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Cuba: Entrevista a Porno Para Ricardo

Movimiento Libertario Cubano | * El Movimiento Libertario Cubano (MLC) ha realizado vía Internet esta entrevista a un grupo musical punk activo en La Habana desde hace 10 años, que hoy por hoy es exponente significativo de una escena contracultural que merece reconocimiento y solidaridad. more...  0 Comments

N.Y. Assembly Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Dan Bernath | For the second year in a row, New York Assembly members have voted to stop the heartless policy of labeling the seriously ill as criminals for relieving their suffering in accordance with their doctors' advice. To ask your state senator to follow suit, please visit: . To watch patients' testimonials, visit more...  0 Comments

Shepard Fairey’s Image Problem

Liam O'Donoghue | As if Wal-Mart didn’t have enough controversies to deal with, imagine the consternation in the PR war room when news hit that the retail giant was selling t-shirts bearing a Nazi SS skull. As the story unraveled, it turned out that Wal-Mart’s designer had ripped off the image from pop art superstar Shepard Fairey, whose reference for the Gestapo logo was 1960’s “biker culture.” Oops. more...  4 Comments

Reading of anarchist play "Three Movements in an Enclosed Area", Tuesday June 17

lbc | reading of anarchist play more...  0 Comments

PROTEST human rights abuses of sex workers in Cambodia (Wed. 6/11)

Women's Network for Unity Cambodia | WEDNESDAY - JUNE 11, 2008
327 E 50TH STREET NEAR SECOND AVENUE more...  2 Comments

Critical Art Ensemble's Dr Steven Kurtz Cleared .

C Murray (ireland) | After four years of persecution Dr Stephen Kurtz (CAE) has been cleared of all
charges of mail and wire fraud. more...  1 Comments

Tuesday, 7pm - Anarchist Forum "Thus Spoke the Spectacle"

r graves | performance based on the work of Guy Debord and Neil Postman more...  0 Comments

June 10 Anarchist Forum: "Thus Spoke The Spectacle"

r graves | A live video critique of corporate media culture-- check out video clips at more...  0 Comments


NAFCON | Approximately 100 parade marchers from the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) and BAYAN USA were met with repetitive harassment by the New York Police Department (NYPD) and security forces of the Philippine Independence Day Celebration (PIDC) Committee last Sunday during the annual Philippine Independence Day Parade. The joint contingent was projecting issues of the rice crisis in the Philippines and protesting the local commercialization of the annual Philippine Independence Day parade and fair along Madison Avenue. Constant harassment from the NYPD, in connivance with the PIDC organizing committee and Philippine Consulate, ended with the arrest of two members of the Filipino community fraternity, Kapatirang Pilipino, or Kappa Pi.
more...  0 Comments

"The Urban Mbongi" A Production of Performing Arts and Culture

Sam Harris | Mbongi is a community structure committed to validating each and every
member's voice. Through this creative journey presented by our
community's most precious gift, our youth, we will creatively propose
how we have brought and can continue to bring this transformative
method into the 21st century. more...  0 Comments

Hayden Labels Obama Classic Yankee Imperialist on Cuba

Jonathan Shannon | Former Senator and radical '60s activist Tom Hayden had strong words for Barack Obama at a talk on social movements, May 29. He decried the views in Obama's speech to the Cuban American National Foundation, calling them the views of a "classic Yankee imperialist. Obama's said he supports the war in Colombia, supports the drug war, supports the war on the streets ... He's sounding very hawkish." more...  8 Comments

ALL OUT Union Square Thursday JUNE 5th 5 pm

Savitri D | Bloomberg and his cronies have a vision of New York City where parks are for-profit, people are squeezed out of public spaces, and free assembly is made nearly impossible. more...  0 Comments

The MTA & demand for Irish-language linguistic parity

Na Ceithearna Coille, Craobh Nua Eabhrac | "Ag baint úsáid as aon gníomharthaí ab ghá." -Maolcholm X
more...  8 Comments

Sat, June 7th - Derrick Jensen video (benefit for Marie Mason)

freemarienyc | This is a special interview with Derrick Jensen for the June 7th National Day of Resistance Against the Green Scare. All monies will go to Marie Mason and other recently arrested environmental activists. more...  1 Comments


First QUARTER Storm Network (FQSN)-USA |
With heavy heart but with great resolve, we in the First Quarter Storm Network (FQSN) in the United States grieve the demise of one of our dear friend, comrade and mentor, Bayani Abadilla who passed away last May 14.

I was honored to work with and spend time with Ka Bay during the tumultuous but outstanding time of the First Quarter Storm from 1970. Bay was so respected because he was a pioneer activist leader from MLQD since the 1960’s.

One of the founders of the Samahan ng Bagong Kabataan (SBK) of MLQU, he led the students of the said university in uniting with the Muslim students against the policies of the administration and gathering the students against US imperialism and the puppet US-Marcos regime before and during the FQS.

more...  1 Comments

Freegan Fashion Show 3: Green Goddess Dressing

Quinn Hechtkopf | Celebrate this spring with a new line of Freegan fashion at the Freegan Fashion Show 3: Green Goddess Dressing! Our self-made models will walk the plywood runway in one-of-a-kind handmade costumes spun out of scavenged scrap material. This is a night to reject commercial control of our self-images and reclaim pride in the beauty of our creativity. All are invited to participate as models or fashion designers. The Freegan Fashion Show is a fundraiser supporting the Freegan Bike Workshop. more...  0 Comments

Residents Continue to Rally Against Gentrification in Harlem

Stephanie Basile | Movement for Justice in El Barrio and other neighborhood groups are fighting for their dignity and their right to safe and affordable housing. more...  1 Comments

ABC No Rio zine library benefit - Friday May 30

zinelibrariansuniteandorganize! | ABC No Rio Zine Library Party!!! Friday May 30 Comics Artists and Illustrators, Music and Beer! - SABRINA JONES: 'Isadora Duncan: A Graphic Biography', Studs Terkel's 'Working', KEVIN PYLE: 'Totality for Kids', 'Blindspot'
and the RUDE MECHANICAL ORCHESTRA. Doors open at 8:00pm. Performances begin at 9:00. Donations Requested
Proceeds to benefit the ABC No Rio Zine Library. ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street (bet. Clinton & Suffolks Streets)
212.254.3697 more...  0 Comments

Lee Hall Speaks Out on Climate Disruption and the Animal Advocate’s Leadership R

Lee Hall | Lee Hall Speaks Out on Climate Disruption and the Animal Advocate’s Leadership Role

At this year’s vegetarian Summerfest (18-22 June in Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Friends of Animals legal director Lee Hall will present a plenary talk on vegetarians as the perfect leaders in an era of climate disruption.
more...  0 Comments

Indiana Jones and the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Trevor Richardson | When the creative pool goes dry, leave it to the men in suits to start milking old cash cows for a few more drops. The revitalization of the Jones franchise is a testament to this fact, the only thing worse than more sequels is the old Hollywood habit of blending successful franchises into one another, watch out for Indiana Jones Part Five: Indiana Jones and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. more...  0 Comments

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