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The WTO in Hong Kong, Dec. 13-18

Joseph Yu | A grand global fight looms in Hong Kong in December—a fight between the rich corporations and governments of the First World, and the vast number of people in the Third World worst hit by the W.T.O. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Charged with Terminating Two Employees for Union Activity

Retail Worker | New York, NY- The National Labor Relations Board has charged 15 Starbucks officials with an extensive array of anti-union acts including the discharge of two baristas for organizing activity. The multi-count complaint, detailing unlawful activity at three Starbucks stores, comes after an independent investigation of the world's largest coffee chain triggered by charges from the IWW Starbucks Workers Union. more...  3 Comments

Long Island Buy Nothing Day Actions

anonymous | On November 25th, Buy Nothing Day, several actions against consumerism took place on Long Island. In the morning, five banners were dropped over a number of overpasses on the Meadowbrook Pkwy, on the path leading towards the massive Roosevelt Field Mall where thousands of consumers were waiting to buy worthless items at low prices. more...  8 Comments

Buy Nothing Today, Baptism on Sunday

Michael O | Today at noon, the day after Thanksgiving, join our Buy Nothing Celebration at the Plaza Hotel on the 5th Avenue side, near 59th Street. We'll be utterly inappropriate in public space and ask shoppers to partake in buyless-ness. Then on Sunday the 27th at 7pm, join us at St. Mark's Church on 2nd Ave and 10th Street as we baptize 7 infants into lives without logos. more...  0 Comments

Shut Down Starbucks on Buy Nothing Day In Solidarity with Baristas!

Worker Freedom | Shut Down Starbucks on Buy Nothing Day In Solidarity with Baristas! more...  1 Comments

Workers at Third U.S. Starbucks Go Union:Picket 11/25 NYC

Tommy NYC |
Workers at Third U.S. Starbucks Go Union
For Immediate Release: Starbucks Workers Union
November 18, 2005

more...  1 Comments

Immokalee Workers Turn Up the Heat on McDonalds

nacho | Please take a moment today to check this out, email McDonalds, and encourage friends and family to do the same. The next phase of the struggle for Fair Food begins... Taco Bell was just the beginning. more...  1 Comments

Paul Samuelson Attacks a Dogma

Christa Luft | The best-knwon economist of the world doubts that shifting services to india and buying cheap goods from China bring advantages to Americans when the income of workers falls through the foreign competition.. The free flow of capital has the consequence that investments are decided by absolute profitability, not by a comparative advantage. more...  1 Comments

Bush KNEW 9/21/01: No 9/11 - Iraq Connection

Murray Waas | A HUGE smoking gun. more...  0 Comments


Win Animal Rights | Friday November 25, 2005, join Win Animal Rights for one of the most important anti-fur events of the year, Fur Free Friday. On this day, we will continue our on-going campaign as we again confront one of the most notorious fur mongers in New York City, Dennis Basso. Join us and send a loud and clear message to Basso and to all of the other fur scum along NYC's trendy and fashionable Madison Avenue. more...  0 Comments

New School part-time faculty contract with ACT-UAW

c/o Bob Kerrey | "I am happy to report that our part-time faculty have ratified the agreement that was reached with their union, ACT-UAW, on October 31, 2005. This is a historic contract, because it is the first-time that a private university has guaranteed job security to part-time faculty. And, importantly, this is a win-win situation for all sides. We are gratified that we were able to come to closure on this agreement."

more...  0 Comments

Puerto Rico and the Ghosts of Politics Past: Cuba, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico on the Timeline Towards Justice

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | As Puerto Rico struggles towards self-determination, Venezuela develops its Bolivarian Revolution, and Cuba maintains its Revolutionary successes, we see in the three countries examples of true struggle and sacrifice in an almost timeline fashion towards the ideal of a just national order. more...  2 Comments

Only the Rich Profit from US Growth

Rainer Rupp | The founding fathers of American democracy defined their new form of government as government by the people for the people. In the meantime US democracy has become government by the rich for the rich. more...  0 Comments

Thousands in Mass. to get cheaper oil, Delahunt, Chávez help broker deal

madhatter | Thousands in Mass. to get cheaper oil
Delahunt, Chávez help broker deal more...  1 Comments

Hicksville Counter-Recruitment

resist | On November 19th in Hicksville, NY, we staged a protest in front of the local military recruitment center. We handed out flyers on the myths that recruiters tell youth, brought signs and banners, and there was little police interference. We got cheers and honks of support as well as a guy who was so proud of us he bought us coffee. Here are some photos taken at the protest... more...  4 Comments

Unions mobilize in Puerto Rico

Tom Soto | On Sunday, Nov. 6, thousands of teachers wearing bright yellow T-shirts identifying their union, the Federation of Teachers marched militantly through the narrow streets of Old San Juan, gathering at the Plaza de Colón, marching to the capitol building where the Puerto Rican Legislature is housed, and then to the governor’s seaside mansion. more...  0 Comments

Is Work a Basic Social Right?

Thomas Kuczynski | "Hard work including persuasive work is necessary so the ruled free themselves from the worries of the rulers and tghen become the rulers themselves." more...  1 Comments

NYU Strike and Town Hall Meeting

Rubble | The Town Hall teach-in was held for hundreds of students in a packed, standing room only auditorium. Faculty and students presented their case eloguently. Undergraduate students asking intelligent, pointed questions about why a strike is necessary, why they should be involved in supporting this strike, and what rights and responsibilities are present to accomodate their classroom education while the strike proceeds. While unionists have been very outspoken about labor-busting, students demanded that activists move beyond the pitched rhetoric both sides have presented, and explain the situation more completely. Exapmles were given describing a nationwide assault on the quality of higher education and student rights. [Full Strike Coverage || Pictures From Today's Protest] more...  1 Comments

Link to NYU Strike News Still Available

Chris Anderson | The story will probably rotate back onto the front page as events warrant. more...  0 Comments

Humane Freedom and the Free Market

Karl Mueller | "More free market is a social-political program involving a redistribution of power and money - in favor of a few special interests of the already rich and powerful.." more...  0 Comments

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