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Start a Drumbeat for cannabis

Jonathan Morse | Weekly Cartoon from Dirt Worshiping Heathens Sketchbook...`shajon/index.html more...  4 Comments

George Galloway on the London Bombings

Bill Templer | A statement on the London bombings 7/7 by George Galloway, British MP from Respect - The Unity Coalition more...  0 Comments

Cop shot, Blacks targeted in Queens round-up

~ | more...  0 Comments

'Freedom Tower' Unveiled

GDG | The new "Freedom Tower has been unveiled. more...  5 Comments

Free concert with David Peel and others

Dr Hemp | David Peel, an indelible part of the counterculture for over three decades (and the little-credited father of punk rock), will be doing a rare live show in Tompkins Square Park this Sunday, June 5th. more...  1 Comments

a fascist's view of Washington Square Park

U No Who | op-ed piece in today's "Daily News" more...  14 Comments

Marijuana Arrests at Allman Brothers Shows

Allman Brothers Fan | Beacon Theater, March 2005 - Allman Brothers Concert - Believe it or not - Two responsible Executives - 50 year old Fathers from the burbs go out for great dinner on W 75th, walk across the street to the line of ticket holders for the Allman Brothers - light up a joint and get ARRESTED for Marijuana Possession and Smoking in Public - this was done by NYC Police Vice Squad - dressed up in Wigs and Allman Brothers Hats - What is happening to NYC ????? The City should be ashamed of this type of behavior and Allman Brothers Fams should be aware of this !!!!! more...  10 Comments


Ake Tyvi | Finland - Few days ago Finns flew a group of Georgian women back to their homeland after these tourists did not have enough money to spend in Finland. more...  0 Comments

medical use of cannabis poll for south dakota

hempqueen | medical use of cannabis poll for south dakota more...  1 Comments

Your right to choose your vitamin, mineral and other supplements may end...

Citizen | more...  0 Comments

Drug Industry Is Being Deregulated

Denny Burbeck | Are you in favor of deregulating the Drug Industry? more...  0 Comments

Third Leading Cause of Death

Mike Kennedy | more...  2 Comments

Gary Webb, African-American Paranoia and the Black Consensus

Bruce A. Dixon for Black Commentator, repost by Pink Elephant | RePosters Comment: You don't have to be white to be brainwashed but it's unusual in America to be black and still believe mainstream media. Excerpt: 'More than eight years after Gary Webb’s courageous reporting, millions of outraged citizens demand probes into exit poll manipulations, selective purges of voter lists, widespread vote fraud and ubiquitous voter suppression efforts in the minority communities of battleground states during the recent presidential election. We should expect to see complainants mislabeled as “conspiracy theorists†' more...  0 Comments

Congress and NIH-National Institutes of Health-Bought and Owned by Big Pharmaceutical Corporations

LA Times | It's not just former 'representatives of the people' like Republican crooks Billy Tauzin (R-La.) and James Greenwood (R-Pa) who are hooked on big doses of Drug Company dollars, the federally employed researchers at NIH act as salesmen for the drugs they are supposedly evaluating, and for much bigger money than their six figure taxpayer paid salaries at NIH. more...  1 Comments

Gary Webb, a shining light of journalistic courage, dead at 49

Dark Force | more...  2 Comments


twospiritwarrior | YIPPEE Ki Yay................................... more...  0 Comments

The Rockefeller Drug Reform Sham

Rosa Clemente | "We should be ashamed of ourselves," he said. "Rockefeller drug reform - ha! - I don't think so." State Sen. Thomas Duane (D-Manhattan), While many are praising the recent reform of the Rockefeller drug laws, many more are not. Although the reform bill will reduce the most severe mandatory sentences for drug offenses, according to data from the New York State Department of Correctional Services, the reform change will affect only 446 prisoners, 15,600 felons imprisoned under the drug law will remain imprisoned. Even with the proposed revisions, New York still has the harshest drug-sentencing laws in the country. According to Donna Lieberman executive director of the New York Civil Liberties, "Absent structural changes to the Rockefeller Drug Laws - which requires restoring to judges the authority to order treatment as an alternative to sentencing - we will not have meaningful reform.†According to the NYCLU the new law will leave in place sentencing procedures that give prosecutors authority to charge and sentence. Judges have no discretion over sentencing. Prosecutors can demand a sentence of ten years for an addict with no criminal record who is induced by a dealer to deliver four ounces of a drug to a buyer. A judge who believes justice -- and the public interest -- would be best served by ordering the defendant to treatment rather than prison is prevented from doing so and if the judge did have discretion to send the person to drug treatment and nowhere in the reform bill is there funding for drug treatment programs. The new law will also do little or nothing to reform the harsh sentences imposed on "B" felons, those charged with lesser drug offenses, the NYCLU said. For example, an individual who is caught with a gram of a controlled substance, but has a prior offense still faces 3 _ to 12 years in prison. The majority of drug offenders serving time in New York prisons are non-violent B felons. So once again the Hip Hop community, who are the overwhelming victims of these drug laws, have been hoodwinked. "It's because of the artists. There's no way that it would have happened without the help of Jay-Z and Puffy and all the people who contributed," Simmons told "All those people really worked hard, they pushed, and it's really the power of hip-hop that made that happen. People came out, it was a big deal." Bull****! Once again Russell Simmons is wrong, misinformed and his praise of this reform bill has me questioning the relevance of him and his organization. I know that by even critiquing the so called “Hip Hop leader†that I open myself to attacks, some folks will say I am player hating, but what can I do, I am a true Hip Hopper, I try to be a voice for the voiceless and ultimately I am more concerned about the impact of this sham and the 18,000 majority Black and Brown folks that will continue to sit in upstate prisons. As someone who has been part of the campaign to repeal these laws, repeal not reform, I along with many activists are not at all happy with this compromise reform bill. Once again, our elected officials, those that are supposed to serve the interest of the people, have pulled the wool over our eyes, and just at the right time. November 2005 is a huge election year in New York, what a perfect way to appease the electorate. Governor Pataki and other elected officials are up for reelection in 2005, we should remember this betrayal when we go to the election booths. The Governor and his Republican and Democratic cohorts knew they had to do something, and so they did nothing. For over twenty years, activists like Randy Credico, Anthony Pappa, and Elaine Bartlett have fought tirelessly to repeal these laws. Randy director of the Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice and an organizer of the group Mothers of the New York Disappeared said in The New York Times that he is faced with calling many of the group's members, he said, and tell them their children "are not coming home.†In the last five years the Drop the Rock, a coalition spearheaded by Robert Ganagi and the Correctional Association of New York and composed of young community activists, veteran criminal justice reformers, artists, students, former inmates, politicians, and religious, civic, and labor leaders have also worked hard to repeal these draconian laws. What happened in Albany 48 hours ago was a de-service to all the people who dedicated themselves to this movement. So it’s now time to dust us up, and dig into the trenches. We should no longer as a community be satisfied, with answers that leave more questions. Amilcar Cabral, leader of the Guinea-Bissau liberation struggle once stated, “Tell no lies, expose lies wherever they are told, mask no difficulties, mistakes nor failures, claim no easy victories.†We cannot claim victories that are not real, when Russell stated in the New York times “ I am very, very happy†we must ask the question what is he happy about. It is time Hip Hop start speaking truth to power, loudly and clearly, whether we speak loudly to a Governor or a “Hip Hop mogul†the point is that we speak truth, anything less would be a disservice to Hip Hop culture and to the 15,600 brothers and sisters that will stay behind the walls. ROSA CLEMENTE, IS A HIP HOP ACTIVIST, A JOURNALIST WITH WBAI RADIO IN NEW YORK CITY AND MEMBER OF THE MALCOLM X GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT. SHE CAN BE REACHED AT KNOWTHYSELF@MAC.COM THE ROCKEFELLER DRUG REFORM SHAM "We should be ashamed of ourselves," he said. "Rockefeller drug reform - ha! - I don't think so." State Sen. Thomas Duane (D-Manhattan), While many are praising the recent reform of the Rockefeller drug laws, many more are not. more...  2 Comments

Join The Ranks Of The Insane

twospiritwarrior | Ganja makes you psychotic? more...  1 Comments

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