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Party for Movement for Justice in El Barrio!

Solidarity Without Borders-NYC | *Solidarity Without Borders* and the *Northeast Federation of Anarchist Communists-NYC* *(NEFAC-NYC)* are teaming up for Solidarity without Borders' maiden party voyage to support the launch of Movement for
Justice in El Barrio's *International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio.*
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Italian-Americans and the Tyranny of Garlic

Counterhegemonic | We demand food that tastes good, which does not damage our environment and is cultivated by living-wage farmers. It is our right as Italian-Americans and citizens! more...  0 Comments

PRINCIPLE (cartoon)

Frederico Ponzio | . more...  0 Comments

"Stand-Up Tragedy" A Mickey Z. event on August 7

Mickey Z. | Come join the author of books like "The Seven Deadly Spins," "50 American Revolutions You're Not Supposed to Know," and the brand new novel, "CPR for Dummies," to discuss the anti-war movement, the 2008 election, war, peace, cell phones, gorillas, Gwen Stefani, and MUCH more...including a special musical guest. more...  0 Comments

Dispatch from a Midwestern City

squat | To anyone who has ever dreamt of a world beyond the boundaries imposed upon the one we currently inhabit. To all who cringe with disgust at the thought of another month’s work to pay for another month’s rent. To anyone who has dared to notice the glaring inadequacy of this walking death sold to us as life: These words are for you. more...  0 Comments

The Sale of Budweiser: Memories of Beer Lovers, Hemp Farmers & Bloody Revolution

Mike Ely | Ok, I admit it. I’m not your usual observer. When I heard that Budweiser had been bought by the Euro-capitalists InBev, I was not concerned. I don’t care who owns the factories in the U.S. I don’t worry the U.S. heartland is being infiltrated by foreign interests. And certainly, I don’t consider Budweiser a national treasure. The truth is that it’s almost undrinkable. more...  0 Comments

Echo Park Lotus Festival 2008, without the Lotus

Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC) | The 31st annual Asian Lotus Festival in Echo Park was held without the Lotus last July 11 to 13, 2008.

As early as May, people from Echo Park started to notice that the usual lotus bed in the Echo Park Lake was absent from its bed. By June, the city authorities started to worry about the absence of the Lotus flower. And when the Lotus festival was held last July 11-13, 2008 ,the festival has must go on, like how show business does.

And the Lotus Festival 2008 went on sans the Lotuses.

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Fifth Estate #378 now on the stands in NYC

Fifth Estate NYC | Fifth Estate #378 (summer 2008) is now out and on the stands in NYC. copies are available Bluestockings Books (LES), St Marks Books (East Village) and Vox Pop (Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn). The theme of the issue is: 'Money - the Root of All Evil.'
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Mexican Revolution historical continental tour 2008-2010

carlos vigueras | The Mexican Revolution of 1910 is currently travelling through the American Continent. The Casasola Museum is presenting a historic and unique exhibition that recounts in detail about what happened --and is presently happening-- in Mexico in relation to the 100th anniversary of the first revolution of the 20th Century. We’re talking here about an independent project to display this exhibit throughout cities and towns of the continent, without the interference of official history during these celebrations. more...  0 Comments

Enjoy a Happy Hour While Supporting Microfinance & Fighting Global Poverty

PlaNet Finance | PlaNet Finance US is organizing its first Global Happy Hour to support microfinance and the fight against global poverty.
WHEN: Thursday, July 17th, 2008 from 6pm-12am
WHERE: Zanzibar (645 Ninth Avenue - New York, NY - 10036)

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flyer from Mermaid Parade | Phone calls and written comments accepted through 5:00pm on Friday, July 11, 2008...that's in less than 2 weeks! more...  0 Comments

Tonight: Reproduce & Revolt/Reproduce Y Rebélate BOOK RELEASE event!

artist | Reproduce & Revolt/Reproduce Y Rebélate
Josh MacPhee & Favianna Rodriguez (eds.)

A collection of over 500 political graphics, Reproduce & Revolt/Reproduce Y Rebélate contains original art granted by the creators to the public domain, to be freely used on political posters, flyers, and campaigns. A bilingual (English & Spanish) book, it also includes a history of the reproducible political graphic and a design how-to for anyone interested in using the images in this book to help change the world. A powerful collection of graphic work by some of the world’s most active and interesting political propagandists, street artists and socially conscious graphic designers. Over 100 artists from over 25 countries are included!

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Anti-Authoritarian People of Color at the Earth First! Rondy

anonymouse | Shout out to ALL Anti-Authoritarian People of Color for a caucus or two at the Earth First! Summer Rendevous!

All Anti-Authoritarian People of Color (APOC) are invited to attend two proposed caucuses at the Earth First! Summer Rendevous in Athens, OH. The first proposed APOC caucus is for Friday, July 4th starting at 12 PM noon (during lunch) and the second on Saturday, July 5th (during lunch). more...  19 Comments

Joy of Resistance examines the "wedding industrial complex" Sunday

Joy of Resistance | A special edition of Joy of Resistance multicultural feminist radio on WBAI 99.5 FM Sunday at 5 p.m. more...  0 Comments

Missed the Meeting? You Can Still SAVE CONEY ISLAND NOW!

flyer received at Saturday's Mermaid Parade | Phone calls and written comments accepted through 5:00pm on Friday, July 11, 2008...that's in just 2 weeks! more...  0 Comments

Pregnancy Pact: Collective Action or Social Failure?

Counterhegemonic | By making a "pact" these young women have automatically signaled their intention to move beyond an individualistic understanding of pregnancy and, more importantly, child rearing. more...  0 Comments

Rude Mechanical Orchestra Tour Benefit Party

Rude Mo | +++++++++++++++++++++++++

Friday, June 27th at DCTV
87 Lafayette Street, NYC (just south of Canal)
$0-$20 suggested donation - $20 gets you a special gift!
Doors open at 7pm
Wear something CAMP-y!

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Come to Coney Island Meeting TONIGHT 6pm!

flyer received at Saturday's Mermaid Parade | What can I do to help SAVE CONEY ISLAND?!

Speak out at the public scoping meeting on Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 6pm
Lincoln High School,
2800 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, NY more...  0 Comments

Final Day For Mermaid Queen's Hunger Strike To Oppose Coney Land Grab

Michael O'Neil | Mermaid Parade Queen's Bid To Save Coney Island From Land Grab Gains Support While Coney Sellout Recchia Under Investigation For Conflict Of Interest Loan more...  1 Comments

El momento ha llegado – MDC estrena nuevo Portal en internet

Jorge sanchez | El momento ha llegado – MDC estrena nuevo Portal en internet

Esclusiva para INDYMEDIA

Cuando leímos la noticia de que se había publicado la historia de Manchitas de Colores, nos entristecimos al saber que la primera iniciativa a nivel mundial, en llevar a la práctica el artículo nº 13 de la Convención internacional de los Derechos del Niño, había zozobrado, o al menos eso parecía.
Una futura generación de comunicadores, libres e independientes, parecían desvanecerse en la historia, debido a la hipocresía de muchos y la apatías de otros. more...  0 Comments

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