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Last Shot to keep Oil out of ANWR.

Jonathan Morse | A cartoon about Manifest Destiny from Dirtworshiping Heathens Sketchbook... more...  0 Comments

next few days' events

awnva | next few days' events -- details for these and other listings plus a protest search engine at:

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Gathering Links and News on Riots in France

go figure | There seems to be a dearth of articles from left perspectives on what is going on. Either in France or Argentina for that matter.. What has happened? more...  3 Comments


Melissa Jameson | An art show bringing together the work of Palestinian, Israeli, and U.S. artists, focused on the wall Israel has been building in Palestine, opens this week on the LES. During the month-long exhibition, organizers will present two public forums on artists responding to the wall, as well as a report-back from artists who travelled to Ramallah and Tel Aviv for the show. The color catalogue, published by VoxPop Press, also includes new work from Grace Paley and Alisa Solomon in addition to articles by Stephen Zunes and Palestinian and Israeli writers. more...  0 Comments

Exhibit: New York Changing

Urban Cartography | Photographs show old and new skylines, buildings and city artwork from New York City, through the photographs and rephotographs of Douglas Levere. This link comes from an ancient metafilter post, but since the exhibition is about to end at... [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Propaganda 101 Presents First Saturdays

Propaganda 101 | This event will feature: art, djs, propmag mini-mags, cheap drinks, free snacks, and more. Propaganda 101 is a youth based, grassroots, multimedia group that works to inject progressive politics into pop culture. We believe in creativity as a powerful political force, capable of combating the destruction and apathy so prevalent in the world today. Our First Saturdays, which take place at Brooklyn's Studio 459, aim to delight and awaken the senses of anumb society.
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Bloomberg crime stats for NYC

Goldy | Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been free to spend his fortune on campaign advertisements touting the continued drop in crimes police have reported. His campaign website declares that, under Bloomberg, "the neighborhoods of New York have become safer than ever."

Tell that to the people in the emergency rooms.

The number of people who went to New York City hospitals because they were assaulted jumped sharply in four of the last five years for which figures are available—a direct contrast to the plunging number of assaults the NYPD reported. more...  0 Comments

Eulogy for the Alt-Weekly

Jeff Chang | There is no longer anything “alternative” about the alternative. The long goodbye to an oppositional politics and aesthetics begins now.
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Hot97 Bans Paid Ad for World Can't Wait Walk-outs

the burningman | As if the Tsunami song wasn't bad enough, the corporate parent company of Hot97, where "hip hop rules the world" has forbidden a paid public service announcement by Boots Reily of the rap group The Coup from going out on the airwaves today. more...  6 Comments

Call to Action- Road Trip for Relief! Reclaim the Gulf! (Week of Thanksgiving)

Kimberly | Come lend a hand over the week of Thanksgiving until November 27th. That's less than four weeks away!
The folks at Common Ground invite you to join an estimated 300 volunteers from around the continent to converge in New Orleans the week of Thanksgiving.We want to encourage those in attendance to arrive with building & clearning supplies, donated equipment and, if possible, funds that can apply directly to help rebuild and the 9th Ward.

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Event: Fight the Power -- The Hip Hop Struggle for Liberation

ROSA CLEMENTE | Friends, please pass it on, if you can come out to what will be a
wonderful event this Saturday, if you want to come and advertise an
event or represent your organization, this is a great opportunity, we
usually get 150 plus at this event, but you must contact me to reserve
space, no vendors please, just informational stuff, peace and love

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Outernational at Southpaw

Stanley W. Rogouski | World Can't Wait supporters with The Coup , Lifesavas , and The Nightwatchman (AKA Tom Morello). more...  2 Comments

Wolf in volunteer's clothing

F.P. (Free Person) | Please read and repost..... more...  4 Comments

WOID #XIV-4. The Ghouling Class

Hoipolloi Cassidy | "Whatever Halloween might once have been, it has the potential now as then to turn into a vision of the world upside-down, the rising of the downtrodden - or the reverse, the crushing of the oppressed. By all indications it's heading in the latter direction." more...  0 Comments

Calling all Cyclists!

nycbkr | FreeWheels urges you to call your councilmember today to demand that the NYPD stop arresting and harrassing cyclists. more...  5 Comments

Another Cyclist Killed

nycbkr | As reported in today's NYT: more...  1 Comments

More Bike Kill Photos

Ida C Benedetto | In an alley in Clinton Hill last night, hundreds of people gathered to bomb around on modified bikes, jump them over dirty matresses and a smashed car, and joust on tall bikes. more...  0 Comments

Bike Kill Photos

Ida C Benedetto | In an alley in Clinton Hill last night, hundreds of people gathered to bomb around on modified bikes, jump them over dirty matresses and a smashed car, and joust on tall bikes. more...  0 Comments

Images: Critical Mass

fred askew | Photographs from the October 2005 NYC Critical Mass more...  0 Comments

Halloween Critical Mass

roger m | Several smaller groups of riders originating from various locations collected into 2 main groups of 200 or so which moved separately around Manhattan. Both groups made a pass through Times Square. Smiling traffic cops waved our group through. It was great to mass through Times Square for the first time in many months.

For some reason the cops left the ride alone. I don't know of any arrests. There was a helicopter overhead and a number of scooter cops around Union Square. I mused that the authorities were respecting the holiday and having a temporary cease-fire. A more realistic theory was offered that the fascists were called off due to the upcoming mayoral elections.

[Also See: Bikblog post on the Halloween CM || Photos || Bike Kill 2005] more...  5 Comments

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