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Immokalee Workers Turn Up the Heat on McDonalds

nacho | Please take a moment today to check this out, email McDonalds, and encourage friends and family to do the same. The next phase of the struggle for Fair Food begins... Taco Bell was just the beginning. more...  1 Comments


Win Animal Rights | Friday November 25, 2005, join Win Animal Rights for one of the most important anti-fur events of the year, Fur Free Friday. On this day, we will continue our on-going campaign as we again confront one of the most notorious fur mongers in New York City, Dennis Basso. Join us and send a loud and clear message to Basso and to all of the other fur scum along NYC's trendy and fashionable Madison Avenue. more...  0 Comments

La Caravana de Artistas en Resistencia

Visual Resistance | The incredible existing murals in Oventic, are by muralista extraordinaire, Gustavo Chavez, the spearhead of the whole experience. The prevailing themes in the murals are the things that make up the EZLN movement, democracy, justice, freedom, strong women, and of course Zapata, Che, Marcos, corn, children, and snails. The book held by the woman in my mural has the tzotzil words for democracy, justice, and freedom on it." Read More and See More Pictures From the Caravan more...  0 Comments

Helping the Hated

Amy Wolf | “You know what it feels like to be sodomized by a family member, so knowing that, why would you go and do that to your nephew?”
more...  7 Comments

Internet Summit Claims Success in the Midst of Protest

David Roknich | Tunis,(11-18-05)DOGSPOT The World Summit on the Information Society has just released a statement of their resounding success in Tunisia, where they maped the course of the internet toward a goal of global connectivity by 2015. Meanwhile, the "digital divide" was demonstrated throughout Tunis, where internet sites were blocked and civil society organisations experienced a police crackdown. more...  0 Comments

29 hours of commercial free Hip Hop

WBAI Listener | New York, NY -- With the event of today’s urban radio stations, where listeners do not have the opportunity to express their opinions of what they would like to listen to, starting Friday November 18th at 7pm lasting 29 hours, commercial free listener sponsored WBAI 99.5fm will be that alternative. more...  0 Comments

Critical Resistance Fundraiser Nov 19th: Party For Your Right to Fight III

CR NYC | Critical Resistance and Restless Produxns present a benefit party for CR. Celebrating our community and our struggle, in the years since CR's space and the APOC party and party-goers were attacked by the NYPD on Nov. 15th 2003. more...  1 Comments

KLAN RALLY in Kingston 11/19 - We Need Your Help

Wynter | Saturday November 19th , Noon
Kingston Highschool
403 Broadway, Kingston NY

for more info contact more...  5 Comments

The Language War: DoD Funding and Critical Language Study

Adam Federman | The funding of language study in the United States is largely dependent upon the needs of the foreign policy establishment. Thus, on the rare occasion that Americans are encouraged to study a language other than their own, which is itself rather infrequent, it is for the expressed purpose of, oh, defending the nation, deciphering intelligence, or if one truly makes it to the big leagues, carrying out covert operations as an undercover agent. more...  0 Comments

An Evening with Writer and Activist ARIEL DORFMAN

Yvonne Liu | ARIEL DORFMAN was forced into exile following the 1973 Chilean military coup. Since 1985 he has taught at Duke University. Dorfman has written powerful fiction dealing with the horrors of tyranny and the trials of exile. His 1990 "Death and the Maiden" was made into a brilliant film by Roman Polanski, starring Ben Kingsley and Sigourney Weaver. His play "The Other Side" opens at the Manhattan Theatre Club in December. more...  1 Comments

Fur Free Friday

Win Animal Rights | Friday November 25, 2005, join Win Animal Rights for one of the most important anti-fur events of the year, Fur Free Friday. On this day, we will continue our on-going campaign as we again confront one of the most notorious fur mongers in New York City, Dennis Basso. more...  0 Comments

An Old World Artist for the New World Order: Fra Angelico at the Met

James Jackson Jiveass | Unfortunately Angelico's work looks even worse in reproductions, which goes far to explain his fame. The reproductions look like Hyppolite Flandrin, the nineteenth-century French painter who painted the nineteenth-century French idea of Fra Angelico, and Angelico's fame is all in the reproduction, sizzle without a steak. This show is supposed to proceed chronologically, but there's nowhere to go: Angelico was selling the Angelico brand even before Flandrin, he got the formula down early and spent the rest of his life delivering on it. What next, a Fra Angelico liqueur? more...  3 Comments


I'd Rather Be Drinking | Announcing "WORK . COMMUNITY . POLITICS . WAR" a new coloring book for the angry wage-worker. more...  0 Comments

Last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi - and a spill of thoughts

Sunsara Taylor | Given the stakes for millions of womens lives, and the definitely trajectory towards ending abortion and birth control in this country, its time to take on and defeat three of the most common wrong notions that stand in the way of the fight that must be waged. more...  0 Comments

Freecycle "Freemeet" November 19th-come share with us

garbage hater | Saturday, November 19, 2005, 11am-4pm
(please drop off items no later than 3pm) At the Sixth Street Community Center more...  0 Comments

En fins (clichy sous bois): zone d’injustices ?" dub

Ytzhak | ...le pute/il trip sur la/et voila!!!...Check ca!!!/Tous les gars/Son!!!/lookin for talkshow clammers/You bangin naw/We a go clappin/applausibility/drownin out the vorticist/Capitalist et Schizophrenie/Reversionism/Deleuze comme Guatarrie/Cee/Si je jeux/dis/Vox/Isa/The sublime poundin
the concrete of amerikkka
more...  1 Comments

The Palestinian Cinema Invasion Continues! "PRIVATE" Opens Nov. 18th in NYC

Suneel(a) Mubayi | * W I N N E R *
FIPRESCI Jury Award - The International Federation of Film Critics
Golden Leopard Award, Best Director - Locarno Film Festival
Bronze Leopard Award, Best Actor, Mohammed Bakri - Locarno more...  0 Comments

ARISTIDE and the endless revolution

Baraka Productions | An hour south of Miami, the elected president of the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation has twice been forced from office with the complicity of the international community. "ARISTIDE and the Endless Revolution" investigates the tragic events that led to the second violent expulsion of Jean Bertrand Aristide from Haiti. This documentary reveals the tangled web of hope, deceit, and political violence that has brought the world's first black republic to its knees. more...  0 Comments

Against Hollywood and Globalization: UNESCO and Cultural Diversity

Florian Roetzer | The Convention on Protectionof Cultural Diversity was passed at the UNESCO General assembly over the objectionof the isolated US government. more...  0 Comments

Is Wal-Mart a Bigger Wedge Issue Than Abortion?

Big Cities, Big Boxes | With a tip of the hat to Professor Bainbridge, the Boston Globe has just published an interesting op-ed on the battle lines in the Wal-Mart matter, called "All the Rage: Wal-Mart as the Great Divider," by John Dicker.... [Read More] more...  0 Comments

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