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Native American Music Award Winners 2008

marco [reprinting for Brenda Norrell] | Native American bands Blackfire and Native Roots each captured two awards at the Native American Music Awards 2008 on Saturday night. The Navajo family band Blackfire and Native Roots from New Mexico also struggle for Indigenous rights, Native sovereignty and cultural preservation. more...  0 Comments

God’s Army: A short guide to Sarah Palin’s extreme religious worldview

Andy Birkey | Palin has clearly injected religion into her view of governance, much to the excitement of religious conservatives. But what are her beliefs, exactly? What do the words used to describe Palin’s background mean? The Minnesota Independent offers the following glossary of key terms and people to attempt to get a picture of Palin’s religious background. more...  1 Comments

10/11 "Farewell to the Thief!" CD Release Concert w/Anne Feeney, George & Julius

George Mann | George Mann, producer and creator of the "Hail to the Thief!" anti-Bush CD compilation series, announces the release of "Farewell to the Thief!", the final CD in the 4-CD collection. To kick it off, concerts will be held October 10 in Washington, DC and October 11 in New York City. Concerts in Seattle (10/17), Berkeley (10/31) and San Diego (11/2) are also planned. Info at under the "Gigs" button.

The NYC concert will be on Saturday, October 11 at 8 PM, Local 802 Musicians' Union, 322 W. 48th Street (betwen 8th and 9th Aves.)

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New book: No Innocent Bystanders

Mickey Z. | As Rosa Luxemburg sez: “The first revolutionary act is to call things by their true names.” more...  0 Comments

Two Protesters Arrested at Union Square Demonstration

Jacob Scheier | Thirty-Forty protesters in chef costumes banged pot and pans to demonstrate their outrage over plans to turn the historic north end pavilion in Union Square Park into an upscale restaurant. The protest was led by preacher-activist Reverend Billy, who was arrested along with another protester. more...  2 Comments

"Envisioning Media Justice" Co-Presented/Sponsored by the NYCGMC anhtd MAG-Net

Betty Yu | Workshop Description:
In the face of increased media consolidation, we are witnessing an erosion of independent voices in the media landscape, the shrinking of public media resources and a lack of accountability by corporate media conglomerates to serve the people's interest. Organizing for media justice means confronting and transforming the structural racism, economic injustice and corporate control in our media and communications systems.

At the 2008 NYC Grassroots Media Conference "Speaking Truth to Power: Media Justice in our Communities" we explored how to empower disenfranchised communities - those most affected by media injustice - to fight for transformation of the media system. But this conversation isn't over.

Building on the ideas we shared back in March we are inviting conference attendees, social justice organizers, media makers, activists and concerned individuals to join us in a lively interactive workshop and discussion about the impact of corporate media on our communities, and how we can together advance a media justice agenda. more...  0 Comments


Radio PICA | Hello,

para poder ver la expo, hay que ir al link : more...  0 Comments


Signs of Change | In Signs of Change: Social Movement Cultures 1960s to Now, hundreds of posters, photographs, moving images, audio clips, and ephemera bring to life over forty years of activism, political protest, and campaigns for social justice. Curated by Dara Greenwald and Josh MacPhee as part of Exit Art's Curatorial Incubator, this important and timely exhibition surveys the creative work of dozens of international social movements. more...  0 Comments

Beating the western drum

j hill | Blogging gives a voice to citizens around the world, but why do their views often go unheard in the west? And is the web really a force for radical change? more...  0 Comments

South Bronx Rhythm Resistance

Timothy Murray | The legal struggle continues for South Bronx-based hip-hop activists Rodrigo and Gonzalo Venegas, who were aggressively arrested by New York Police Department officers June 18. The brothers, members of the popular group Rebel Diaz, said they were trying to help a street vendor on Southern Boulevard in Hunts Point who, they felt, was being harassed by police officers. more...  1 Comments


ephetty | Bento​n had Co-​Found​ed & devel​oped the festi​val in June of 2007.​ Curre​ntly,​ he heads​ Black​ Beret​ Films​ and Congl​omora​te Produ​ction​s along​side actin​g fullt​ime makin​g appea​rance​s in telev​ision​ shows​ ‘The Sopra​nos’ and ‘The Dave Chapp​elle Show’​ while​ produ​cing indep​enden​t short​ films​ ‘Brow​n Paper​ Bags’​ and ‘3 Quart​ers of Face Value​’.​ Bento​n will also appea​r in Lee Danie​ls ‘Push​’ relea​sing late 2008 and as the lead in Rik Corde​ro’s THREE​21 Media​ produ​ced ‘Insi​de A Chang​e’ comin​g 2009.​
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17th FPAC Days, Sept 6-7 -A Tremendous Success

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) |
The week-end of September 6 and 7th was not a typical day. On those two days, the 17th Festival of Filipino Arts and Culture (FPAC) came back with vengeance. While some detractors believed the FPAC is dead and some of them even did their own festival in the suburbs of Los Angeles , for two days, more than 15,000 people flocked to the festival grounds at Point Fermin in San Pedro and enjoyed the display of Filipino and Filipino American sounds and furies and affirmed that FPAC is vibrant, alive and filled with enthusiasm.
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The artist will be write his picture with blood in order to sell it for $ 10 000

Artyom Suslov | The artist and poet from St.-Petersburg (Russia) Artyom Suslov recently declared war
to mass culture. He said that intends to write the picture using of his own blood
and wants to do so publicly during the performance at one of the central streets
of St. Petersburg. more...  0 Comments

Free Music for Free People

SP-USA (NYC) | Come out for a night of roots folk music with a conscience. more...  0 Comments


Alpie Garcia | Taus-pusong nagpupugay ang Alyansa Pilipinas (AJLPP) sa matibay na haligi at tagapagtaguyod ng kulturang Pilipino lalo na ng wikang Tagalog si Tiya Dely- Fidela Mendoza Magpayo.

Kasama kami ng mamamayang Pilipino nagpupugay at nalulungkot sa iyong pagyao. Nakikiramay kami ( ang AJLPP) sa lahat ng kamag-anak, kaibigan tagahanga at nakikinig sa iyong mga program.

Sa loob ng animnapung (60) taon ang kanyang tinig ay pumailanglang sa ere. Kahit ang martial law ay hindi siya napatahimk. Palibhasa nagsimula siya noong 1940 sa panahn ng pananakop ng Hapoes at yumao lamang nitong 2008, si Tiya Dely ay sinubaybayan ng milyong nakikinig sa radyo

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9/3: Dave Zirin:A People's History of Sports

Brecht Forum |
There is often a perception that sports and politics belong in different universes, just as they belong in different sections of the daily newspaper. Blowing up that myth is sportswriter Dave Zirin with A People’s History of Sports in the United States, a book that examines sports as a reflection of the political conflicts that shape American society. Standing in the tradition of rebel athletes, sports writers, and fans, Zirin critiques the way sports have been used by people in power to stoke the fires of war, corporate control, racism, sexism, and homophobia.
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NYC Socialists Reject PSL’s – Call for Sports for all!

SP-USA (NYC) | New York sports fans are dedicated to their teams. Team owners are using this loyalty to extract greater profits thereby changing spectator sports from recreation to another money-making enterprise. Sports fans need to end sports-as-business. We will not allow our stadiums to become sanitized playgrounds for the rich and tourists. more...  2 Comments

Denver Diaries: Iraq Vets, Rage Against the Machine and Winning a Round

Carl Davidson | 'Denver Diaries: Day Five - Rage, Vets, Antiwar' is one of six daily reports from the Denver DNC events by Progressives for Obama's webmaster, Carl Davidson. Read all of them at more...  2 Comments

Sept. 3—"Peoples History of Sports in the United States," Book Launch/Discussion

Dave Zirin | "A rollicking, rebellious, myth-busting history of sports in America that puts politics in the ring with pop culture" featuring author Dave Zirin in conversation with veteran New York Times sportswriter and author Robert Lipsyte. There is often a perception that sports and politics belong in different universes, just as they belong in different sections of the daily newspaper. more...  0 Comments

September 11: A Literary & Musical Event

Mickey Z. | Buzzer Thirty presents a provocative and entertaining reading/musical event... more...  0 Comments

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