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TWU Board Agrees to New Contract

Newsday | The executive board of the transit system's main union last night overwhelmingly approved a contract deal that would raise workers' wages a combined 11 percentage points over three years. The proposed pact included no pension concessions, but for the first time employees would pay a portion of their health insurance. more...  0 Comments

NYC union announces breakthrough

bbc | New York City transport union bosses have reached a provisional agreement with city authorities following last week's three-day strike. more...  0 Comments

"TOOKIE LIVES" RALLY IN HARLEM (this Thursday) | 12/29 Rally and Candle-light vigil in Harlem on World Redemption Day... more...  5 Comments

Wednesday Screening: WAL-MART: The High Cost Of Low Price

Ken Nash | The New York Public Library Guild, Local 1930 DC 37
" WAL-MART: The High Cost Of Low Price"
The Award winning documentary about the labor practices at WAL-MART

more...  0 Comments

The Iron Cage that has Descended upon Modern Humanity

populist | We are not becoming emancipated; we are becoming automated. more...  0 Comments

Class, Race, White Privilege and the MTA Strike

onto | It's interesting how this strike was framed by so many different sides as a city issue, class issue, workers issue, but never as a race issue. Seeing as how the TWU is overwhelming people of color and immigrants, to ignore how race and white privilege in the MTA, TWU and regular New Yorkers themselves played itself out is itself to perpetuate the luxury of not 'noticing' it at all. This isn't a complete analysis, but rather some beginning questions. more...  36 Comments

Celebrities 'hijacked' poverty campaign, say furious charities

BEEP BEEP | The campaign, led by a coalition of 540 organisations, was launched amid fanfare on 1 January this year with a pledge to narrow the gap between the world's rich and poor. Yesterday, aid workers told how it had been "hijacked" by celebrities at the expense of real achievements in securing sold debts, aid and trade deals for the developing world. Events at the G8 summit in Gleneagles in July, attended by the campaigner Bob Geldof, attracted some of the strongest criticism. more...  0 Comments

China: grave symptoms

Workers World | China’s Communist Party has introduced market reforms, it says, in order to accelerate its development and build socialism. But the market is not just a stimulus; it creates a class of millionaires that corrupts the economic and political structures and divides the people, undermining the class solidarity that is the bedrock of socialist construction. more...  8 Comments

UFPJ leadership divides the anti-war movement

Workers World | These organizational complaints are merely a cover behind which the UFPJ leadership is readying an open shift to the right, orienting to the so-called “anti-war” elements in the capitalist establishment and preparing to use the anti-war movement as a platform for promoting the Democratic Party in the 2006 elections. more...  9 Comments

Update from Argentina: Rock for Hotel Bauen and Zanon

Marie Trigona | Here's the latest on the BAUEN conflict. If anyone is interested in more information please contact Marie Trigona or the BAUEN hotel:

Trabajadores del Hotel Bauen Coop
prensatrabajadoresdelbauen [at] more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Dump the Bosses off Your Back: 100 Years of the I.W.W. with Charlie King and Karen Brandow

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Dump the Bosses off Your Back:
100 Years of the Industrial Workers of the World in Songs and Stories
With Charlie King and Karen Brandow more...  0 Comments

MTA Also Violated Taylor Law

Sonali | While the media is focusing on the illegality of the strikes, we should not forget that the MTA also violated a section of the Taylor Law when they tried to make last-minute changes to the pension plan. more...  2 Comments

Jersey City Food Not Bombs Dec 24th 1pm

Tommy NYC | ! more...  2 Comments

Juan Gonzalez: Both Sides Did What They Had To

Juan Gonzalez | The mediators pointed in a press conference to the key ingredient in a possible settlement: The MTA would abandon its demand for a less-generous pension plan for new workers if the union agreed to have its members pay some portion of their health insurance. This was not just a hint.

Sources tell me the language of such a settlement is already being drawn up, that final negotiations could take only a few days. more...  0 Comments

Strike: Winners and Losers?

Analysis | The rank and file of TWU Local 100 is a definite winner. From the looks of it and I may, like Jed Brandt, eat my shoes, but I think the TWU has beat back the pension proposal by the MTA. The also shut down the largest city in the US and showed the strength that workers have. It was a lesson to workers and also to the bosses as to who runs this city. [See Also Juan Gonzalez: Both Sides Did What They Had To] more...  34 Comments

Starbucks Union: Statement of Solidarity with Transit Workers

Worker Freedom | As a recipient of support from TWU Local 100 members on our picket lines, it is with great honor that we express our total solidarity with striking transit workers in New York City. We know you are striking not only for your families but also for every working New Yorker.
more...  0 Comments

Transit Strike: A Victory?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | All indications are that the tactics of the Mayor and MTA have backfired with the people of New York more...  1 Comments

TOOKIE LIVES RALLY - 12/29 | TOOKIE LIVES. RALLY AND MARCH ON 12/29. more...  1 Comments

The MTA and the Governor Forced This Strike

Transport Workers Union Local 100 (AFL-CIO) | For generations, a job in New York’s subways and buses was the first step on the road to the American dream. The MTA is telling us Not Any More. That’s what this strike is all about. more...  1 Comments

RALLY: Support the TWU!

Troops Out Now Coalition | Thursday, December 22
4-6 pm
Assemble on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge more...  0 Comments

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