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Thanksgiving Hypocrisy

Stephen Lendman | Exposing the Thanksgiving myth more...  1 Comments

video from 2004 RNC, New York City

email | 2004 RNC New York City, Republican National Convention more...  0 Comments

A damned, good writer.

James Jackson Jiveass | Yesterday I read you'd died, and that you'd been the "Leader" of the 'sixties "Counterculture." Correct: you provided Culture, and we stood behind the counter.
more...  0 Comments

La Leçon de français

Hoipolloi Cassidy | A striking fisherman in Brittany provides an evaluation of French President Nicolas Sarkozy more...  0 Comments

'Politics of Religion and Sexuality' Conference, Nov 8 & 9, CUNY Grad Center

Dominic Wetzel | This conference examines the intersections of politics, religion and sexuality and the many controversies they have given rise to globally. Keynote address by queer theorist Michael Warner and response by Stanley Aronowitz at 6:30 pm. Conference on Friday from 10 am to 7 pm includes panels on "Sexualities, Fundamentalisms and the Question of Categories," "Secularism, Religion and Politics," "Religion and Sexualities: Institutions and Practices," "Secularism, Science and Modernities" with speakers including Lila Abu-Lughod, Janet Jakobsen, Minoo Moallem, Jasbir K. Puar, more...  0 Comments

Columbia Students Hunger Strike For Racial Equality: Rally Thursday At Noon

students for equal justice | Yesterday, Wednesday November 7, five Columbia University students commenced a hunger strike at noon with the support of their peers in hopes of changing their university for the better. This strike will continue indefinitely until their demands are met. more...  0 Comments

2001 Genova G8: We are history! - call to mobilization november 17th 2007

bb | 2001 Genova G8: We are history! - call to mobilization november 17th 2007
It's been years we have asked everybody to take responsibility as
collectively as possible for what the mobilizations against G8 in Genoa
were. more...  0 Comments

Presentation: Social Movements In Iran

Patrick | As the occupation of Iraq continues, the US government is now rattling sabers at Iran. more...  1 Comments

Academic Capitalism

Richard Munch | The academic world changes fundamentally when universities are understood as businesses. Rectors become CEOs and researchers and teachers become point-chasers through conditioning. more...  1 Comments

Residents of Savoy Park protest at Credit Suisse, "Financing abusive landlords"

John O'Hagan | Vantage Properties purchased Savoy Park two years ago with a refinancing from Credit Suisse for $350 million. The new landlords have done little to improve the decaying infrastructure of the building, and are attempting to raise rent and drive current residents out, tenants allege. more...  1 Comments

On loneliness in progressive circles.

anon | After talking with some of my activist friends and comparing notes on feeling lonely and isolated, I wanted to post this and see if others in local organizing circles are feeing the same way. Call it a straw poll. more...  54 Comments

Toolshare and Spaceshare part of new local community sharing project

Saoirse | Get access to a huge pool of tools, lessen your carbon footprint, get to know more of your neighbours and save loads of money! Sharing beats consuming!

more...  0 Comments

North East Anarchist Network assembly Nov 17-18th Amherst, MA

Make Total Destroy | The Northeast Anarchist Network is a horizontal network linking those in the Northeast region of North America committed to anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, and anti-oppressive struggles. more...  1 Comments

Tibetans gaining voice with films and photos | Films now online in regular and High def more...  1 Comments

Yalla Journal: a youth response to the israel/palestine conflict

Erik | yalla journal is currently entering its 3rd year of production. we are seeking submissions and help with this vital project. more...  0 Comments

Photos: Bike Kill V

Konstantin Sergeyev | A great halloween tradition, and one of the most fun and crazy events in NYC all year. more...  3 Comments

From New York...It’s THE PENNIES!

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Today's march in downtown Manhattan more...  2 Comments

Urgent Press Conference & Eminent Domain Hearing This Monday

Theo Moore | THIS Monday at 9:30am in front of City Tech’s Voorhees Hall Auditorium members of all elected bodies in NYC are asked to join residents of Duffield Street and Albee Square as they demand that HPD not use the power of eminent domain to destroy the homes and history on Albee Square and Duffield Street at a press conference. Immediately following the press conference all officials are asked to provide testimonials dealing with the importance of protecting and preserving both historical Brooklyn Streets. more...  1 Comments

Support Anti-Racist Activists, Come Out to Halloween Benefit Party TONIGHT

Antithesis Collective - NYC NEFAC | This will be a benefit for The Morristown 3, who are members of Anti-Racist Action. They were arrested after allegedly defending themselves after they were attacked at an anti-immigrant rally in Morristown, NJ on July 28th, 2007. more...  0 Comments

TONIGHT! Halloween Critical Mass and Afterparty

time's up! | Ride (or skate) Halloween Critical Mass is tonight. more...  0 Comments

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