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(R)esistenza - (R)existence

LibLab | A new photographs competition organised by LibLab.
This competition will be a travelling exhibition and a show Book. Find out more.

To cooperate
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Self-Hating Critic

Paul Werner | Michael Kimmelman, chief art critic for the New York Times, acts out his own self-loathing on the Roma of Hungary more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Ayatolla Fadlallah promulgates foreward looking fatwas defending rights of women more...  0 Comments

AnarchistBlackCat- moderated anarchist discussion forums

anarchist | We are building a home for serious anarchist discussion and strong moderation of anything that falls below this according to a set of detailed, transparent and publicly available rules. more...  0 Comments

America's top exports: Grief, sorrow, and loss

Mickey Z. | These doomed humans cry, they mourn, they miss loved ones, and they ask why when the UN tells them that the basic nutrition and health needs of the world's poorest people would cost only $13 billion a year (that's a fraction of what the US has spent on the war in Iraq so far).
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Sustainable Knowledge-Sharing Program Launched by NorthEast Anarchist Network

NorthEast Anarchist Network | Members of the NorthEast Anarchist Network have seen a growing need for greater accessibility to radical workshops and skillshares. In response to this, we have launched a “Traveling Skillshare Program” in order to bring a wide array of collaborative presentations to communities in and around our region, both radical and otherwise. more...  2 Comments

Environmental Artist and ICEAlity on Global Tour

Edward Gottschick | Prof Wolfgang von Meztler, of the German American Business Association, explains that EXPO2000 was a great example of the determination of Germany-American communities to celebrate, rebuild and develop the World. “People from virtually every group in the world are coming together to develop the sustainable practices from EXPO2000” he said. more...  0 Comments

Museums and the preservation of the future.

Paul Werner | Workers for the French National Museum system have taken over a building more...  0 Comments

Peace movement 'leadership' demands? 5 years of ineffective action

Robert Jereski | Years after the majority of U.S. citizens and and over a year after the majority of U.S. military personnel were found to oppose the on-going occupation/war, what have we accomplished? more...  34 Comments

FQSN-USA Statement on the 38th Anniversary of The First Quarter Storm (FQS)

FQSN-USA | We the activist from the First Quarter Storm Network-USA remembers that thirty-eight years ago, on January 30-31, 1970 fought the Philippine police and army forces who attacked the progressive forces in what is now known in history as the Battle of Mendiola. Two years after, on September 21, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial in the Philippines and plunged the country into 14 years of dictatorship and blatant fascism. Today, Philippine president Gloria Macapagal –Arroyo is trying to institute another kind of martial law, an undeclared martial law in the guise of fighting the “US war Against Terror”. FQS activist like Randall Echanis, Elizabeth Principe, Philip Limjoco, Leo Velasco and others were arrested without charges and held in jail. Militant activist who are serving the people are being thrown in jail and incarcerated.
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Museumwatch: It’s the overvaluation, stupid!

Paul Werner | What’s the difference between organic intellectuals and organic vegetables?
Organic vegetables can think for themselves. more...  0 Comments

Grisham's Eyes Opened With Help Of Dennis Fritz On Death Penalty Cases

Barbara's Journey Toward Justice | It was Ron Williamson’s obituary in the Dec. 9, 2004, issue of The New York Times that caught attorney and author John Grisham’s eye. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | New book by David Levering Lewis discusses the Islamic culture of Al Andalus more...  0 Comments



---> Saturday, April 12, 2008, 11am-8pm
---> Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, Manhattan
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Williamsburg - 475 Kent Ave. artists under attack

citizen | The live-work building located at 475 Kent Ave in Brooklyn's coveted waterfront neighborhood of Williamsburg was issued a Vacate Order by the NYC Fire Department on Sunday, January 20th. more...  21 Comments

VOTE PSL in 2008: Reparations Now!

votePSL | The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is fielding a slate of candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections: Gloria La Riva for President and Eugene Puryear for Vice President. La Riva/Puryear demand that the Black community be compensated fully, with interest, for the historical racism and wrongs forced upon them by capitalism. more...  1 Comments

Event - Freegan Fashion Show 2: Threadbare!

Quinn Hechtkopf | Come see our trashy models walk the beige carpet runway in one-of-a-kind handmade costumes spun out of scavenged scrap material. Cheer on amateur Freegans as they strip off the outfits they've been wearing for the last two weeks and threadbare it all! This is a night to reject commercial control of our self-images and reclaim pride in the sexiness of creativity. All are invited to participate as models or fashion designers. more...  0 Comments

I Still Believe

Martin Luther King, Jr. | I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality. more...  0 Comments

Borough President Stringer Promotes Cookbook | Your Borough President loves snap-eyed peas and healthy food. He supports community-based planning and did all he could to stop the Columbia expansion, over-development on the far West Side, and the proposed high-rises on the East Side of Manhattan.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: Honest not Slippery. more...  4 Comments

Event 1/29: Performance in Support of Khalil Gibran Int'l Academy

amy jay | Please join Communities in Support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy for an evening of celebration and performance, featuring speakers including Rashid Khalidi (Director of Columbia University's Middle East Institute) and Performers including Movement in Motion (hip hop), Ayyoub (Arab classical), & more...
Tuesday January 29th, 6:30pm-9pm at Park Slope United Methodist Church (410 6th Avenue)
Food & Childcare will be provided more...  0 Comments

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