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Utah Phillips remembered in Labor Beat video

Larry Duncan | Link to video of clips of Utah Phillips from Labor Beat archives. more...  0 Comments

What's new at the 123 Community Space

@ friend | This past May, things have been heating up at the 123 Community Space, with all sorts of new projects and events, and of course with a little help from global warming. more...  2 Comments

Imperialistas y Montoneros, 142 años depués

Luis Agüero Wagner | Tan antagónicas son las visiones históricas de los bandos que hoy siguen disputándose la mentalidad de los latinoamericanos. Mientras unos siguen considerando a Varela y los de su especie como viles bandoleros, invasores y abigeos, los otros ven en su gesta la desaparición del adalid postrero de la patria grande. more...  0 Comments

This One Time, At Activist Camp...

Samantha Gorelick and Alex Kane | Want to learn how to change the world without having to set foot in a regular classroom? Opportunities abound this summer. Depending on your tastes, you can find workshops and discussions that range from the very theoretical to the intensely practical, from the urban to the outdoors. more...  1 Comments


IZZY JAGNINSKI | New York 2 New Orleans Coalition is holding a night of Jazz music, food and art auctioning. All proceeds go towards the non-profits Summer Trips down to New Orleans. June 14th, we will be throwing a benefit event at the Sixth Street Community Center in New York City’s Lower East Side from 7- 11 pm. It will be a night of food, drink, art, and music. We would be incredibly grateful if you considered donating wined and beer to this fundraiser or providing them at a discounted price. more...  0 Comments

St. Brigid's has been saved

Fear Dorcha | Cardinal Egan has announced that an anonymous donation of $20 million will allow the church to remain open. more...  1 Comments

Second Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes

Rainbow Hawk | This is the Invitation to your Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes. Please feel free to forward and/or post and/or publish to all appropriate people and places. more...  0 Comments

¿Qué es la SimBioDiversidad?

agustin antunez corrales | La SimBioDiversidad es un nuevo enfoque transdisciplinar desarrollado en las últimas dos décadas con el objetivo de incluir, en el concepto de Biodiversidad, todo lo relacionado con lo humano y lo social. De esa manera trata de superar la visión biologicista dominante de la Biodiversidad, en la que las disciplinas relacionadas con lo humano y lo social están prácticamente ausentes, ya que no suelen formar parte de los estudios universitarios de Biología.
Creemos que La SimBioDiversidad supera con éxito la barrera entre humanos y naturaleza, o entre las llamadas ciencias sociales y ciencias naturales.

more...  0 Comments

Clinton Campaign Appears Stalled

Todd A. Davis | A short article about the Clinton, and Obama race for the nomination. more...  5 Comments

28th anniversary of Food Not Bombs

madhatter | 28th anniversary of Food Not Bombs more...  0 Comments

Saturday May 17, Second Ever DANCE PARADE

ff | 3584 Dancers, 108 Dance Organizations, 31 Dance Styles --- Join Us Now! more...  1 Comments

El Pueblo Unido: Images of May Day 2008

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Photo essay on the immigrant freedom marches and rallies that brought thousands into the streets across New York City, on International Workers Day, May 1, 2008.

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Chinatown to Union Square to ICE, the people united demanding: Stop the Raids & Deportations. Legalization For All Immigrants. Justice For All Workers. Let the people speak for themselves. more...  0 Comments

School Recruiting Could Violate Int'l Protocol

madhatter | School Recruiting Could Violate Int'l Protocol
more...  0 Comments

Hobo Film Fest Comes to Brooklyn

In Our Hearts Anarchist Network | Agency Films has brought together dozens of filmmakers who
produce films around train hopping and hobo culture and are
stopping in Brooklyn on their tour of the states showing this
ultimate visual dichotomy of the colorful and truly important
facet of American history. more...  10 Comments

Labor Polarization Age-Old Tactic

Zachary Smith | Differences in social status have long been exploited to prevent a functioning labor movement. More must be done to confront these challenges by getting to the root of the problem: the Pursuit of Profit. more...  0 Comments

Fís Ghaeilge Mheiriceá Thuaidh

Keltalingvaj Novaĵoj | On May 17 and 18, the Affinia Hotel on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan will become a haven for Gaelic language speakers who will attend an Irish language conference organized by Glór na nGael in an effort to promote the language in North America and Canada. more...  1 Comments

$pread Magazine 4.1 Launch Party - Dance Party! (Happy 4th Anniversary, $pread!)

$pread Fan | Hang out with sex workers and their allies and celebrate the beginning of $pread magazine's fourth year in print - with dancing! more...  0 Comments

Bill Daniel's book release of "Mostly True" and Who is Bozo Texino? screening!

VR | Bill Daniel's "Mostly True" book release and film showcase feat. Who is Bozo Texino? tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 6, 7:30 PM
Maysles Cinema
347 Lenox Ave./MLK Blvd. between 127th & 128th st.

Bill Daniel will be releasing his brand new book Mostly True, a collection of enigmatic railroad folklore and screening his freight hopping movie Who is Bozo Texino? as well as a grab bag of train subculture shorts. more...  0 Comments

Waitress Recruitment Marching Band Protest

Jerri Allyn | Waitress Recruitment Marching Band Protest Saturday May 17th more...  0 Comments

Day of Collaborative Performance @ The Bronx Museum

Guest Curator Carey Lovelace | Day of Collaborative Performance Saturday, May 17th more...  0 Comments

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