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Women and Minority Filmmakers will have a Brooklyn community outlet this winter

Karla D. Moore | "Au Pair Chocolat" is the first in a series of films by women and people of color to receive a screening and discussion event at a local Brooklyn venue. more...  0 Comments

11/20: Hubert Harrison - The Voice of Harlem Radicalism

Socialist Party USA | The Socialist Party USA invites you to join us for a discussion on the new book "Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism 1883-1918" with author Jeffrey Perry on Thursday November 20th @ 7 pm.
339 Lafayette St. (buzzer #11) NYC more...  1 Comments

Obama supporters: Joel Klein Should NOT Become Education Secretary!

forwarded by Skinny John | This petition is directed at members of the New York City congressional delegation (who will be asked to weigh in) and specific members of Obama's transition team. more...  0 Comments

Anarchy and Jubilation in Philly

Jeremy Thal | Jubilation. Why is this emotion so rare in this country? I imagine it must have felt a little like this to be in Soweto for the fall of apartheid, or in Sao Paolo when the Brazilian team won the World Cup, or perhaps, in biblical times, when the jubilee year brought the forgiveness of old debts. But in Philadelphia, where just a few years ago, the mayor burned down the MOVE house and a city block with it, where there are more than 400 murders a year, where America seems at times a broken and abandoned place? more...  0 Comments


sandra.n | After the U.S presidential election an excited white youth summed up his euphoria when he blurted into the camera:

“For the first time I am proud of my generation.”

He hit the nail on the head.

more...  0 Comments

Cleansing History: Expectations and Actions in an Obama Presidency

Coounterhegemonic | McCain’s insistent fear-mongering about Obama’s economic plan to “spread the wealth around” reflected a desperate campaign searching for a message that would tap into the assumed racial fears of whites. Indeed, the greatest fear among any oppressive racial grouping comes through “revenge-fantasies” about the diabolical capacities of those they oppress once the chains of oppression are loosened. more...  22 Comments

"Hard Work and Faith" How a Formal Rite of Passage helped Basketball Executive

Sabrina Carrington - DENIM PR | A Formal Rite of Passage more...  0 Comments

Political Burlesque

SelenaVarius | Enjoy some burlesque on the presidential campaign more...  1 Comments

Monday, Nov. 10 - SLINGSHOT HIP HOP Screening & Performances at NYU

Students for Justice in Palestine | Special performances by Remi Kanazi, The Mahina Movement, Abeer Al Zinati (aka Sabreena da Witch)

Movie will be followed by a special Q&A with director Jackie Salloum and Abeer Al Zinati. more...  0 Comments

Olympia: Halloween Dance Party (Part Riot, Part Party)

repost | in the streets more...  0 Comments

Harlem's Heroes: Honoring veterans and the 784th Tank Battalion

Luis Carlos Montalván | Recently, veterans and community members gathered at Harlem's Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building to 'honor the 784th Tank Battalion for their gallantry and service' in World War II. Veterans of wars from all eras, citizens and community leaders were among those who participated in the event, which was simultaneously organized as the 'First Annual Veterans' Conference' in New York City.

more...  0 Comments

Colombia Hip Hop in NYC


Tuning into the Colombian Hip Hop Movement
Limited Edition DVD / CD Box Set launch in New York City
more...  0 Comments

So You Think You Can Be President - Debate Remix

Jonathan McIntosh | In this week’s episode, only two weeks before the election, Senator Obama and Senator McCain have their feet held to the fire over shockingly similar positions on energy and foreign policy. more...  0 Comments


Michael ONeil | The program will include a number of prominent speakers from the ranks of labor unions
and elected officials as well as a historical perspective by a keynote speaker, an
exhibit of historical events, musical acts, walking tours, and a draw-a-thon. Ed Ott - Executive Director - NYC CLC, Denis Hughes - President NYSAFL- CIO, historian Joshua J. Freeman, and State Assembly Members Deborah Glick and Richard N. Gottfried, are among the speakers.
more...  0 Comments

[Italia] No alla Mafia! - Sign for Roberto Saviano!

x | Roberto Saviano is under death threats for denouncing the criminal deeds of the Camorra in his book Gomorra, translated and read all over the world. more...  0 Comments

Marketing Possibilities for the McCain and Obama Debates

Counterhegemonic | Perhaps, though, we should not throw away the lessons offered by the neo-liberal free-marketeers so quickly. Since both the McCain and Obama campaigns have already been purchased and shaped by corporations, why not take advantage of a profitable opportunity. more...  0 Comments

Anarchist Reading Group: "48 Laws of Power"; "Woman on the Edge of Time"

wakeupanddream | Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7:30pm:
The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Wednesday, November 26, 7:30pm:
Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy more...  14 Comments

Descubrimiento de América y la Guerra del Paraguay

Luis Agüero Wagner | A casi 72 años de haberse descolonizado la historia paraguaya, un 12 de octubre de 1936, el obispo Fernando Lugo estuvo a punto de nombrar canciller a una cultivadora de la his-toriografía colonizada more...  0 Comments

Looking at the votes

news Box | Knowing what I know now in terms of our economic situation more...  0 Comments

CUNY Rising: College Activists Mobilize Campus-Wide 3-Day Social Forum

Chris Cascarano and John Tarleton | Battered by budget cuts and burdensome tuition costs while facing an indifferent administration, students at the City University of New York (CUNY) will hold a three-day gathering to chart a course for reviving campus activism. more...  1 Comments

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