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ALL CITY Forum on Popular Education & Liberation March 3-4th | For those interested in Popular Education strategies as means to educate our communities outside of the traditional educational institutions, come through to El Puente March 3rd and 4th located at: 211 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 ( more...  1 Comments


IMC Volunteer | Please join us for a public forum on the growing concentration of wealth, income and power in America. Why is it happening? How is it affecting us and what can we do about it? Moderated by Laura Flanders, author of The W Effect and host of Air America's "Laura Flanders Show" and featuring Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist and Princeton economist, on the causes and far-reaching consequences of the quarter-century-long trend of growing economic inequality in America. Joined by Meizhu Lui of United for a Fair Economy; James Lardner, senior fellow at DEMOS and co-author of the groundbreaking new book Inequality Matters; with introductions by Miles Rapoport, President of DEMOS. more...  0 Comments

TWU Dissident Speaks at 'Labor Notes' Forum Friday

garrett | A powerful strike results in a contract that is rejected. Want to know more about what happened, and what is likely to happen now? more...  1 Comments

The Work Society and the Work Religion

Ernst Lohoff | Work is only a part or fragment of life. When it becomes everyhing as a steamroller or religion, it leads to idiotism where social questions and reproduction are ignored. "The pressur to sell oneself does not rhyme with happiness and self-realization. A good life begins where the winner's sneer ends." more...  0 Comments

(From OpEdNews.Com) - Squeezing the Work Force, Remaking Unions in the Workers' Image

Worker Freedom | Charles Sullivan is a furniture maker, photographer, and free lance writer residing in the eastern panhandle of West Virgina. He welcomes your comments at
more...  3 Comments

Radical Union Eyes Queens’ Laborers

Worker Freedom | The author of this article refers to the IWW's "violent" past, but he fails to note that the violence was caused by the employing class in reaction to the IWW at least 99% of the time. Otherwise the article gives the IWW fair coverage. . .
more...  0 Comments

The “Free Market”: The Greatest Terror Of All

Richard Mellor | The economic system of production we live in is called capitalism or the free market. We are supposed to be fortunate because we are free to starve to death amidst abundance. This form of social organiztion has not existed for all time and need not exist in the future. The first step in eliminating it is accepting this simple idea. more...  0 Comments

TWU Stunner: Members Reject Contract

Anonymous | This week, an Indypendent analysis argued that "the transit workers strike was a monumental victory." Other posters to the NYC Indymedia website, however, denounced the settlement. The rejection means, in effect, that the negotiations will begin again from scratch and raises the prospect of a second walkout. [Indymedia's Complete Strike Coverage || The Terrorist Worker"] more...  10 Comments

Music Teachers on Strike

Dan Lilienthal | About 20 music teachers from the Midori & Friends Foundation are picketing in front of their offices on 7th ave. by 27th St. I had an opportunity on my way to work this morning to speak to a few of the individuals. They are calling attention to their wages, of $40/class taught, which have been frozen for 7 years now, and recent negotiations for a new contract have stalled. Their contract expired last June.
Meanwhile, they note that Judi Linden, their executive director, is being paid in excess of $135K for her position with the not-for-profit organization. more...  14 Comments

Ice Cold Market Turns Red Hot Thanks to Global Warming

C.I.C.L.E. | One brave company sees an upside to the downside of global warming and offers investors an opportunity to cash in on climate change. more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Community Groups File Suit to Block Ratner Destruction Plan

OnNYTurf | Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and several other Brooklyn Community groups will file a lawsuit in state Supreme Court, either today or tomorrow to block Bruce Ratner from prematurely demolishing buildings around the Atlantic Yards area.

The suit posits that Ratner is trying to preempt the State Environmental Quality Review process. Ratner recently has threatened to begin tearing down buildings in the neighborhood that he owns. He has said that the buildings are in danger of collapse. But Ranter has denied access to independent engineers to verify his claim. If there is nothing wrong with the buildings, then DDDB asserts Ratner is barred by State rules from bringing them down. [Read More at OnNYTurf || No Land Grab ] more...  2 Comments

PetroBronx: From Venezuelan Hearts to S. Bronx Hearths

earthworm | S. Bronx community groups, aids to Rep Serrano, and Globalization activists will discuss the mechanics and implications of the pilot program by the Venezuelan government to provide low cost heating oil to community groups in the South Bronx. more...  0 Comments

Private debt collectors go for outstanding taxes

posted by keeley | "Initially, the IRS will choose three agencies to collect back taxes... The agency later plans to increase the number of agencies, possibly selecting up to 12 across the nation..." The IRS claims this will improve collection of back taxes without drawbacs. For some of the holes in that theory, see "As Debt Collectors Multiply, So Do Consumer Complaints" By Caroline E. Mayer, Washington Post Thursday, July 28, 2005, at: more...  0 Comments

Winnipeg: International Call to Action

road | The following is a call to join Winnipeg in opposing the occupation of
our city by an imperialist army, the Canadian Armed Forces. At the
bottom is an article from the Winnipeg Free Press with details of the
planned urban-warfare exercises. more...  0 Comments

Faced With IWW Pressure, Starbucks Releases Sub-Par Health Care Number

Worker Freedom | New York, NY- The myth of a socially responsible Starbucks is steadily unraveling with an admission by the coffe chain that less than half of its employees are covered by company health care. The revelation is all the more remarkable since the company has long promoted itself as a leader in employee health care while the actual percentage of Starbucks workers covered is less than that of Wal-Mart, a corporation notorious for the burden it places on taxpayers via uninsured workers. more...  3 Comments

Remembering MLK: He Had a Dream

Antrim Caskey and Diane Krauthamer | In New York, a long line of people dressed in purple, the color of SEIU, wound around from the western edge of Central Park to its north end at 110th Street. The march began at Adam Clayton Powell and Central Park north and headed north to 125th street. Jumbo television screens at 125th Street broadcast the march and the speeches and performances that followed. The crowd was confined to the east side of the street by steel barricades that the police use so frequently now for large public gatherings.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, energetic demands rang throughout the streets as a diverse group of residents were joined by out of town volunteers to protest attempted gentrification of the city, in the spirit of Martin Luther King Day. more...  3 Comments

Mindwalk 26: Torture For Profit

Upstart Radio America | Much resepect to David Letterman, aka The Big Guy. Followed by a taste of a 1973 Watergate hearing and a 60 Minutes story on the CIA's practice of "Rendition", covert kidnapping using private jets. Finally, Lewis Black to bring a positive and uplifting finale. more...  0 Comments

Gasoline Price Hiking Boycott

Stewart A. Alexander | Again gasoline prices are soaring out of control and the petroleum giants are back on track to make record profits. Washington will not act so Californians need to protect their interest by boycotting the petroleum industry. more...  1 Comments

Support Striking Chilean Copper Workers

Workers International Party (Chile) | The leaflet reproduced below, says the only real solution to the problems of the workers is to call for a general strike of the whole mining industry and demand the nationalisation of all the mines without compensation to the capitalist owners and for workers to occupy the state owned mines to impose a system of workers' control of the industry.
more...  0 Comments

How Working-Class Direct Action Paved the Way for MLK Day

William P. Jones/The Nation | In 1968, just four days after King's
assassination, Representative John Conyers introduced a
bill to make the slain leader's birthday a national
holiday. The bill would likely have died in committee,
and stayed buried, had it not been for thousands of
working-class Americans--most of them black, but also
white, Asian and Latino--who risked their jobs over the
next fifteen years to demand the right to honor a man
they viewed as a working-class hero. more...  1 Comments

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