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Free Movie/Discussion: Shared Vehicles

Time's Up! | Free movie and discussion on bike share programs and other shared vehicles. more...  0 Comments

Residents of Savoy Park in Harlem targets of harrasment by landlords

John O'Hagan | Residents of Savoy Park protested on Lennox ave and 59th street on Monday, in front of the offices of their landlord.
Residents have accused the landlords of a campaign of harassment to drive them out of the building, so that the landlords
can build condos in there place. more...  3 Comments

Halloween benefit party for ARA Morristown co-defendants

Antithesis | The Morristown 3 were arrested on July 28th, 2007, at a counter-protest of a racist anti-immigrant rally called by non other than the mayor of Morristown, Donald Cresitello. Cresitello wants to allow Morristown police officers to check into the immigration status of anyone pulled over for a traffic infraction or minor crime. While the mayor enjoyed the support of racists and white supremacists like the international "Stormfront" network, anti-racists and other allies showed up in support of those targeted by the mayor and his white power friends.

more...  3 Comments Final Event 2007 program and guests

Laura Cellerini Press & PR | Final Event 2007 in partnership with Festival della Creatività opens its doors on October 25th at the Fortezza da Basso of Florence in the space of Padiglione Ghiaia at 03:30 p.m. with a four days full program of guests, conferences, news and performances to descover the world of arts and multimedia communication. more...  0 Comments

Time's Up! Halloween Party

Time's Up! | Time's Up! Halloween Party!

Put on your scariest costume and join us at the Time's Up Space for the funniest freaky party in town!

Friday, October 26th
Time's Up! Space, 49 East Houston Street (between Mott and Mulberry), New York more...  0 Comments

Emerging Community Bike Culture

lin | RoundTable Discussion & Video on the
Emerging Community Bike Culture
in conjunction with Time's Up FREE Thursday Night Movies more...  0 Comments

Friday, 10/19: Julius Margolin Tribute Concert at 310 W. 43rd Street

George Mann | This concert and film event will be held to pay tribute to and celebrate Julius's life as an activist and unionist. Proceeds will go to a scholarship fund being set up to help bring young unionists to two annual labor/cultural festivals, the Great Labor Arts Exchange (where George Mann & Julius met in 1996!) and the Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival. Doors open and reception at 7 PM; concert at 8 PM.
more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn: Revolutionary Hip-Hop Show Thurs.

In Our Hearts | A show featuring: Broadcast Live (Albany anarcho-hip-hop) Taina Asili (formerly of Anti-Product and Ricanstruction) Spiritchild (of Mental Notes) and H2L more...  0 Comments

Mercenaries of Culture

Paul Werner | Nancy Pelosi's pal wants to put up a vanity museum on national parkland more...  0 Comments

Friday, October 19th, Andy Stepanian Benefit Show and Dance Party

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | Just over a year ago, Andy Stepanian reported to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. On Friday, October 19th, a benefit show and dance party is being organized to bring awareness to his case, the SHAC 7, and the ongoing campaign to close Huntingdon Life Sciences. Hipster Holocaust, Rabiu, R-tronika, and at least one special surprise guest will perform. DJ Suggested D will keep folks dancing early into Saturday morning and there's rumors circulating of a visiting DJ dropping by to keep y'all moving. more...  3 Comments

Groups plan global boycott of ABC-Disney

Maria-Threese Serana | NAFCON and its affiliate groups vow to heighten their protest, even globally, and call for an “international boycott of all ABC-Disney productions and other products if ABC continues to ignore their demands to amend racial slur against Filipino doctors aired on Desperate Housewives second season premiere. more...  2 Comments

A Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

NYC Leonard Peltier Support Group | Join the NYC Leonard Peltier Support Group in showing support for Leonard Peltier and all other First Nation Peoples in their continued struggle for vindication, liberty, justice and true sovereignty from this oppressive empire! Come watch 'The Canary Effect', discuss and dispel the myths valorizing Columbus and his acts of genocide. more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Critical Mass rides again -This friday 7pm willyb bridge or GAP

cmer | Brooklyn Critical mass meets this friday, and every 2nd friday of the month at grand army plaza and the williamsburg bridge at 7pm, its the coolest more...  1 Comments

Grim Reaper Recruites With Marines

Grim Reaper | Campus War Protest: Grim Reaper Recruits With Marines in GA.

Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA, USA
Photos by Emily Gomez
more...  2 Comments

Surviving in Post_Katrina America: A Movie Review of Desert Bayou

Nicholas Powers | Desert Bayou, the new documentary by Alex LeMay, sidesteps the easy story of devastation, refusing to add to the stock narrative of disaster tourism. Instead, LeMay packed camera and microphone and went to Utah where 600 evacuees were taken, without choice and now lived surrounded by white people and cold mountains. more...  0 Comments



After a third death in the Houston Street construction zone, Time’s Up! remembers the lives lost and pushes the City to take action.
more...  0 Comments

For immediate release this Saturday Oct 6th Party for the People free 1pm-9pm

spiritchild | this saturday oct 6th party for the people free in brooklyn ny.
featuring performances by M1 of dead prez, mental notes, stephanie rooker, blitz, readnex poetry squad,
guest speaker city councilman charles baron, more...  0 Comments

Photos from the Parade Without a Permit!

Annie Nomus | Some photos from the September 29th Parade Without a Permit. more...  2 Comments

Columbia University Gave Honorary Degree to Shah of Iran After CIA Coup

bob f. | Both Shah of Iran and his wife, Emmpress Farah Pahlevi, were honored by Columbia University. more...  1 Comments

Columbia University President Bollinger's Salary: Over $660,000 Per Year

bob f | Columbia University President and Washington Post Company/Newsweek media conglomerate board member Lee Bollinger is paid a higher salary by "non-profit" tax-exempt Columbia University than many for-profit Big Apple business executives are paid. more...  1 Comments

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