABC No Rio 25th Anniversary!

more...  0 Comments

Bloomberg's 3 sexual harassment lawsuits

DR | "After her doctor told Sekiko Garrison she was pregnant, in 1995, the top sales executive with a major finance company went to inform her boss of the good news. 'Kill it,' he reportedly said. Ms Garrison, aghast, asked him to repeat himself. 'Kill it,' he repeated. These words, as readers of New York's press now know only too well, were alleged to be those of Michael Bloomberg... more...  6 Comments

La Marcha Los Temas del Movimiento de Millones (Décimo Aniversario): National Mall Wahington DC, Sábado Octubre 15 2005

Movimiento de Millones, Millions More | Los Temas del Movimiento de Millones: Declaración del Décimo Aniversario de la Marcha del Millón de Hombres
National Mall in Washington, DC
En La Alameda Nacional en Washington, DC more...  0 Comments

NYCGreenpeace Party w/ Live Music Next Friday

Greenpeace | Great Party with Live Music to benefit Greenpeace and its Kleercut Campaign. more...  0 Comments

small WORLD Interview with Rudy Rucker

small WORLD Podcast | We discuss his recently released book, Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul: What Gnarly Computation Taught Me About Ultimate Reality, the Meaning of Life, and How to Be Happy. more...  0 Comments

Peace Activist Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

David Roknich |

In his politics a proponent of peace, and in his art a master of silence, Harold Pinter has received his just reward from the Swedish Academy with their announcement of the Nobel Prize in literature. It was Pinter's adaptation of "The French Lieutenant's Woman" in 1981 that helped launch the careers of Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons. Pinter also began his career as an actor, and in the 50 years since has become one of the world's most widely respected playwrights, winning accolades from Tom Stoppard and Vaclav Havel. The occassion was true to form, by his own account: "I was called 20 minutes before the official announcement. The chair of the Nobel committee phoned and said, 'You have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature'. I remained silent, and then said, 'I'm speechless.'"

In a report from ABC news, Nobel permanent secretary Horace Engdahl added to the academy's explanation for Pinter's win, saying the playwright "restored theatre to its basic elements - an enclosed space and unpredictable dialogue, where people are at the mercy of each other and pretence crumbles". His style even saw the word 'Pinteresque' added to the artistic lexicon, meaning "a work of drama full of atmospheric silences peppered with half-stated insights". more...  2 Comments

Books Through Bars Beer & Nite !!

btb | Books Through Bars Beer & Nite !! more...  0 Comments

"Power 105's" PD Ousted After Payola Revelations?

Hip Hop Music | The nation's biggest radio company, Clear Channel Communications, said yesterday that it had fired two programming executives and had disciplined several others for misconduct after an internal review of "pay for play" allegations. [Read More] more...  2 Comments

E. San Juan's New Book on Class Struggle in the Global Cultural Front

by Jeffrey A. Cabusao | Filipino critic E. SAN JUAN's new book of essays, WORKING THROUGH THE CONTRADICTIONS (Bucknell University Press), engages with, among other topics, the problem of cultural revolution in the Philippines and the plight of Overseas Filipino Workers--part of the 10-million-strong Filipino diaspora around the world. Without revolutionary theory, Lenin said, there cannot be any worthwhile revolutionary praxis. This is a worthy contribution to the formation of that theory in practice.
more...  0 Comments

Vallone Jr's Vendetta

Visual Resistance | Vallone Jr. — who inherited his council seat from his father — was one of the main hot-air opponents of Marc Ecko’s street party and made a big stink about Cope2’s Time Magazine billboard. He constantly bleats to whatever reporters will listen about the menace of graffiti-writing hoodlums run amok. Now he’s playing the white-collar Dirty Harry at press conferences, claiming Kiko caused $100,000 in damage. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day: Oct 16th

Hamburglar | Every year there is a Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day on October 16th [UN World Food Day] - a protest against the promotion of junk food, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives. more...  0 Comments

Classism, Racism and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, "White People Find, Black People Loot"

Peace Guru | On either of these websites or you will find two versions of this online printable zine: "The Open Source Classism, Racism and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, The Blogosphere And Corporate Media... "White People Find, Black People Loot." more...  0 Comments

small WORLD interview with Rabbi Kaltmann, Latke Larry

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Rabbi Areyah Kaltmann, creator of Latke Larry, the world’s talking, action Chanukah gift. more...  2 Comments

Yo Bloomberg, It was a hoax!

DelGado | First the RNC arrests!, then the buying of $50 million in media to become mayor of nyc, then the Harlem dis for the debates and now getting Ray Kelly cry wolf for you!!! know the truth about this guy bloomberg! more...  1 Comments

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