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Teamsters Raid On IWW Drive Fails

Worker Freedom | On Nov. 1, Local 810 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters lost an NLRB election for the roughly 300-worker transportation department of New York City internet grocer FreshDirect, LLC. The local had lost an election in 2004 for the same unit. Despite having won the support of over 100 workers who could have been organized into a powerful union presence, Local 810 abandoned the field after that election.
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SP-NYC: We Support The TWU Local 100: What YOU Can Do.

Tommy NYC | Includes TWU list of Picket locations: If there's a strike come out to support the workers, bring 'em a cup of coffee, let 'em know that their fight is our fight! more...  3 Comments

NYC transit workers need a decent contract

Workers World | The 33,000 transit workers deserve every nickel they’re asking for, without concessions and tradeoffs, and a safe work environment. The public demands the right to a safe affordable ride. The millions of straphangers are inextricably tied to the transit workers and their union. The MTA is their enemy, too. more...  3 Comments

Shareholders don't just eat icing: They eat the cake too

John Good, J.D. | Rosneft, a 58 billion usd oil conglomerate in Russia, will soon sell some of its stock through an IPO offering on the London and Russian stock exchanges. Looks like it needs to shine up its image because commentators from major news outlets have reported that Donald Evans, President Bush's former Commerce Secretary, may become Rosneft's next Chairman. more...  0 Comments

Interview with TWU Local 100 Pres. Roger Toussaint: What It Is We Want

Zita Allen/Amsterdam News | Will they or won't they? Roger Toussaint explains the union's position even as he dodges the big question: will the Transit Workers' Union defy the draconican Taylor Laws and walk off the job Thursday when their contract expires? more...  1 Comments

Protest Henry Kissinger and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe (Union Killer!) at NYU -- Thursday, 6 PM

SALVADOR ALLENDE TE QUEREMOS | This panel, ominously named "New Political Policies
for the Americas" is no
neutral "dialogue" about the way forward for the
people of South America.
NYU is giving the stage to Kissinger and Uribe to lay
out neoliberal
policy--policy that has and continues to open the way
for union-busting,
corporate dominance and manipulation by predatory
lending agencies. It is
no surprise that NYU gives a voice to such characters,
because here at NYU
the administration follows the same policy of busting
unions for corporate
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International alliance calls for end to term “clean coal,” calls for responsible transition

Coal River Mountain Watch | In Response to the growing and unfortunate trend among environmental and social justice groups use of the industry and government created term "clean coal," West Virginia Citizen's Action Group, Coal River Mountain Watch launched an internationally circulated sign-on letter calling for a unification of these groups against this sort of industry doublespeak which makes it so much harder for those working towards positive change to achieve it. Over 80 Organizations and prominent individuals have signed on at the time of the release. Please add your name too. more...  0 Comments

URGENT SOLIDARITY APPEAL - Starbucks worker Joe Agins Jr. fired in NYC

Worker Freedom | Today, December 12, Joe Agins Jr. was fired by store manager Julian Warner at starbucks on 2nd and 9th in NYC. Julian made reference to an alleged verbal argument that had occurred inside a starbucks outside of Joe's work time. Joe has been a member of the union since July and one of the hardest working and most committed organizers.

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Cops Defend Nazis as Hundreds Protest in Toledo

Alex Gould | The truth must be told about how the police carried out a premeditated plan to violently suppress opposition to the fascist recruitment rally, and about how the state is not a neutral arbiter of free speech but a patron and defender of ultra-right terrorists. more...  3 Comments

Victory! Coke Banned at NYU

NYU Inc | After two years of amazingly inspirational activist work at NYU, a ban on Cola-Cola products was passed at the All-University Senate meeting today! To see the Coke Ban in a global context, click here. more...  0 Comments

First Day of WTO Protests-Thousands March in Hong Kong

Messenger | For the report from the UK's Telegraph web site, click the URL below: more...  0 Comments

Why NYU Grad Students Are Winning

Gordon Lafer | The most dramatic fact about the current strike may be that all signs suggest that
the Graduate Student Organizing Committee is on the verge of a huge victory. more...  1 Comments

Free Trade Endangers Jobs Worldwide

Attac Austria | Free trade in agriculture means export-orientation and mass production instead of giving priority to food security and qualitatively high-grade regional food production. more...  0 Comments

No Room for Grace: Book Review

Beat Dietschy | If abundance of life for all people is the heart of the biblical vision, economic thinking focuses on the shortage of resources..The possible abundance is destroyed and the benefit calculus - a shortage calculus - transforms shortage into disaster. Not subjecting everything to the market-benefit-calculus is vital. more...  0 Comments

Train in Vain? Part Two

Kevin Keating | Part two of a continuing work-in-progress more...  3 Comments

'Sex Worker': Tales of a Hotel Dick

Steve Peacock | There are estimated to be millions of women and children around the world who are forced into the sex industry. Many are transported across the globe against their will. Others, however, enter the business for one reason and one reason only: the money's good. The following piece is the first in a series of excerpts from 'Hotel Dick: Harlots, Starlets, Thieves & Sleaze," a memoir of my five years as a plainclothes house detective -- or "hotel dick," as they are known -- at the Helmsley Palace, New York City's former playground of the wealthy and powerful. more...  5 Comments

French Rappers are the “Loudspeakers” of the Ghetto (Indypendent)

NICOLE ASQUITH | For the past 10 years, French rappers have been the “loudspeakers” (as Joey Starr, of NTM puts it) of the banlieue: the suburbs where projects house immigrants, who were brought to France as a cheap labor force after World War Two, and their descendants. more...  0 Comments


French Right Reviles Rappers (Indypendent)

NICOLE ASQUITH | 153 deputies and 40 senators have asked French Minister of Justice Pascal Clément to consider taking legal actions against seven rap groups for “anti-white” racism and hatred of France. more...  0 Comments

FRENCH RIOTS: A Wake-up Call for the Left (Indypendent)

DANIELLE FOLLETT | The recent unrest that exploded throughout France has added to the rightward lunge of the political scene, with politicians such as center-right Foreign Minister Nicholas Sarkozy and far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen profiting from the situation. In face of these developments, the splintered left is searching for responses.
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