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Juiced-Up Bats Make Baseball Owners Fat (Indypendent)

Steven Wishnia | When George W. Bush spoke out against the use of steroids in baseball during his 2004 State of the Union address, it raised some eyebrows. Was this more important than the environment, AIDS, or high housing costs, which Bush ignored? more...  0 Comments

Street Vendors on the Lam (Indypendent)

Andrew Silverstein | On a warm spring night in Jackson Heights, an older Mexican vendor was filling an order of five elotes – fresh corn lathered in mayonnaise, covered in cotija cheese and dusted with a hot pepper powder. While he pulled the third corncob from a large pot in the shopping cart equipped with all his ingredients, a fellow vendor whistled, alerting him to an approaching police officer. In a panic, he covered his cart, pushed it against a wall and told his three customers to come back in five minutes. He then ran into a convenience store. more...  0 Comments

Spreading Food Emergency in Africa (Indypendent)

Donald Paneth | UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.—A new, extremely dangerous crystallization of world affairs is taking place. Its most urgent manifestation is the spreading food emergency in Africa. more...  0 Comments

CAFTA Rolls On, But There May Be Bumps Along the Way (Indypendent)

Susan Chenelle | Opposition to corporate globalization rising in the region. more...  0 Comments

Congress Caves on CAFTA (Indypendent)

Susan Chenelle | Following a marathon session of arm-twisting on the part of the Bush administration on the night of July 27 – during which “the floor of the House of Representatives resembled the set of ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’” according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – the House of Representatives approved the long-contested Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), by the slim margin of 217-215. more...  0 Comments

Billioniares Rush to the Aid of StarBucks

Diva Denz, reporting | Manhattan Billionaires could not sip their lattes idly while StarBucks Corporation faced attacks by pro-union protesters on Saturday, August 6. Instead, a bevy of Billionaires recognized our #1 specialty coffee retailer for its outstanding performance in union-busting and its continuing commitment to pay its baristas unlivable wages. more...  40 Comments

Help for American's to compete for White collar Jobs

Wayne D. Pickette | Every Student GED, Middle School, High School can benefit from this manual. It is an encyclopedia of mathematic theory required for any student to know perfectly to easily pass tests. more...  0 Comments

The CAFTA 15--Meeks Staffer Wigs Out

anonymous | Well, if you wondered whether the CAFTA 15 are testy about their
vote and maybe a tad worried that it's going to come back to bite them,
check out this barrage which was sent by Mike McKay, senior policy
advisor to Rep. Gregory Meeks (NY, District 06), one of the CAFTA 15. He
sent it as an e-mail to an individual involved in the anti-CAFTA work and
it was sent on to me. more...  0 Comments


Michael Kane | [The following is a telling article from the August 7 NY Post about the situation in my workplace. Sound familiar? -WS]

more...  2 Comments

Indypendent: Live 8’s Empty Lyrics

Christina Zawerucha | Perhaps some awareness was generated through the feel-good Live 8 concerts – but viable, effective solutions were not. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent: Ringing Out Corrupt Politicians

David Pugh | “Hello, Garci? So will I still lead by more than 1 million votes?” is ringing on cellphones throughout the Philippines. It is allegedly the voice of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo talking with commissioner of elections, Virgilio “Garci” Garcillano, in May 2004 before the election results were announced. Arroyo did, in fact, win by a million votes. more...  0 Comments

African AIDS Groups Plagued by Fickle Western Donors

Neela Goshal and Jeremy Kamps | In the August 1st issue of The Indypendent more...  0 Comments

Putting the Occupation on Trial

Amy Wolf | The World Tribunal on Iraq has posted the majority of transcripts and testimonies from this seminal event on its Web site, In addition, Deep Dish TV recorded the testimonies and panel discussions, and will provide those to the public soon. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent: Bush & Blair’s War on the World

A.K. Gupta | A CIA report concludes Iraq is becoming an "even more effective training ground for Islamic extremists than Afghanistan." more...  0 Comments

Everyone Loves the Rich

Don Monkerud | The “get rich someday” dream is cited by many as the reason Americans lend their political support to the wealthy, voting against their own economic self-interest. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent: Brooklyn Greens Gun for Marty

Rahul Chadha | Since assuming the office of Brooklyn Borough President in 2002, Marty Markowitz has dedicated himself to a bare-knuckled boosterism designed to evoke nostalgia for a Brooklyn that no longer exists. more...  4 Comments

Indypendent: Pay Parks

Halley Bondy | For the cost of a pricey bottle of wine one can take a child to Victorian Gardens, a small, 11-ride amusement park on the southeast side of Central Park. The cheap thrills at Victorian Gardens costs $18 for a day-pass or $6 a la carte. Perhaps to distract from the steep ticket price, a sign posted outside attempts to sweep prospective entrants into a make-believe land. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent: St. Brigid’s on the Cross?

Bennett Baumer | From The Indypendent's August 1st Issue more...  0 Comments


more...  0 Comments

NYC Picket: Not Back?n Down For Fired Wobbly Sarah Bender! -Sat. Aug. 6th

STarbucks Union | Picket at the 17th and 1st Starbucks Saturday, Aug 6th at 2pm more...  0 Comments

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